Axel was in bed, asleep. A bare arm hung off the edge of the bed. It had been so warm, lately, that he was sleeping in nothing but his boxers.

Demyx silently stalked up to the edge of his bed, an insane grin on his face. Without thinking, he aimed the gun up the unfortunate redhead's nose, and… pulled the trigger.

Axel's eyes snapped open. He shot up, holding his hand to his face, and blowing frantically. "PWAH! Agh…!" he looked at Demyx, confused. "… Wha'… Whu'…?"

Demyx cracked up. "BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Water came outta your NOSE, Axel! WAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Axel's eyes narrowed into slits.

"WATER!" Demyx shouted again. "FROM YOUR NOSE! WAH—"


Demyx was smacked in the face with a pillow. Axel jumped up. "Why you little…" he growled, raising his pillow once again.

"Hu'-oh!" Demyx gasped. "YAAAAH!" he raised his gun and started shooting Axel repeatedly.

"HEY! Cut it out!" Axel screamed, attempting to shield his face with his pillow. It did him no good. Within seconds, he was soaked to the bone.

Demyx finally concluded that he'd had enough, and lowered his gun.


Axel slowly brought his pillow down from his face, and glared at Demyx. There was a dark shadow on his face. Suddenly, the pillow disappeared. In its place was one of Axel's chackrams. You could practically feel the ground rumbling with his suppressed rage.

"…" Demyx glanced at the chackram, spun around, and sprinted to the door.

"YAH!" Axel screamed, as he hurled the chackram at the Waterboy's head.

Demyx did a double take at the flying chackram. "HUP!" he shouted completely on impulse as he dove out of the room. The chackram whistled through the air like a missile, and sank into the wall with a TWANG!

Demyx stared at the chackram, and scurried away.


Unlike the rest of the Organization members Demyx had shot, Saix was walking down the hallway when he found him. By the look on his face, and the speed he was going, he was most likely on an errand for Xemnas. What a suck-up.

Demyx fled from shadow to shadow, spying on Saix. He pulled out an imaginary walky-talky and held it up to his face, still spying on The Berserker.

"Demyx number one," he drawled into the invisible walky-talky, "we've got a moon man waltzin' over to the beetle farm for Mary-Kate an' Ashley, over…"

He made a static noise with his mouth, and said, "I have no idea what cha just said, Demyx number two, but I'm goin' in, over. ka-chshhh."

"May Kingdom Hearts have mercy on your soul, Demyx number one. Over and out. ka-chshhhh."

He peeked at Saix again from his cover. It looked like Saix hadn't heard any of his nonsense. He sighed. One… Two… THREE!

He dashed over to Saix. "Hey, Sailor Moon!" he screamed.

Saix stopped abruptly. He growled and whipped around. "Who said th—" He was cut off by a squirt of water that hit him right in the forehead. He blinked, and stared at Demyx.

Demyx was pointing at Saix's head, and cracking up. He'd shot him right in the center of Saix's huge 'X'. "Well, ya know what they say, Saix! 'X marks the spot'! HAHAHAHAHA—"

Saix growled, and summoned his claymore. He glared at Demyx, eyes flashing. "In the name of the moon, I SHALL PUNISH YOU!" he roared, lifting it high in the air.

"HAHAHA! You said—Agh!" Demyx jumped to the side as the claymore went whipping beside him, and buried itself in the floor. Demyx squeaked, whipped around, and took off.

"Demyx number two! This is Demyx number one saying… HAUL BUTT! OVER!" he screamed into his imaginary walky-talky.

"HEY, GET BACK HERE!" Saix screamed, chasing after Demyx. "RAAAAAAGHHHH!" He tried to chop off the poor Waterboy's head.

Demyx screamed, and ducked at the last minute, making the claymore smash into the wall instead. "ROGER! Demyx number two HAULIN' BUTT! OVER AND OUT!"

"I'm gonna slice your head off, rip out your eyes and feed them to the BIRDS!" Saix screamed, practically foaming at the mouth.

Demyx skid around the corner, and quietly jumped into an unoccupied room. Ironically, it was Saix's room – the one place Saix would never think of looking in.

Demyx glanced around a few seconds, then dove under the bed. Saix thundered right past. "WHERE ARE YA? COME OUT AND TAKE YOUR BEATING LIKE A NOBODY!" the Berserker shouted.

MAN, that was close! I gotta be more careful! Demyx thought, sighing.


Yeah right. Careful. Like there ever WAS such a thing in Demyx's world. He'd had close calls with, not only Axel and Saix, but with Xaldin. And Vexen… And the Superior… And, as for Larxene… It must have been her time of the month or SOMETHING. He thought that he wouldn't make it out alive. But he'd successfully "killed" every single one.

He brushed his hand over his hair to make sure that Xemnas's aero-blades hadn't singed his mullet any. Fortunately, no damage was done. He sighed in relief, then smiled deviously. "Great… So that means the only one left…" He gently nudged the door of one member's room open. "… Is Xigbar…" he finished, softly.

Xigbar was now at his desk, on the phone with some random girl. His feet were kicked up, casually, and he was leaning back dangerously far. But then again, he was the master of space, so why should he worry about falling?

"Yeah… Uh-huh…" Xigbar said, casually rubbing his fingernails on his shirt. "No, not really… Well why do you want to… Hm?"

He looked back to see Demyx grinning evilly, and pointing the gun at his head. "Don't talk…" he commanded.

Xigbar blinked, staring at the gun aimed at his head.

"What's going on?" asked the girl on the other end of the line.

Xigbar smiled. "Oh, I've got a gun pointed at me," he said to her.

Demyx's eyes narrowed. "No talking!"

"WHAT?" shrieked the girl on the other end.

"I'm being told not to talk!" laughed Xigbar.

"Hey! I'm WARNING you! Watch it!" screamed Demyx.

Xigbar turned around, continuing his conversation with the girl. "Huh? Yeah… Nah, it'll be okay."

Demyx snapped. "YOU ASKED FOR IT!"

He pulled the trigger.


He blinked. "… Huh…?" He pulled the trigger a few more times.


No water.

Xigbar looked back at him, smiling slyly. "Tsk, tsk, little dude… Always make sure you have enough bullets left to finish the deed…~"

Demyx pouted. I'll show ya, ya little… He turned around, grumbling to himself, and began refilling the little gun with water once more, as Xigbar went back to his conversation on the phone.

Hah… That'll do it… thought Demyx with a devious grin. He looked back at Xigbar. Now, the Freeshooter was sitting sideways on the chair, his arm dangling off the back of it. Still talking.

Demyx turned completely around, and aimed his gun at Xigbar's head again right as the Freeshooter said on his phone, "Okay… See ya later." A small beep was heard as he turned his phone off.

Demyx grinned, and was about to pulled the trigger, when…

"HYA!" Xigbar suddenly whipped around, and karate-chopped the gun out of Demyx's hand! Demyx stared at it on the floor dumbly – he hadn't planned for something like this… "Uh… Huh?" he asked, blinking. …And it was safe to say that he didn't exactly have the reaction skills of a cat…

Xigbar quickly scooped the gun up, and aimed it at Demyx's head, grinning maliciously.

"Wha'?" Demyx yelped, his eyes wide.

Xigbar chuckled. "Say goodbye, ya little assassin…!" he sang. And he pulled the trigger.

Demyx winced as he was shot right on the forehead. He stood there for a moment, his face dripping with water, then collapsed on the ground with a little moan. And was still.

Xigbar stared at him, his face emotionless. He grinned slowly, and suddenly started shooting Demyx repeatedly with water.

"GWAAAAUGH!" Demyx shouted, flailing about again.

Xigbar, however, was greatly enjoying himself. "BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!" he cackled. "And say hello to my leetle friend!" he shouted, imitating Scarface. He popped the little pug off the back of the gun, and dumped the rest of the water right on top of Demyx.

"Alright, alright, I'M DEAD!" yelled Demyx, frantically. He went limp. "SEE?" he closed his eyes, stuck out his tongue, and laid there, motionless.

After a moment, Zexion stuck his head in the room. "Hey, guys. Vexen just ordered pizza. Who wants some?"

Demyx popped up. "ME!" he shouted.

Xigbar blinked. "He came back to life…!" he whispered, with mock surprise as Zexion disappeared out of view.

Demyx jumped up, shook himself like a dog, then turned back to Xigbar, grinning. "Thanks again for letting me use your gun, Xiggy!" he shouted.

Xigbar shrugged. "Don't mention it." He grinned. "Now scram."

Demyx nodded, then took off through the door. Zexion was outside, his arms crossed. "Follow me," he murmured, walking off.

Demyx cheerily followed. Before long, they found themselves at the entrance to Vexen's lab. Zexion opened the door, and slowly walked in. There was only one light on. He stepped in the circle of light, and looked back at Demyx.

Demyx blinked, and wandered in behind him. "Hey, uh… Where's the pizz—AH!"

The door to the lab slammed shut, making the lone light bulb above the only source of light. Demyx gulped. "Uh… Zexxy? What's that all…" he trailed off. Zexion was gone. "… About…?" Okay… This is starting to get reeeeeally creepy… he thought, looking around. "Uh… Guys…?" he whimpered. "G—"

"So…" a voice from nowhere hissed, "you like shooting people with water guns, do you…?"

Demyx recognized the voice. "X-Xemnas…? Uh… I was just joking ya know—"

"Humph! Joking, you say?" another voice cut in. Xaldin.

"Well, idiot, some of us don't exactly go well with water. Got it memorized?" Axel.

"Such a thoughtless action deserves severe punishment…" Saix.

"SEVERE PUNISHMENT?" Demyx yelped. "B-But all I did was squirt everyone with a water gun!"

"Okay… You caught us." Larxene stepped into the light, holding her kunai in one hand and some coiled rope in the other. There was an evil grin on her face. "We just wanted to see someone get mutilated." she confessed. "Shall we proceed…?"

"YES!" This time, Demyx could hear everyone in the Organization's voice – save Xigbar, and Lexaeus. The bigger man had been called away for an important mission earlier. Roxas stepped in the light, wielding both Keyblades and Saix appeared from the opposite end of the circle, holding his claymore. Both of their faces were covered in evil grins. Far off, he saw two faint, indistinct rings of fire flash along with two identical red blades.

"AUGH! Guys, guys, I'm sorry! I won't do it again! Honest!" He heard them all laughing cruelly as they closed in.

"You know what they say, Demyx…" Luxord growled from somewhere in the dark. "Boredom kills."

A few seconds later, you could hear Demyx, about, ten miles away, screaming things like, "AAAAGH! No, Saix, DON'T! OW! Holy crud, I think that was a vital—Wait! Roxas! THE KEYBLADE DOESN'T GO THERE! No, wait! Xaldin! I need that to—AAAAAAAAUUUGGGHHHHHH! Mommy, Mommy, make it STOP! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

The moral of this story is… Revenge is a dish best served cold… With pizza.

The end!


And now for a message from your lord and savior!

Poor Demmy. He should really not taunt people who could rearrange one's internal organs with about the same remorse that they'd feel for crushing a bug. And so, his reign or terror has been put to an abrupt end!And the peasants rejoice! 8D Don't feel too sorry for him, though - Lexaeus walked in on the carnage and put it to an end before they could scar his face as much as they'd already scarred his mind. ^^ More on their relationship later.

Grah... , why does your uploading system gotta be so damn complicated? Sorry if you got this story twice, peoples - I'm still working out the bugs, here. D8