Edward Elric woke up one morning to the noise of Central outside his apartment he and 15 year old brother shard. He looked at his still automail arm his thoughts drifted to the promised day almost a year ago the day his brother's body was restored, the day most of the homunculi were destroyed and Ling got in complete control of Greed.

The 16 year old got out of bed and got dressed in his usual outfit and put his hair in a braid. He walked around in his apartment thinking of the events that took place last year some of which he did care to remember. Then their was a knock on the door. Ed walked over to answer it and found a smiling Winry behind it.

"Hi Ed." She said.

"Hi Winry. Sleep well?"

"Not really." She said smile fading "I had this weird dream. I was in this white room and I had a sketch pad and I look up and there's a boy with spiky brown hair. I open my mouth to talk to him but what came out was angles and flies then this came up around him and he looked at me and he was sad then he fell back and woke up."

"I know what you mean I had a weird one too."

"Really what was it about?" She asked.

"I was on a beach and look at the ocean and this boy was standing out in the ocean and a big wave was coming so I run out to him and the wave crashes on us and I get out the water and your by the shore so walk to you and you see something in the sky and it me falling and then I fall into the water and you disappear and I fall into darkness and I hit the bottom and birds fly a way to show a boy in stain glass on the floor. Then I woke up."

"Weird." She said.

"Oh good morning Winry." Said Al from behind them.

"Hi Al." Winry said. There was a knock. Ede went to get it and saw Breda standing behind it.

"Morning General." he said.

"Morning Colonel." Ed said

"The Furor wants to see you."

"Oh joy what does he want now."

"Don't know I'm just here to get you."

"Alright come on guys." The three left with Breda to the head office. Ed, Al, and Winry came into Mustang's office. In there they saw Mustang talking to an old man with waist long silver hair, a bread to match; he was in purple robes and had half moon glasses. He and Mustang looked over them as them.

"Good morning Fullmetal I see you brought Winry too." He said.

"See? I thought you were blind." Ed asked.

"I was. And Fullmetal Hawkeye wasn't lying, you really did get tall." It was true now that Al has his body back Ed was no longer growing for the both of them and had grown from 5'4 to 5'11 and was getting taller all the time. "And Alphonse it's good to finial see you. You do look almost exactly like Ed but your hair is short and you are shorter than Ed, Oh where are my manners Ed this is professor Dumbledore."

"Hello." Said the man named Dumbledore.

"Hi." Ed said.

"Dumbledore runs a school he wants you three to go to. Now Ed listen. It's a school of magic." Mustang said.

"No such thing." Al said.

"That's what I said until I wasn't blind anymore, then he turn my cup into a hamster."

"What." Ed said.

"So what do you say Edward, Alphonse, Winry.

"No." Ed said

"No." Al said

"Yes." Winry said

"You're going Fullmetal."


"You heard me get your stuff."

"No!" He said right back

"Go or you'll be court mashed."


The next day after Ed, Al and Winry packed their bags Dumbledore came to get them and with him he had a glass bottle.

"Hello, ready."

"Sure." Ed said.

"Then grab the bottle." Ed looked at him like he was crazy but he did it anyway then there was a feeling of being pulled and then they in a Naborhood Ed had never seen before he looked at the buildings in front of them. He saw number 11 and number 13, then the buildings moved to show number 12 hidden Dumbledore showed them in and left after talking to a tall man with bright red. His name was Arthur Wesley

Later than day Harry Potter was walking home with his cousin Dudley. They were attacked by 2 dementores. But you know this part of the story so sorry if you want to know go read the book but we are going to skip to the part where gets to Grim old place.

Harry walks in to see his God Father Sirius.

"Harry dear." Mrs. Wesley said coming from behind him. She walked up to him and hugged.

"Hi Mrs. Wesley." He said. The he hugged Sirius.

"Harry we're in the middle of a meeting so go upstairs there are some people Dumbledore wanted you to meet. They're with Ron and Hermione."

Harry walked up the stairs and came to the door Mrs. Wesley said to go to. He opened the door and was hugged by Hermione.

"Let him breath Hermione." Ron said behind her. Hermione let him go and Harry saw that there we're three other people in the room.

"Oh, hi I'm Harry." He said looking at them sitting on the bed. The only girl of three looked a little older than him she had long blonde back in a ponytail with pieces of it in her face, she also had bright blue eyes. The boy on her left looked his age he had short gold hair with eyes to match. The boy leaning against the wall looked older than anyone in the room he also looked to be 3 inches taller than Harry. Like the other boy in the room he had gold hair but his was long and put back in a braid. He looked up at Harry and Harry saw that his eyes were gold like the other boy but they seemed more alive and they seemed to be burning.

"I'm Winry." Said the girl

"Alphonse." Said the younger boy

"Edward." Said the boy leaning on the. "Edward Elric."

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