That was the particular sign that caught Beth's eye as she stood in the ring waiting for her opponent to arrive. When Mickie James' theme music started playing, the fan holding the sign jumped up and started cheering, as did seemingly everyone else in the arena. A twinge of jealousy shot through Beth's powerful yet shapely body…but such a feeling was childish. It wasn't as if the fans hadn't cheered for her moments earlier when she'd made her way to the ring.

And yet, there was jealousy. Beth couldn't deny it. She cursed herself for being petty. Mickie had been such a crowd favorite for so long. She was perhaps the most popular female wrestler of the past five years.

Beth never used to worry about popularity, she's simply been content to be dominant in the ring. But in the past year she'd won the affection of the fans herself. She hadn't even been trying to, it had just happened. Though once she'd started hearing the cheers…feeling the fans' love…she'd grown to crave it.

And so now, here she was…jealous because they were cheering just a little bit louder for Mickie. There were more signs being held up with Mickie's name. But it was that one sign that seemed to capture Beth's attention the most. That stupid quote from an old song that was somehow perfectly appropriate for Mickie. Because after all, in every way imaginable, the woman was…FINE!

But Beth needed to focus on the match now. She needed to think about how Mickie was a fine wrestler, and therefore a potential threat. She certainly could not afford to think about how fine looking a woman she was. It would be foolish to ponder how luscious Mickie's lips were. Or how her eyes smouldered with such an enthralling intensity. Or how her strong and athletic physique could still feature such womanly curves.

Damn it Beth, focus! The powerful blonde wrestler thought. This match is for a shot at the Championship…and I want it! I've got to beat Mickie, not stand here and drool over her. If I don't get my mind one hundred percent on business, I'm not going to win!


Twenty odd minutes later, Beth was back in the locker room showers…looking down at the floor as the cold water beat down upon her. She hadn't been able to keep her mind on business…and had lost. Having to hear the crowd's loud ovation for Micke after the match had only added to the humiliation. Not that she blamed the fans. Why shouldn't they cheer for Mickie? They loved her. Everyone loved her.

Everyone…including Beth.

"Oh Mickie," she said aloud softly, imaginging what it would be like to whisper those words into the woman's ear. "You're so fine."


The End.


author's note: This piece is a prompt fic that my friend SilverTurtle made me do to get me writing again after I'd been ill for a while. The story had to feature these elements - Beth, Mickie, signs, championship. This tale is not connected to my big wrestling story A Ring of Their Own...which I'd really like to continue soon. Anyway, please review. I always welcome feedback.