Halloween special :P

It snowed in my home town, on Halloween.












"I'll shoot you."



This had been going on for hours.

Instead of Jado, Hition got the new temp. Who this guy is, he didn't know.

Could he kill him, no.

And that was it.


"I'll do what Rome to Charthage to you" Hition said grabbing a gun.

"What the fuck is Rome?" Johnny asked, odd name for a krawl.

"It's basically a place that kicked every things ass for forty years" Hition said loading the gun. "Now, will you shut up?"


"Then Fuck You Johnny" Hition said shooting him in the head.

"Didn't kill me" Johnny said standing back up.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" Hition said holding his head. "Maybe should just kill myself?"

"Do it" Johnny said staring at him.

"You first" Hition said blankly.


"Then no."

"Aw" Johnny said walking through the giant gate.

"Shut up, lets just get this job done already" Hition said holding a shotgun on his shoulder and walking into the ruins.

An hour later

"There's nothing in here" Johnny said looking around the room.



"There's a traitor in here" Hition said kicking Johnny away and shooting him.

"Really, then I guess we'll know who soon then won't we" Johnny said as the hole in his face healed.

"Yes we will" Hition said bringing out a sword to go with the gun.

"Let's see you kill me" Johnny said with a smirk.

"Fine then" Hition said rushing him.

"Come at me" Johnny said.

"I already am, dumbass" Hition said throwing a jump spin side kick at him.

Johnny just jumped away from the kick, only to get shot in the leg.

"Dammit" He said falling to his knee.

"You see, I figured it out" Hition said making Johnny's eyes widen.

"Liar, I'm invincible nothing can kill me" Johnny said.

"Well then, that makes me nothing" Hition said cutting his head of before cutting it into lots of pieces, around one hundred. "Regenerate that, bitch."

"Clap clap clap, I'm impressed, you killed Johnny, the indestructible" A voice said from the shadows.

"Clearly I did" Hition said putting away the blade and gun. "So who the hell are you then?"

"Oh just a concerned watcher" The stranger said flinging a hat a Hition. "Keep it, you never know when you might need it."

"Right" Hition said throwing on the hat, make it whatever pleases you hat wise, and walking away.

"Oh and never forget to make sure your body is ready" The stranger said.

"It always is" Hition said throwing a wave over his shoulder.


Not really long, or with a point, but who cares its and update.

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