Saturday night was always "Game Nite" in Castle Oblivion. All of the Organization XIII was in that all-white place, all sitting on their huge thrones, trying to keep their eyes down. Xemnas looked over all of them, gravely, then grinned. "Ahhh… Roxas! Truth or dare?"

Instantly, everyone (except for Roxas) grinned, and snapped up. In seconds, they were all staring at him, grinning deviously, and giggling to themselves. Roxas slapped his forehead. "…Honestly, Xemnas, I don't know how I let you talk me into these kinds of things…" he muttered.

Xaldin rolled his eyes. "Just GO, already! You're taking forever!" he protested.

Roxas sighed. "Fiiiiiiine… Truth… I guess…"

Xemnas grinned deviously. "Would you rather… Get it on with Marluxia or Zexion?"


Roxas threw his hands up in the air. "I KNEW you'd ask me something stupid!"

Xemnas smirked. "There ARE no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Now choose."


Marluxia smiled and batted his eyelashes a few times. "Roooox-aaaas… I promise I won't make fun of you if you pick mee-ee…" he chirped. Zexion just scowled and crossed his arms, moodily.

Roxas sighed, and ran his fingers through his hair. "Okay, fine… Marluxia, I choose you."

Marluxia pumped his fist into the air. "BOOYAH!" He pointed at Zexion triumphantly. "IN YO' FACE, MR. EMO!"

Zexion pouted even more. "No one ever chooses me…" he grumbled.

"What cha gonna do? Cry about it?" Xigbar jeered. He turned back to Roxas. "C'mon, little dude. It's your turn now. Speed it up!"

Roxas shrugged. "Okay… Um… Zexion! Truth or Dare?"

Zexion glared back at Roxas. "I'm not playing anymore… I hate this stupid game…"

"You're such a loser, Zexxy…" Larxene sighed, calmly filing her nails.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Roxas shouted, throwing his hands into the air again. "Okay… AXEL! Truth or Dare?"

Axel, without even blinking replied, "Dare."

"He ALWAYS chooses Dare…" Xigbar grumbled, resting his face in his palm.

"Axel… I dare you to… Call Xemnas "Mansex" to his face!"


Xemnas growled. "He already has… He does it all the time!"

Everyone turned and stared at Axel, their faces asking, "Are you insane?"

Axel shrugged. "Well… It's true!"

Saix suddenly slammed his hand on the arm of his chair. "FUCK THIS NONSENSE!" he roared. "I haven't gone yet – IT'S MY TURN!"

Vexen snickered. "Oh, this oughta be good…"

Saix looked over them all, then grinned. "Larxene… Truth or Dare?"

Larxene crossed her legs and stared him in the eye. "Truth. I ain't got nothing to hide…"

"That's not what I heard…" muttered Marluxia. Larxene shot him a chilling glare, and he shut up.

Saix leaned back, stroking his chin for a while, then asked, "Who in the Organization do you have a crush on?"


"THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS, SAILOR MOON!" Larxene screeched, slamming her fist on the arm of her chair. Her face was twisted into a terrifying snarl.

Everyone stared at her. Now, their interest was sparked even more.

Xemnas cleared his throat. "Larxene…" he started, in a low voice. "Tell us who you have a crush on – NOW – or else I will allow Demyx and Axel to go parade around the castle while wearing your undergarments on top of their heads for the rest of the month."


"And, no, you will not be allowed to gut them alive."

The Dynamic Duo's faces brightened, and they held their fingers to their lips, while coughing and clearing their throats so that is sounded like, "Hmmm-mmm...! Hmmm-mmmm!" Barely, you could see them shaking their heads, and casting knowing glances at Larxene.

Larxene glared at them both for a while, then turned back to Saix. "FINE. But NO laughing…" Her eyes flared.

"We promise! We won't laugh!" Roxas said quickly. Axel and Demyx sighed sadly, then looked back at Larxene.

Larxene sighed, and sat back, deep in thought. A tensed silence filled the room as everyone stared at her intently. Out of the 10 members left when you took out Saix and Xemnas, 7 desperately wanted their names said.

After a few moments of silence, she muttered, "It's Xigbar. The one I have a crush on is Xigbar."

A shocked silence filled the room. No one had quite thought THAT was going to be the answer.

"WHAT?" a voice shrieked. It was not Xigbar's either. Everyone turned, and stared at Luxord. His face was red, and he was trembling with anger. "But… But-But-But-But—"

Axel snorted, then started cracking up. "Hehhehhehheh… Xigbar…! I guess she has a thing for old pirates, eh, Demyx?"

The rest of the Organization started giggling, too, including the heartbroken ones. The only ones not giggling right then (besides Larxene, of course) were Xigbar (blushing like crazy), Zexion (staring at everyone, completely indifferent), and Luxord (still seething mad for some reason).

Larxene glared at them all, her eyes blazing. "SHUT UP! You SAID you promised!" The air began to grow heavy – like the atmosphere right before a storm.

Demyx snickered. "Oh yeah! She likes 'em young!" They cracked up.

"I SAID, 'KNOCK IT OFF!'" Larxene screamed, pounding her fist on her chair once more. A streak of lightning, followed by an ear-splitting crack of thunder filled the room.

Vexen jumped. "Okay, guys, settle down…! Leave her alone…" he said quickly, not wanting to be roasted alive. They all swallowed their laughter as quickly as they could manage. Luxord glared at Larxene and gave her the "Death Ray" while she was looking in the other direction.

Larxene crossed her arms, an evil glint in her eyes. "Okay… now it's my turn…" She looked over them all. "Who hasn't been picked on yet…?"

"Lexaeus!" Xaldin piped up. "Lexaeus hasn't had a turn yet!"

Everyone turned to stare at Number V. He blinked, and glanced around silently, looking a little bit perplexed. His eyes seemed to be asking, "Who… Me?"

Marluxia sighed, rolling his eyes. "Ya see – THAT'S why no one likes you."

Lexaeus just blinked, hurt an a little insulted. Me? What did I do?

Larxene snickered a little then asked, "Well, Lex…? Truth or Dare?"

"Uh… I'm going to go with… Dare."

Roxas stood up on his chair, cupped his hands around his mouth, and shouted at the top of his lungs, "THIRTEEN MINUTES IN 'HEAVEN' WITH MANSEX!" Oh yeah… He was gonna get Xemnas back for bombing him with the most embarrassing questions EVERY. GODDAMN. TIME.

Xemnas's head snapped over to Roxas. He stuttered for a few seconds then screamed, "SHUT THE HELL UP, NUMBER XIII! It is not your turn!"

Xigbar snorted. "Heh… Listen to the little dude! That's a good one!"

"Yeah! I think it's a good suggestion!" Vexen cut in.

"Do it!" Xaldin whooped.

Xemnas looked back and forth from one Nobody to the other, sweating bullets. "But-But-But! That's not FAIR, you guys!" he protested.

"You heard him, Lex! You have to make out with the Superior now!" Demyx shouted.




Pretty soon, it became a loud chant, all of the members clapping, or pounding their fists to the beat. Even Zexion looked interested. Disgusted, but still interested. Xemnas gulped, then looked over to Lexaeus, who happened to be sitting right beside him. Lex looked like he was deep in thought.

"Uh… Lexaeus, you do realize that you don't have to participate if you don't want to… I-I mean… Larxene never said…"

Lex slowly turned his head and stared at Xemnas. There was a dark shadow over his face.

Xemnas blinked nervously. "Uh… Th-That that was… Your…"

A slow, sly grin crept across Number V's face.

A gulp. "… D-Dare…" Xemnas finished weakly.

Lexaeus reached out with his hand, and used his earth powers to create a bridge between him and his leader. Xemnas scooted as far as he could to the other side of his chair.

Lex grinned evilly, then leaned forward. "Pucker up, Superior! Here I come!"


Everyone started laughing uproariously and started banging their fists and kicking their feet on their chairs. Zexion leaned forward, mouth agape as he watched the horrendous spectacle.

Lex puckered up his lips comically, and leaned forward. The noise level rose until it was the volume of a jet engine, Xemnas thrusted his hands upward and screamed, trying his best to avoid it, and…

Let's just say what happened next, they never spoke of again.

To be continued…


And now for a message from your lord and savior!

This was written waaay back in the day when I thought the Organization lived in Castle Oblivion, and not The Castle That Never Was. In actuality, TCTNW is exactly where this story takes place, but I loved the title too much to have it changed. I mean, it shortens into "GaNaCO." GA. FREAKIN'. NaCO. That is the most amazing name I've ever come up with ever. So, in short, The title and the setting, puzzlingly do not match up.

Stay tuned! This isn't one of my more popular stories by far, but it's a rewarding read in its own right! ^^