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Chapter 1

On April 21st, two people were both on a mission. Isabella Swan – she preferred Bella, though – had a much less strenuous mission. Her mission was to wake up and get to work. Ever since Edward had left her, things had been hard. Bella could barely get up in the morning. It was a lot easier for her to get up today, though. At least Charlie wasn't there breathing down her neck. It was Sunday, so he was out fishing with Billy, like he always was.

So anyway, Bella Swan's mission was almost complete. She was on the second part of her mission – driving. Bella was a good driver, but she was very sleepy lately and it was hard to keep focused on the road. Ever since Edward left, she didn't sleep much.

Bella pulled up to her work's parking lot. There was only one other car there – Mike Newton's. Bella was eighteen now, and Jacob had found his true love, his imprint. Ever since Jacob had imprinted on Leah Clearwater after Harry Clearwater died, Bella had no one to hang out with. The last time Jake had looked at her like he wanted her as a friend or more, was when he pulled her from the sea's choke-hold on her. He had looked into her brown eyes, his black one's glistening with love, and Bella had thought that there might have been hope for her.

But then he left her to see Sue Clearwater in the hospital, and he also so Leah. It was love at first sight – literally.

So now Bella was sluggishly walking to her work. Life had been boring ever since she cliff dived. She gave up on the rush of seeing Edward, and decided to just continue living her pointless life until death released her. She had tried killing herself, or at least thought about it, but she was far too scared to do that. She could never pull it off.

And it seemed pathetic to her, killing herself over someone who wanted nothing to do with her. So it was decided she stayed in Forks, with the constant reminder of her false love with Edward. False, she always had to remind herself.

Bella went into Newton's Outfitters and clocked in. She took a pack of gum from the side of the cash register and opened it up. Bella often stole things from the store, but no one ever noticed, and if they did, she always blamed it on someone else, or said someone bought a lot of that item. Mike's mother was far too lazy to check for herself to see how much gum, or cigarettes, or booze was bought.

Bella had also changed a lot after Jake imprinted. She took to drinking and smoking. Charlie didn't notice – he was always too busy with Sue and helping her get over the loss of Harry, the husband and best friend. And Bella was sure that even if Charlie did notice he wouldn't say anything. He was too scared to confront his teenage daughter about her issues. He never was good at talking about feelings.

"Hey, Bella."

Bella looked up to see Jessica Stanley standing next to her, smiling brightly.

Jessica came to Bella's work often. Bella guessed it was because of Mike.

"Hey, Jess," Bella said in a bored tone. Bella didn't like Jessica at all. She never really did. At least Bella used to make the effort to pretend to like her, but now she decided to not even try. What was the point?

"You look tired," Jessica noted.

Bella shrugged, popping a bubble of her gum.

"Is Mike around?" Jessica asked, standing on her tiptoes to look over Bella's head and scan the store.

Bella glared up at Jessica and all her ugly curly hair.

"Look, if you're not gonna buy anything, get out," Bella said harshly.

Jessica glared down at her. "Jeez, Bella. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

Then Bella punched her.

Damon Salvatore was running through the Oregon forests. He had to find this girl – Isabella Swan. Damon's mission was of higher issue. Finding Isabella was life or death for him. It affected both of them, even if this Isabella didn't realize it.

Damon could remember the day he thought he had come so close to finding his love, and his brother. Stefan, his brother, and his girlfriend who Damon also loved, Elena, went missing. He had come home from...a little killing spree, and they were both gone. Stefan had been with Elena, he was sure of it. He had tried finding Elena's scent, but nothing was left.

Then Bonnie had come.

"Where the hell are they?" Damon had demanded in a hard voice, his icy eyes boring holes into her small body.

"You know I am a witch," Bonnie murmured calmly. "I know someone who you can go to. She will be able to help you."

"Who?" Damon yelled. "I need to find Elena! Uh, and Stefan."

Bonnie smirked. "There is a girl that could help you find the vampire you need for this job. The vampire you need is named Alice Cullen. The girl that can help you find her is named Isabella Swan. She lives in Forks, Washington."

Damon stared at her quizzically, his eyebrows furrowed.

"What can 'Alice' do?" he asked.

Bonnie sighed. "She can see the future. I think that would be very helpful, considering a loved one of her's is lost, too."

Damon groaned. "I seriously have no idea what the hell you're talking about."

"Alice Cullen's family member was taken by the same person who took Stefan and Elena. She can see the future, so she'd be able to help you get to Stefan and Elena."

"Okay..." Damon said slowly. "But where does this Isabella chick come in?"

"Isabella Swan has talents that not even she is aware of yet. Powers, I guess."

"And she's human?" Damon asked skeptically.

Bonnie nodded.

"What the fuck?" Damon shook his head. "So how will Isabella be able to find Alice?"

"Isabella used to be part of their family. She loved the vampire that has gone missing – Edward his name is. So if Isabella's future will affect Edward's, Alice will see it. And then you will be able to find them all."

Damon circled her. "Why do you want to help me? From what I remember, you hate me," Damon said, raising an eyebrow.

Bonnie stepped away from him. "I hate you, but Elena is my friend. And if this is the only way to get her back to Mystic Falls, then so be it."

Damon shrugged. "I really don't care if you're lying or not. It's worth a shot." He shrugged. "So I'll go to Forks,Washington – wherever the hell that is."

"It's a very remote place."

"How do you know all this?" Damon asked her.

"I told you. I'm a witch."

So that was how Damon had gotten on this little adventure. He had to find Isabella Swan. From what Damon had learned, Forks really wasn't that big. It wouldn't be hard. His travel from Mystic Falls to Oregon had taken a day. It was early morning now, and he was almost there. He had about a mile to go with the speed he was running at.

Finally, about half an hour later, Damon was in the town of Forks. He slowed to a walk once he started seeing humans. He stopped a man who was really large, with russet colored skin. He wore only ripped denim shorts.

Weird country people, Damon thought.

"Hey, dude!" Damon called.

The small Native American boy turned, looking at him quizically. The boy looked very young and lanky.

"Uh, yeah?" the boy said.

Damon smiled friendly, or at least he attempted to with his inhumanly white teeth.

"Do you know where I can find Isabella Swan?" he asked politely.

"Oh, Bella?"

"Uh, yes?" He decided that maybe she used 'Bella' as a nickname.

"Oh, she's working over at Newton's Outfitters. It's just up the road there."

"Hmm..." Damon murmured. "Thanks." He walked away faster than a regular person could.

Once he saw no humans were around, her ran up the road. He was in front of Newton's Outfitter's within seconds. He pushed the door open, greeted with a jingling bell.

"Hey, people!" Damon said to the three people that were in the room.

There was a middle-aged woman, a beautiful brunette girl, and some ugly girl with a bleeding nose. All of them looked up, confused.

"Can I help you?" Mrs. Newton asked the stranger at the door. The people of Forks generally knew everyone, and she had never seen this gorgeous man before.

"I'm looking for Bella Swan," Damon said, grinning.

The beautiful girl looked confused.

"Ugh, of course!" Jessica wailed with her bleeding nose. "Everyone wants stupid Bella!" Jessica stomped out with Mrs. Newton following behind her.

It was just Damon and Bella in the room now. Bella sighed, grabbed her coat and a pack of cigarettes, then left, passing by Damon. Damon followed her out.

"Are you Bella?" he called, following after her.

Bella leaned against a bus stop sign and lit up her cigarette.

"What's it to you?" she asked the weird guy. Bella didn't know where she was getting this burst of confidence, but she went with it.

Damon examined the girl he was pretty sure was Bella. She was beautiful. Her skin was ivory with a slight flush under her unharmed cheeks. Her hair was wavy and reddish brown. It went down to her waist in thick tendrils. Her eyes were big and brown, but very deep. They reminded him of Elena's.

"I was sent here to...retrieve you," Damon said in an amused voice.

Bella raised an eyebrow while blowing out a cloud of smoke.

"Well, you're just in time, 'cause I just got fired for punching that bitch in the face."

Damon laughed. "My lucky day."

Bella got up off the pole, dropping her cigarette to the moist ground and stomping on it. She then walked away.

"Um?" Damon followed after her, confused by this odd humans behavior. "Look, do you know Edward and Alice Cullen, or was the bitch witch messing with me?"

Bella stopped short. She felt the hole in her chest flare up. It ripped and tore at her lungs, like they were on fire. She took big gasps of breath, clutching her chest.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'," Damon said. He grabbed Bella's arm, holding her up because she was swaying. "So, I need your help."

Bella took a deep breath, yanking her arm away from him. "I don't even know who the fuck you are," Bella snapped. "Why should I help you?"

"Well, for starters, I'm Damon Salvatore, nice to fucking meet ya." He held his hand out, grinning despite the urgent time.

Bella just stared at his hand. He dropped it.

"This Edward guy – who I hear is your lover, or whatever – was kidnapped or some shit."

Bella stared at him in horror. Her heart fell. Edward, beautiful, perfect Edward, was in danger.

"And I need your help 'cause my...friend and brother were kidnapped by the same person...or vampire...or god knows what."

"You know about vampires?" Bella asked in surprise.

"This coming from the human," Damon said in amusement. "Obviously I know about vampires, considering that I am one."

Bella wasn't surprised at all. She'd seen enough – werewolves, vampires out to kill her. Nothing could phase her now.

"Then why aren't your eyes red, or gold?" she questioned.

Damon snorted. "Where the fuck did you get that from?"

Bella shook her head. "It's not important." She took a deep breath, burying her hands in her coat pockets. "So what do we have to do to get them back?" she asked Damon.

"We have to find Alice."