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Elena ran down the corridors of the Volturi palace, not having to worry about anyone catching her. She had a plan: get Stefan, and run away from here. Never come back. Never go to Mystic Falls, just stay together forver. She'd drink the blood with Stefan to complete the change, despite the fact that she didn't want to become a vampire at all. But she had to. It was either that, or die. And if Elena died, they'd kill Stefan. She was only continuing for him.

And she knew she only had a day until she died.
Elena stopped at a fork in the hallway. Left or right? Which would lead to Stefan? Elena took a deep breath, every scent assaulting her overpowering senses. The air was musty and dank. Of course it was with the ancient vampires lurking in the place. She caught Stefan's scent in the air – faint, but still there. Stefan's smell was indescribable. Elena couldn't put her finger on it. But the first thought that came to mind when smelling his scent was warmth. Stefan was good and kind and warm, and if those adjectives could be personified, it would be Stefan's smell.
Elena turned her head at the smell and saw it was to the left. She pushed forward, zooming through the empty hallway and hoping to God that Stefan would be alone. Elena remembered all of the werewolves that guarded the palace and felt her heart drop. How would she get out with all of them there? Edward was right. She'd never get out.
"I know I'm right."
Elena turned and gasped.
Edward stood there, leaning against the wall of the end of the left hallway, his arms crossed over his chest. He smiled sympathetically at her.
"You know, that mind reading thing of yours is really creepy," Elena hissed. "Stay out of my mind."
"It's kind of hard to. Your thoughts are pretty loud," Edward said, walking over to her, a smug smile on his disturbingly beautiful face.
"I'll try to quiet them down," Elena said sarcastically and turned to continue her quest to find Stefan.
"I know where he is," Edward told her, "and he's not that way."
Elena growled and turned to Edward, grabbing him by the neck and smashing him against the wooden walls. She felt her eyes fill with whatever human blood was left in her, her fangs popped out, pressing painfully out of her gums.
"This is not a game!" Elena snarled. "Tell me what you know, or so help me, I'll rip your stupid, sparkly head off!"
Edward just smiled and shoved her off him. "I'd like to see you try."
Elena's lips quivered and she suddenly burst into tears. She fell to the floor in a hopeless heap, crying obnoxiously loudly. She didn't know why she was being so overly dramatic about everything. Everything felt sharper, especially the pain in her heart.
All she knew was that she wanted Stefan. He always had just the right words for Elena. He always knew how to make things better.
Edward heard her thoughts in his mind and sighed, frowning. Edward was so drawn to Elena because he felt as if they were the same. He could relate to her. Elena had tried to push away Stefan because she felt like he wanted someone else, that she wasn't good enough. Edward deserted Bella because he knew he wasn't good enough. Bella needed someone better. And he was okay with that. Maybe he just wasn't meant for love. It would seem that way.
Edward knelt down beside Elena and patted her shoulder. "I'll bring you to him, but I must warn you, Katherine's been watching him all day."
Elena felt her nose flare. Katherine. She wanted nothing more than to rip Katherine's innards out of her body like Aro had grotesquely done to her only a few hours ago.
"I don't care," Elena said. She looked up at Edward's golden eyes. "Take me to her."

Edward sighed and rose from the floor, holding a hand out to Elena. "As you wish," he complied.

Elena took his hand and rose, taking a deep breath. Stefan's scent was even stronger now. Elena's brow furrowed and she released Edward's hand, sniffing at the air like a blood hound. She stopped at the wall at the end of the hallway. A dead end. But how? She could smell him so strongly, as if his blood was being spilt-

"Please!" Her vampire ears picked up the faint sound of Stefan's screeching voice. "Just kill me!"

Elena's eyes widened and she clawed at the wall, leaving dents in it from her razor sharp nails. "Stefan!" she screamed.

Edward was suddenly behind her. "It's a secret passageway," he explained, "to the cellar in this old place. I don't know how to get in without breaking the-"

Elena let out a fierce growl and punched her fist through the wall. Edward's eyes widened. Elena continued pounding at the wall until she could fit through, and when she did, she sprinted into the darkness. As she was running, it felt as if her feet weren't even touching the ground. She could tell, though, that she was going deeper and deeper into the ground. Her ears popped from the change in altitude, and she could hear Edward's lithe footsteps not far behind her. He was fast, Elena noticed.

Elena stopped in the doorway of the cellar and her eyes widened. Stefan was laid out on what looked like an operating table, his wrists cuffed in rope soaked in vervain. He had wounds all over his naked chest, and there were stakes sticking out of every part of his chest, just missing his heart. Katherine stood next to the table, Felix on the other side. Stefan looked at Elena and his eyes widened as well.

Stefan couldn't believe she was here. He smiled, despite the excruciating pain. "Elena…" he murmured, too dizzy to form a longer sentence.
Elena smiled, tears dripping from her eyes. "It's okay, Stefan. I'm going to get you out of here." Edward was suddenly behind Elena. She could feel the coolness of his body radiating from him in slow waves.
Katherine had Stefan's blood splattered all over her. She glared at Elena and swiped blood from her forehead. "I see you've completed the change," she said, looking Elena up and down.
Elena stiffened. They didn't know? She could fool them. If Elena couldn't get out alive with Stefan, then she'd die here with him. She wouldn't change for anyone else but him.
"I have," Elena said, raising her chin.
Edward looked at her.
Katherine stabbed the stake she held in her hand into a free spot in Stefan's stomach. Stefan yelled, trying to mask the sound between his clenched teeth. His chest rose and feel, the wooden stakes still inside him, moving along with him. He looked at Elena, and she had never seen such pain in his eyes.
I should have never moved back to Mystic Falls. I shouldn't have brought her into this world…
Edward looked at Stefan as his thoughts ran through his mind, but Stefan didn't take his eyes off Elena.
"Why are you here?" Katherine asked, slowly moving around the table, her hands behind her back. "Why are you trying to save Stefan? You don't even love him."
Elena hissed, and widened her eyes at the sound. She sounded like…a vampire.
"You don't know what I feel!" Elena snarled. "I love Stefan." She looked at Stefan. "I love you."
Stefan smiled, and then coughed, blood splattering from his mouth.
Elena tried to run forward to him, but then Felix's brick-like arms shot out, shooting her back against the stone walls of the cellar.
Katherine started laughing, shaking her head at Elena. "You're pathetic. I don't care what Aro wants from you. I'm going to kill you myself. My duties to him are done. I owe him nothing."
Felix looked at Katherine in confusion. "What?"
Katherine grinned and turned to Felix. "I'm done working for you glittering bastards." Katherine revealed what was hidden behind her back – a lighter. She lit Felix on fire, the one way to kill a vampire of both of their kinds. Katherine ripped his head off just before his whole body went ablaze, and then stepped back quickly as he became a live torch, before the fire could touch her as well.
Elena eye's widened as she watched the room catch fire. Then she looked to Stefan, stuck on the metal table. She ran to him, jumping over the flames, and then was quickly at his side.
"No, Elena," he coughed out. Smoke filled the air, making Elena's eyes water as she tried to see. "Go away from here! You'll die!"
Elena sobbed, tearing pouring from her eyes, but this time not from the fire. "I can't leave you here, Stefan!" she yelled over the crackling fire. Elena reached out to Stefan's ropes, but then quickly pulled away as the vervain burned her fingers. "No, no, no, no…" Elena kept chanting as the room grew brighter with fire. She looked behind her and saw Edward cornered by the flames. "Edward, please, help me!" she screamed.
Edward ran through the flames. He couldn't be killed unless his body was ripped apart first, so he was safe. Edward patted the flames from his clothes and came to Elena. "What do you need me to do?" he asked her.
She pointed to the ropes. "Untie him – quickly!"
Edward's hand shot out and untied him in a blur of motion. He was done, and had Stefan in his arms.
"Go!" Edward yelled.
Elena nodded and ran up the steps and back to the hall. Edward ran out behind her and set Stefan onto the floor. Him and Elena ripped out the stakes from Stefan's body. To Elena's alarm, Stefan made no noise as they ripped the stakes out.
"Stefan?" she called.
He didn't move.
His eyes fluttered, but he didn't open them. That was good enough for Elena. She pulled him to her chest and cried, her tears dripping into his hair.
Edward looked up as Aro's thoughts assaulted his mind.
Fire? In my palace?
"Elena," Edward whispered, too quietly for a human to hear.
She looked up at him.
"Don't forget to pretend to be a vampire," he said very quickly, and then rose to his feet right when Aro rounded the corner.
"Young friends!" Aro said. "Is there a fire?"
Edward nodded. "Yes. Katherine started it in the cellar. She killed one of your guards and tried to kill us as well."
Aro's dark red eyes widened. "And where is she now?"
Elena clutched Stefan closer to her as she felt his weak breaths against her neck. She glared fiercely at Aro, at the thing that had killed her.
"She's gone," Elena spit. "It looks like your plan won't work out as smoothly as you thought." Her nostrils flared and she wanted nothing more than to run over and rip Aro's damn head off. She wanted to kill him. And Katherine. Kill them both and mash up their bodies until they were nothing more than a pile of dust.
Aro stared at Elena with a blank expression, and then his face broke out into a smile.
"No problem," he said. "Katherine can't get out of here. Don't you worry, Elena." He waved his hands at the two vampire guards that stood behind him. "Put that fire out."
They bowed. "Yes, sir," they said in unison, and then disappeared back into the cellar at the speed of light.
Aro looked at Elena with a huge smile on his withered face. Elena wanted nothing more than to jump up and rip his head off. She felt her fangs pop out again and pressed her lips together, shoving them back in.
"I see you've completed the change," Aro said.
Elena was silent.
"No hard feelings, I hope," Aro continued, "it was nothing personal, my dear. This is all for the better of the world. Now, we can finally kill Klaus and create the new breed of vampires - an amazingly powerful hybrid of two powerful species." Aro clapped his hands. "On the full moon you two will mate. On a full moon, it only takes an hour for each newborn hybrid vampire to be born. Aren't you excited? You'll be parents soon!"
Elena and Edward stared at him in disgust.
Aro sighed. "Well, have a fun two days, young ones. That's how long until it's the next full moon." And with that, Aro disappeared.
Edward said nothing and picked Stefan off the floor. "Shall I bring him to your room?" Edward asked Elena. He glanced down at Stefan. "He really needs to feed, as well."
But Elena wasn't thinking of Stefan right now. She was thinking of herself, for once.
"Edward, what should I do? I don't know if I should change. I don't... If I do, I'll have no choice. I'll have to make the children."
"What happened to your plan of escape?" Edward asked.
Elena shook her head, pushing her hair away from her face. "Stefan will never heal in time. And I only have less than 24 hours to decide to complete the change, or let myself die."
Edward took a deep breath and rested a comforting hand on Elena's shoulder. "I'm really sorry it came to this, Elena," he murmured, and then disappeared, heading to Elena's room with Stefan on his shoulder.

Bella had never felt better. She felt so powerful, like she could do anything in the world, and no one could stop her. Was this what being high was like? Bella attacked Damon, pushing herself on him like some animal in heat on the nature channel. Damon instantly responded, wrapping his arms around her and yanking her close. Their mouths were all over each other, biting and kissing and sucking, blood from the human girl Bella had drunk smearing all over Damon's perfect skin.
Bella smashed him against one of the many trees around them. They barreled through the trees, crashing to the ground without a scratch on them. Her fingers twisted into his hair, yanking his face closer to hers. She pressed herself against him and they both groaned loudly, both definitely like animals in heat.
Bella suddenly remembered when she had asked Damon if he would take her virginity, and he had refused. She wondered if now, in the middle of the night, with the moon as their light on the forest floor he would. She wanted him to. She wanted him more than blood. She could feel that he wanted her. And Bella certainly knew her body wanted him. Everything ached for him. His touch was like a drug.
"Damon," Bella panted, even though she no longer needed to breathe.
"Mmhmm?" he mumbled as he kissed and sucked her neck.
"I was wondering...would you-"
Ring. Ring.
Damon's brow furrowed as he felt his pocket vibrate. No one ever called him. He pulled his phone out and looked at the caller. He didn't recognize the number.
"Hello?" Damon grumbled, irritated.
"Damon, it's Alice."
Bella could hear with her new ears and her eyes widened. What had happened now?
Damon sat up, getting off Bella. Bella was a little pissed. The moment was just totally ruined.
"What is it?"
"I had a vision. Whatever is going to happen to Elena and Edward, it's going to happen in two days. My family and I are at the airport. A flight to Italy leaves in an hour. I know Bella just completed the change, so I need you guys to get on this flight. We don't have much time." And then she hung up.

Damon pocketed his phone and looked at Bella. "I assume you heard that?"
She nodded.
Damon smiled and wiped all the excess blood off of Bella's face. "Then we better get going," he said, and slid Bella's day walking ring onto her finger.
Bella guessed she wouldn't be losing her virginity tonight.

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