My name is Katniss, I am sixteen.

I fight for the right to set us free.

Here we are fighting to the death.

Waiting until we take our last breath.

We are here to be punished.

For something that was right.

Going through the days, surviving the night.

It is not good what we are forced to do.

The Capitol citizens have no clue.

They watch and cheer while we lay to die.

Never even asking why.

I'll sit here waiting for the day to come.

Where we will live in a world of freedom.

For now though, I will win this game.

So then I will be the one to set the flame.

Here I go as I take my aim.

Getting rid of the Capitols claim.

Ready to learn all the rules of war.

Trying to stop all the bloody gore.

In this world we will win the spree.

The war that will set us all free.