The New Vampire King by Luna Elisa Marie

Version: 2015




Slowly I try to open my eyes. My whole body is aching. I can not remember so well what happened before. Now I lie here on the cold and wet ground, my body shivers from the rain that gently drops on my bare arms and legs. I remember I had a white dress on. This dress was especially designed for me to celebrate today. For our new king. Too bad my dress is soaked because of the rain. Finally I have managed to open my eyes. I lift my head a bit up to see the surroundings around me. I am in the woods at the only open spot the woods has. I sighed. How did I end up here? On this spot? I close my eyes again and I frown. This is what I always do when I do not know something, expecting that if I frown the answer will come right to me.

My memory tells:

Today was the celebration of our king. Our new king to be precisely. People had come to the celebration. Everyone was forced to come and see the celebration. If people did not attend the festivities, they were dragged from their homes or the public buildings by the guards of the castle to watch. Humans lost the power over the world. Not so long ago the other species got the power. How they got it is still a mystery. All we know is that the king of that time was found dead in the woods with two small black holes in his neck. Now we know better. The creatures that govern our world are chalky pale, have sharp and long teeth, their eyes are red as the blood that flows in our human bodies and they have the strength of the night.

Our world is ruled by vampires.

My eyes fly open. I am furious. Furious because we as human beings are letting ourselves control by them. We do the things they want or force us to do. I sigh deeply. I want to move to a place where no one can find me. Not one vampire can find me.

"Bella my love? Where are you?" a male honey voice shouts through the forest.

My body goes rigid. That voice. That voice I want to ignore and forget for the rest of my life. The devil himself. The man I hate the most in my life. The one and only new vampire king: Edward Cullen.

What does he want from me now?