DON'T OWN TWILIGHT! Hope you enjoy it!


Alice- Edward

Esme- Carlisle

Rosalie- Emmett

Bella- Jasper



Jasper and Emmett was wrestling in the woods, Carlisle was somewhere hunting, and I was sitting on a rock. There was a loud crashing noise and I looked at Emmett and…HE WAS A BABY! I looked at Jasper….. A BABY! I heard crying and saw Carlisle as A BABY! I looked at me and I WAS A BABY! OH MY CARLISLE!

Edward? Can you hear me?-Carlisle


I can hear you!-Carlisle

This is weird…-me

Im a cute baby!- Emmett

Can you hear me, Emmett?-me

Yea! Cool!-Emmett

I can hear all of you..-Jasper

Ok! Everyone…crawl to are house!-Carlisle.

Everyone nodded and we...crawled to the house. When we got there everyone was there sitting on the couch. Bella looked at us and gasped.

"LOOK!" She screamed pointing to us. All the girls ran out and grabbed there mates….or they thought. Esme grabbed Jasper, Alice grabbed Emmett, Rosalie grabbed me, and Bella grabbed Carlisle. Ugh!

I stretched my arms to Alice. Alice looked at me then at Emmett.

"Oh! Here Rosalie that's Edward and this is Emmett!" Rosalie took Emmett and Alice took me.

Bella took Jasper from Esme and gave Carlisle to Esme. They took us to the house.

"Me and Rosalie will go buy baby food, diapers, crips and all that baby stuff! Alice said and sat me on the couch and Rosalie did the same. Then they ran out the house. I felt sad Alice left. I started to cry. Bella ran to me and picked me up and Esme picked Emmett up. I stopped crying and looked up at Bella…..she looked…calm? CALM! WHY CALM! I giggled for some reason and Bella looked at me confused. I decided to act like a baby and sucked on Bella's shoulder.

"eww!" Bella said. Jasper was glaring at me.

What are you doing!-Jasper

Acting like a baby-me

Leave my girlfriend alone-Jasper

Before I could say anything Alice and Rosalie burst through the door and in a blink of an eye the place had diapers, bottles, milk formula, a playpen, and crips everywhere.

Bella put us in the playpen and all the boys.

This is gonna be a long day…..