Hello everyone! Just so you know, this is not a pokemon anime fanfiction. If you like the anime, or for any other reason think you will be offended by this, then please do not read it. I will be making fun of the anime, but I am not making fun of the people who like it. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. My opinion is that the manga is much, much better. I wrote this for fun, and I'm hoping people will have fun reading it. Thanks!

Oh, and I do not own pokemon.

Giratina had thrown them into another dimension.

It was team rocket.

All team rocket.

They had made it seem easy, capturing Giratina.

And, just like that, they had ordered it to send them away.

It obeyed without fail, as any loyal pokemon would.

Thrown out like trash.

Into a world unknown.

Spiralling through the fabric of dimension, fear growing in their hearts.

Dimension travelling was a new thing, and it was horribly taxing on body, mind and spirit.

Nothing could stop their minds from racing, even as their bodies grew weaker.

And weaker.



They were there.

Green woke up before any of the others. His hearing slowly adjusted, and he could hear the light rustling of a forest all around him. He shakily sat up, and opened his eyes. He frowned a bit as his vision slowly focused.

"Giratina's gone easy on us," he mumbled, to no one in particular.

Everything seemed less threatening somehow. It all looked the same, but it just seemed… different.

He felt for his pack, then pulled out his pokedex, trying to see if it still worked. He smiled slightly as the screen flickered on. He scrolled through options, and finally came to the new "Location feature". It was a handy device unique to the new version of the pokedex. As it searched for a signal, he glanced around.

He was in a small clearing, and he was not alone. Red, Blue, and Yellow, as well as Red's pikachu, were slowly stirring.

Red was the next to sit up, rubbing his head.

"Wh… where are we?" he muttered sleepily.

Green's pokedex beeped as it found their location.

"We're just on the outskirts of… Sandalstraw Town," he announced.

"Team rocket sent us here…" whispered Red. "We've got to be on our guard. Anyone we meet could be working for them."

Green nodded. "If we ever wish to return home, we must keep a lookout for them. As soon as they realise Giratina didn't completely dispose of us, they'll come here after us. We'll need to be ready to fight. That being said, we know nothing about this world or how it functions…"

"Well, this doesn't look like the worst place Giratina could have sent us," said Blue, standing up unsteadily. "But either way, I wouldn't want to meet anything potentially dangerous just yet."

She pulled out a pokeball and released her wigglytuff. She held onto it as it inflated and floated in the breeze.

"I'll check and see if the coast is clear."

The two boys watched as she flew up, and became a speck in the sky.

Green sighed. "Pesky woman."

Yellow yawned and crawled over to see Pika. Relief washed over her as the small yellow pokemon twitched and stood, completely oblivious to the tiring journey.

Suddenly, Yellow's eyes snapped open and she jumped to her feet.

"Where's Chuchu? She was out of the pokeball too!" The blond frantically searched the clearing and, finding no hint of her friend, tried to set off into the forest.

"Yellow, wait!" yelled Red, standing.

Green stood as well. "We're disoriented after the fall! You could be headed anywhere."

Yellow stopped and stood, hopelessly. Her arms fell to her sides and she looked sadly at Red.

Suddenly, Pika's ears shot up attentively, and he desperately chattered at Yellow.

"Pika hears something!" she said, and went over to the yellow mouse.

She kneeled down next to Pika. Placing her hand on his forehead, she concentrated deeply. Red and Green watched as she read the pokemon's mind.

This was her special power. She could focus hard enough to connect with pokemon in such a way that she could sense their thoughts, and even heal their wounds.

All was silent and still.

Suddenly, Yellow jumped to her feet.

"It is Chuchu! She's just over this way!" she shouted. She stood up and followed Pika as he dashed into the woods.

"Yellow!" Red called, but it was too late.

At that exact moment, Blue dropped back down with her wigglytuff.

"A group of travellers is approaching from the North," she announced, pointing to where Yellow had just run off.

"Yellow! She just…" Red sprinted off, closely followed by Green and a slightly confused Blue.

After a couple minutes of dashing through the forest, Red was relieved to see Yellow's bright blond ponytail bobbing in a clearing as she spoke to a group of kids. He walked up beside her just as the youngest boy was talking. He had black hair and a red hat.

"Ah, yes! I was looking for the owner of this pikachu! I have one myself, and I know how they can turn into super special friends!"

As if in response, another pikachu jumped up onto the boy's shoulder.

"It's good to see it returning home," Said a girl with a white hat and… Blue hair.

The third one, an older boy, just chuckled. Then he caught sight of Blue.


"Ew!" Blue screeched and shoved the boy to the side.

"Erm… right," Yellow said, taking her pikachu from the younger boy's arms. She awkwardly glanced at Red, Green and Blue.

"Let's go, Yellow," said Green, annoyed at the false alarm. He turned around and started to walk away from the strange group of travellers.

The youngest boy suddenly straightened up. Adopting something of a battle stance, he addressed Green.


Green looked over his shoulder and blinked.


The boy stared at him with exasperation.

"Come on, Gary! Let's BATTLE!"

Green turned back around, scowling.

"I have no time for this. Come on, Red, Blue, Yellow, let's go."

"COME ON GARY! DON'T BE SUCH A COWARD!" The younger boy shouted hysterically. He ran up and stood next to Green.

Green reeled around and kicked the boy away. "I'm not a coward for not wishing to waste my time battling someone like you," he said, still calm.

"Thatwasn'tnicethatwasn'tnicethatwasn'tnice," whimpered the boy from the ground.

The blue-haired girl ran to the boy's side and pulled him up.

"Since when are you so rude? I thought you were a poet! I challenge you to a double battle! You and one of your new friends!"

Red chuckled.

"Aw, come on Green. It's just for fun. Let these kids have their battle…"

Red pulled out a pokeball and smiled. He looked at Green expectantly.

Blue giggled and Yellow stared, wide-eyed.

The young traveller smiled.

"Oh yeah, well you can't beat me!" He glanced at Red.

"For Gary's new friends, I'll introduce myself! I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town! I'm gonna be the greatest pokemon master ever! I have seven badges and I'm almost on my way to the league! This won't be easy!"

"This was your idea," said Green, through gritted teeth.

"Seven badges?" mouthed Red in disbelief. "From Pallet Town?"

The girl with Blue hair began to talk.

"I'm Dawn, from Twinleaf Town! I'm gonna be the best co-ordinator ev…"

"Shut up!" shouted Green, releasing his rhydon.

Red sent out his poliwrath, Poli.

Ash flipped around his hat, the world went all swirly, and he shouted:


He pointed, and pikachu jumped into the ring.

"Pika! Pikachu pika!"

Blue giggled again.

"Well that was dramatic!"

Yellow looked a little embarrassed for the pikachu.

The world went swirly for Dawn as well, and she dramatically called out a piplup.

The older boy rushed around to the side of the battlefield.

"I'm Brock! From Pewter City! I'll be the referee!"

"Referee?" Asked Green. "Either you win, or you don't. It's obvious who wins in friendly matches. There's no need for you. Now get off the sidelines before you're hit by an attack."

Brock looked startled. He turned toward his friends.

"Be careful, guys! He called.

Ash looked serious now. The look didn't suit him.


The blast of electricity was immediately drawn to rhydon's horn. It did nothing.

"My rhydon has the lightningrod ability. No matter where you aim, electric attacks will be drawn to the horn. As well as that, rhydon is a ground type. Electric attacks don't work," Green said, annoyed at his challenger.

Ash stood across the field, a rather dim expression on his face.

Giving up, Green ordered his rhydon to use stomp. Within seconds, Ash's pikachu was fainted on the ground.

"PIKACHUUUU!" shouted Ash, dramatically.

He ran into the battlefield and knelt by his pikachu. He picked it up and hugged it to his chest. A shadow fell over his face.

"It's up to you now, Dawn," he said, in a barely audible whisper.

"Get out of the battlefield!" called Red, concerned for the strange boy.

"Piplup, use HYDRO PUMP!" shouted Dawn.

Red quickly had Poli deflect it with his own hydro pump. The water needlessly exploded. Poli's attack broke free and ricocheted back at piplup. The penguin pokemon fainted upon impact.

Brock gasped. "Both piplup and pikachu are unable to battle! The… the other team wins!" he cried.

"Oh, brilliant deduction!" laughed Blue.

An extra shadow fell over Ash's face, clutching pikachu in the middle of the field.

"Pi… pikachu… how?" He muttered.

Red and Green walked up to Ash, and Red sympathetically extended a hand. He pulled Ash off the ground and smiled.

"It's okay! Everyone loses sometimes. I'm sure if you just keep trying, someday you can be a great pokemon trainer!" he said, in a practised speech he had recited to hundreds of challengers.

Green noticed a fallen box, and scooped it off the ground. He was just about to hand it back, when the lid fell off. The sun glinted off the contents of the box, and Green lowered it, shocked at the contents.

"Red…" he mumbled

Red turned towards him. Blue and Yellow walked up, bemused.

"I think we can safely conclude that this world is much like our own. It has pretty much all of the same characteristics. So how did this boy, with his skill level, get seven badges?"

Yellow blinked. Sure enough, seven Sinnoh region badges were strewn across the inside of the box.

"Hey! Give me back my badges!" shouted Ash, snatching the box out of Green's grip.

"Are you sure they're real?" asked Blue. "I've made fake badges before…"

"Come on guys, it doesn't matter. Let's go," Yellow said.

Green nodded.

The four pokedex owners sent out each of their flying pokemon. Red mounted an aerodactyl, Green jumped onto his charizard, Blue held onto a hovering wigglytuff, and Yellow appeared to have sprouted wings as her butterfree grasped her back.

The reaction was immediate.

"What kind of pokemon is that?" Ash and Dawn asked at the same time.

They pulled out two devices.

Red gaped, Green yelled out, Blue gasped and Yellow's eyes widened.

They were holding pokedexes.

The pokedex owners thought back to their dimension.

Team Rocket had stolen Red, Green and Blue's pokedexes once. Then they had replicated them, and created black pokedexes.

Sird, Orm, and Carr had pokedexes.

These mysterious kids had pokedexes.

No matter how weak they were, they could be part of Team Rocket. It was always better to be safe than sorry.

In two seconds, Blue had their pokedexes.

"How did you get these?" Blue asked, holding them high as Ash and Dawn jumped for them. She seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Professor Oak gave it to me!" Ash said.

Blue was astonished. She turned towards Green. He was staring at Ash, not believing what he'd just heard.

"You're… you're Team Rocket," she concluded. "There's no way… Professor Oak's here…"

She tossed the pokedexes to Green, and addressed Ash, Dawn and Brock.

"We're taking you to this world's jail. Then we can lock you up for a bit, while we find the rest of your Rocket buddies. We're not dragging you around on our search. If you guys also stole or replicated badges, we can convince the police to keep you for us."

Red and Yellow stared. That plan was very risky.

"I suppose that's own way to do it…" said Green, uncertainly.

Red nodded and picked up Ash and his pikachu in Aero's talons. He struggled and complained, but Red ignored him and took to the sky.

Green did the same with Dawn, who shrieked and flailed about. Green looked very annoyed, and took off after Red.

Yellow followed.

There was a bit of a silence as Blue turned towards Brock.

"You're coming too!" she announced, sending out Blasty and ordering an aerial hydro pump.

Brock didn't even complain, just looked at Blue with a mushy expression.

Blue scowled at him, then followed Red and Green into the sky.