I own nothing I just love harry potter! The story belongs to j.k rowling and I love her dearly. To those who don't want to read about men having hot steaming sex with other men: DO NOT READ!

Harry's eyes opened slowly in the darkness, and he tried to register where he was. He could feel cool air…all over his body, and he realized in shock that he was completely naked. He tried to pull himself up, but discovered that his arms were painfully chained behind his back so he could not move, he tried to use his legs but they too were immobile. He could feel that his legs were chained by each ankle, and there was a large poll between them so they couldn't come together. And his mouth was covered too, with what felt like a ribbon.

He didn't know what was happening, but he had no doubt that he was in a great deal of danger. He tried to remember what had happened to him before that led to his current predicament. He had just been walking back from the park near his aunt and uncle's house slowly, so he could avoid going there at all and then everything had gone black. He could tell he wasn't wearing his glasses, but there was something on his face, possibly a blindfold and he could feel that whatever he was laying down on was soft, very soft. He attempted to use his wandless magic in order to open the binds that he was in, but it proved completely useless, and left him feeling very weak.

Suddenly Harry heard a creak, and heard two sets of footsteps coming in from coming in from the other side of the room. Harry strained his eyes to try and listen to anything that was said between the two people who came into the room. He felt a very large and strong hand grab hold of his chin and he

"You see my lord?" The voice of Lucius Malfoy said in a very accomplished tone. "I told you that I had brought you the boy. I found him wandering in the park beyond his mother's protective charms." Harry's scar burned on his forehead and he heard the cold chuckle from Voldemort's lips.

"How foolish." Harry felt very cold fingers touch his stomach. He might have even found the movement very gentle and tender if he didn't feel that his head might burst at any moment. "Stunning." Was the only hushed word that came from Voldemort's lips and he continued to run his hands up and down Harry's chest. This comment puzzled Harry; he had always assumed that Voldemort just wanted to kill him. There had never been any reason to think that he wanted anything else from him, but maybe he was wrong. This thought made Harry's skin grow goose bumps, these did not go unnoticed. "I believe Potter is curious to know why we've brought him here."

Harry heard two sets of clothing fall to the floor, and he felt himself tremble slightly as his greatest fear was slowly becoming a reality. He was going to be raped by his greatest enemy and his schoolmate's father. His only hope was that he would either pass out or die in the process. He felt the blindfold on his face slowly be removed and after his eyes adjusted he stared up in fear at the two bigger naked men who were standing above him with a look of hunger in each of their eyes.

"Please go ahead and prepare him Lucius, but don't take his virginity." Voldemort knelt next to Harry's head with his cock in his hand. He stroked his cock next to Harry's face and pinched his nipples roughly. "That belongs to me."

Lucius placed himself between Harry's reluctantly spread legs, and began to slowly stroke Harry's cock. There was nothing Harry could do to stop Lucius from pushing one of his very large fingers from entering his virgin entrance. He arched his back and tried to pull away but Voldemort held him firmly where he was.

"Always the fighter" Voldemort whispered and lowered the ribbon on Harry's mouth and placed his fingers in his mouth wetting them. "Quite a soft and inviting mouth you have Potter." Voldemort took his cock in his hand and placed in on Harry's cheek. "I think I'll use it. I suggest that you suck properly so it will be decently moistened for when I fuck you."

Harry had never really been one to comply to the demands of those who he hated, but before he could protest or think of a way to thwart his captor's intentions the head of Voldemort's cock was in his mouth.

"I'd open a little wider if I were you Potter." Voldemort then grabbed Harry's head by the back of his hair and roughly shoved his cock down Harry's throat. For a minute Harry thought that he was going to choke from the cock being in his mouth as it tapped the back of his throat, but Voldemort gave a rough cry and he felt him begin to move his head back and forth at a quick pace. "You…have a very satisfying mouth Potter." Voldemort told him hoarsely.

"My lord you would not believe how soft and tender his arse is, it's like a warm peach." Harry suddenly remembered that Lucuis was stroking his cock and pushing what now felt like three fingers up his ass. He began to writhe under the stimulation of the fingers, the stroking and the cock that was thrusting in and out of his mouth. "Look at how he moves under my hands my lord."

"Give him your mouth Lucius." Voldemort commanded non-chalantly as he continued to thrust into Harry's waiting mouth. "Then I will take him…ah…" Voldemort felt Harry's moan from Lucius taking him in his mouth against his cock and bucked roughly into Harry's mouth. "You must try his mouth while I fuck him Lucuis, this boy's quite the cocksucker."

Lucius' hum of agreement was felt against Harry's cock and up his spine. He thrust unconsciously into Lucius' mouth and felt his release coming on him like a violent wave. He thrust deep into Lucius' mouth and was about to release when he felt something sticky and thick fill his mouth. He then came to the realization that Voldemort had filled his mouth with his come. It took all of Harry's will power to not throw up as he felt his enemy's come invade his mouth without warning. It did however stop him from orgasm and Lucius looked up at Voldemort with defeat in his eyes.

"He didn't come my lord." Voldemort was still recovering from his orgasm. He looked down at Harry who's face and mouth was covered with his come.

"No matter." He took his wand out from his discarded robes and used a charm that sucked all of the come off of Harry's face and into his wand. "I assure you that Mr. Potter provided us with all of the lubrication that we will need." Voldemort then took his cock in his hand and pointed his wand at his member and the come that had once been on Harry's face lathered itself onto Voldemort's still erect member. "Lucius, flip the boy onto his stomach so you can properly use his mouth."

Harry felt Lucius' hands roughly turn him onto his stomach, and he could feel those cold hands again roaming his body, stopping to cup and pinch his ass. Harry wondered if he should say something. He was no longer constricted by the ribbon, but words couldn't leave his mouth. What was wrong with him?

"Lucius made it so we would not have to hear your useless protests Potter." Voldemort answered from behind him. "The only thing that I want to hear from my fuck toys are their gasps and moans, for instance:" Voldemort smacked Harry's ass hard eliciting a gasp of pain from Harry, the first sound he had made since Lucius had sucked him off. "I think I quite enjoyed that." Then Voldemort laid many more spankings on Harry's tight bottom turning it a pale red. "Now I think that I will be fucking this tight red bottom until I damn well please."

With that Harry felt the tip of Voldemort's cock press up to the entrance of his ass, but before he could gasp, moan or scream his mouth was again filled, this time with Lucius Malfoy's cock, which was bigger than Voldemort's in width, but no longer. As Voldemort's cock buried itself fully into Harry, Lucius' cock reached the back of Harry's throat causing him to gag but only briefly. Unlike Voldemort, Lucius liked to be sucked slowly from tip to base. Lucius' pace seemed very odd because Voldemort was pounding into him mercilessly. Then Voldemort leant down and whispered into his ear.

"How does it feel to have to cock of the man who killed your parent's deep in your ass like this!" Voldemort thrust hard into Harry, making him feel every movement that he made. Lucius took hold of Harry's hair and pulled his mouth off of his cock.

"Look at me with those pretty green eyes of yours Potter." Harry glared at him. Lucius put his thumb in Harry's mouth and pushed the roof of it open. "Now keep looking at me and keep your mouth open." These commands confused Harry, but as Lucius began to stroke his cock in Harry's face he understood exactly what he wanted. "Ugh…stick out your tongue…ahh!" Harry's open mouth was filled with come again but he didn't swallow or try to stop it from falling out of his mouth and down his chin. "Ah!...What a beautiful sight." Lucius said triumphantly as he forced Harry to suck his thumb as he continued to stroke himself lazily.

"Ah!" Harry gasped as he felt Voldemort thrust into him with all of his might, but it didn't hurt, it was wonderful. He blushed furiously as he realized that Voldemort had hit something deep inside him, and his body was subconsciously arching itself and moving to better accommodate the pleasure that Voldemort's pounding cock was giving him.

"Oh Lucius…I do believe I've found Potter's sweet spot…haven't I boy?" Voldemort thrust again and again hitting that same spot making Harry's vision go blank, but he was still very awake. Then Voldemort threw himself on his back and held Harry's body against his own as he thrust into him with wild abandon. "Ugh…Lucius…I believe that Potter has served us well, and we should reward his submission with release…ah…what do you think?"

"Allow me to do the honors my lord." Again Lucius knelt in front of Harry's cock and placed his warm mouth around the head of his cock and slowly went all the way down to the base until he hit the back of Lucius' throat and then he thrust his head back and forth very quickly. Humming while he did it, adding more and more to the pressure of orgasm that was brewing in Harry's loins.

Then Harry found that he was losing more and more control, he turned his head from side to side as he felt the humming and warmth of Lucius' mouth and the thrusting in and out of his ass that continued to again and again hit that untouched pleasure point within him. Voldemort grabbed the back of his head again and forced him to look into those red eyes.

"Lucius you can stop that now, jerk him off and look at his face." Lucius' mouth was removed from Harry's cock and he stroked it softly as he looked at Harry's face.

"My God that's beautiful." Voldemort pinched Harry's nipples and he began to whisper terrible dirty things in his ear.

"I'm fucking you hard Harry, your little ass is drinking my cock in begging to be fucked harder…you looked so pretty with all of my come covering your face Harry and you're going to continue to look that pretty, you're going to be my little fuck slave Harry…I'm going to fuck you like this every day until you pass out in my arms, or beg for me to stop…ugh…you love be fucked though Harry, you might not know it, but you're body wants to be fucked over and over again and—"

"My lord it's happening!" Lucius cried as Harry's body arched itself completely and he felt himself release into Lucius' hand. He cried out, but he couldn't tell if it had really happened or he had imagined it because his vision went fuzzy again. But the feeling of something sticky filling his insides reminded him that he had Voldemort's cock inside of him. He felt Lucuis grab his face and turn it towards him.

"Quite the orgasm Potter, I assumed that you didn't have it in you."

"Let…m..go…" Harry mumbled as he felt Voldemort's cock slowly leave his aching ass.

"Looks like your potion has warn off Lucius. Let's have some more of it though, I don't think that I've fully ravished Potter's tight young body." Voldemort stood up. "And release the binds, I have no doubt Potter is too exhausted to do anything after that round of sex." Voldemort bent down as Lucius removed Harry's chains, "I will come back with something for you to eat before our next round, I think I'll have you pleasure Lucius next. Lucius clean him up, he's lose enough now, I doubt he needs as much lubrication as before."

Harry was barely able to move, but he felt the come that had been filling his mouth and covering his face vanish and felt two fingers stick themselves in his ass again. He was going to pleasure Lucius? No, he was far too wide.

"Lucius!" Voldemort yelled from the now open doorway. "There will be plenty of time to continue to fuck Potter later, let's let him rest for fifteen minutes and then we'll come back and enjoy that tight little arse some more."

"Of course my lord." Lucius leaned over to Harry and whispered "I'm going to fuck you harder than you've ever imagined."

Lucius and Voldemort left. Harry pulled himself up slowly and tried to get his eyes to adjust in the darkness that he was now surrounded by. Then he saw something, a door on the other side of the room. He wrapped himself in the sheets from the bed and quietly made his way over to it and opened it expecting to find his two rapists there. But instead there was a fireplace with floo powder on the side. Harry immediately jumped in the fire and said the name of the first place he could think of.

"Dumbledore's office." And he was gone.