A/N: Sorry that it's been a while. I've been working like a dog since the last time I put up my story, and I am pretty sure that this will end up being a five part story.

"Headmaster I think that this is unwise." Snape said as he looked to the locked wooden door where he knew Harry Potter was slumbering.

"Severus, I don't believe we have another choice." The headmaster rubbed his temples tiredly before he looked up to the Potions master. "If your results had given us something else than maybe we could take the risk, but right now the only thing he can think about is Riddle."

"Surely you're not suggesting that Potter would return to him." Snape sneered in surprise.

"I cannot say that he wouldn't. The potion that was administered to him before he was…attacked made it so he now believes that he is bound physically to the Dark Lord, he will begin to think that he cannot function without him. Even though it is completely psychological all he will do until the antidote is made is want to become his slave, and we cannot allow that to happen Severus." Dumbledore looked at the door, sadness reflected in his twinkling blue eyes.

"But headmaster, keeping him locked up seems a bit excessive don't you agree?" The headmaster looked up.

"Severus, I never thought I would hear the day when you were concerned for Harry Potter." The old man teased. Snape sneered again.

"I am in no way concerned for Potter, but his friends have been asking me constantly why they are not allowed to see him and are furious that they are not able to appeal to you to see him." Dumbledore sat down heavily in his chair.

"I know Severus, I will meet with them soon. They should know what's wrong with Harry."

"AaaH!" A moan came from the locked door and the Headmaster shook his head tiredly.

"The poor boy." He whispered.

Harry couldn't leave himself alone. Every time her tried he felt a burning in the pit of his stomach that could not be ignored. He gripped his flaccid cock and tried as hard as he could to not fall victim to the images plaguing his mind. But they just kept on creeping in, and forcing him to stroke himself for the fifth time that day into complete and utter bliss.

In his dizziest daydreams Voldemort was thrusting into his tight hole and whispering obscene things to him, things that should make him want to runaway and hide, but all it did was urge him to keep going.

'You like this don't you? You're such a little slut Potter.' A voice rang in his head as he imagined Voldemort grabbing his head roughly and biting his neck so close that he almost drew blood. He knew that they were only fantasies and he knew that he should have told Professor Dumbledore about hearing Voldemort's voice in his head, but he didn't want to let anyone know, this was his perverse little secret and he was going to keep it that way. He felt that he had already told Dumbledore enough when he arrived in his office naked.

Harry fell out of the fireplace in shock. 'No, no he hadn't just been raped and kidnapped by his parent's killer. It hadn't happened, it was impossible, he had been sleepwalking and now he was just going to lie in the dark room that he was in and sleep away the growing pain in his lower back. Yes, that's what was going to happen'.

"Harry!" A voice called in the dark. He immediately stiffened. 'Please don't let it be them. Please don't let it be Voldemort and Lucius. Please not them'. A pair of wrinkled hands touched Harry's warm flesh and his skin nearly shouted out in protest. He brought his hand up and reached for whatever he could in fear that this was one of Voldemort's cronies trying to rape him in his weakened state. But when the wrinkled hand gripped his wrist and he stopped thrashing, he saw the twinkling blue eyes of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

"Head—headmaster?" Harry asked in a hoarse and terrified tone.

"Yes, yes it's me Harry. What on earth happened to you? Where are your clothes? Why aren't you at Private Drive?" There were so many questions, and Harry could barely wrap his head around any of them, he was tired and hungry and as soon as he tried to sit up and face the Headmaster he felt his eyes roll back in his head and he was consumed by darkness.

"I'm sorry Headmaster, but this doesn't look like something that can be easily remedied." Harry didn't open his eyes, he didn't want to, the only thing he wanted was to—to please someone. But that made no sense, why would he want to do that, who was there that he needed to please? Then a pair of flashing red eyes caught his mind's eye and Harry felt his arousal slowly swelling. "The potion that Mr. Malfoy created was meant to take affect once Potter reached—completion." A voice hissed the last word. It was Snape it had to be Snape, only he could sound so disgusted about Harry's existence. And while the thought of Snape was usually his go to de-boner method when he was with Ginny it didn't stop his erection from pressing up against his stomach. He finally registered that he was no longer lying on the floor of the Headmaster's office, but instead he was lying on something soft and warm: a bed! The warmth felt alien in comparison to the memory of his Master's skin.

Master? What was he thinking? He didn't have a Master, no one owned him. Not even Dumbledore, but something in him wanted a cold body pressing in to him, thrusting, clawing. Harry let a very tiny moan ghost over his lips.

"You see Headmaster." Snape said in response to Harry's nearly inaudible moan. "The potion is designed to make the person who ingested it, believe that whoever was—was taking advantage of them that they are their property and that they need to be serving all of their carnal desires."

Carnal? Desires? Harry hadn't thought about these words in terms of anyone else except Ginny and Cho Chang, but when he thought of those words in terms of his Master, oh God. He pushed himself deeper into the soft pillows. He wasn't going to literally touch himself while both the Headmaster and his most hated Professor were standing next to him, but he needed to do something to stop himself from humping the bed openly.

"This is very bad Severus." The Headmaster spoke. "I knew that Voldemort understood something of the connection between himself and Harry, but this is taking things too far. We prepared him to defend his mind from Voldemort, but we didn't—" the Headmaster's voice broke and a shuffle of feet told Harry that Snape had moved to Dumbledore's side.

"Headmaster, there is no way that any of us could have predicted this happening. You can't blame yourself—"

"And why not Severus! I was made responsible for Harry's well-being after his parent's were murdered, and now—now this has happened! He has been." Dumbledore lowered his voice so that it could only be heard if Harry was straining his ears; thankfully he was. "Raped by the man who took his parent's lives, Severus. I don't see how this isn't MY fault."

That was it! His Master was Voldemort. It didn't make sense, but it made Harry's cock jerk fiercely, as if pointing him to where he needed to go.

"Severus, I want you to give Lucius Veritaserum to discover if there's an antidote. For your own protection I suggest casting a memory charm on him so he has no recollection of telling you any of this."

"I wouldn't be foolish enough not to." Snape attempted to joke.

"This isn't a laughing matter Severus! I might have let Harry get hurt because of this lunatic, but I will do whatever I can to protect whoever I can!"

"Headmaster." Harry croaked from his bed and took in Dumbledore and Severus standing in a small stone room with only one tiny window that reminded him of his window at the Dursley's and a door that lead straight into the Headmaster's office. Dumbledore turned to him, looking shaken.

"Harry, I see you're awake." Severus stepped foreward.

"How much did you hear Potter?" He got straight to the point, not wanting to waste time on silly little games.

"Severus!" The Headmaster scolded.

"I heard you two mention my Master Voldemort's name." Both Dumbledore and Snape went pale at the word 'Master'. "Is something wrong?"

"Harry, Voldemort is the man who killed your parents, and Cedric Diggory, and countless others—"

"Not to mention that he tortured you Potter, so try to keep a straight head and not allow yourself to think that you are a slave and Voldemort is your master, because he is not! He and Lucius Malfoy gave you a rare potion that makes your body think it belongs to Voldemort, but you must remember that it doesn't, and practice your Occlumency and keep him out of your mind. Do you understand Potter?"

'Yes Harry, do you understand?' Harry's entire body shivered as the voice rang in his ears. 'Tell me boy, would you like to know my fantasies about you?'

Harry outright moaned.

'I thought as much.' Voldemort chuckled in his head. 'In my fantasies about you, you serve my every want and need. I can suck your cock, twist your nipples till their purple from the pain, and you enjoy and savor every minute of it. And you beg me again and again for more. I make you beg me and worship every touch that I allow you. I have you kneeling in front of me and pushing yourself up and down on my throbbing hot member. Your eyes roll back in your head and then you scream out, but not in the language that you have been taught, but the one that you were born with Parseltongue.' Harry was now thrusting into the bed and gripping his cock with one hand and forcing three fingers threw the tight ring of muscle in his arse to try and gain just a taster of the pleasure that Voldemort was promising him.

'But I don't come. Not yet. I have you drop to your knees and you suck my cock.' Harry groaned feeling as if his entire being would explode simply from the idea of pleasuring Voldemort so exquisitely. 'Yes Harry, I make you suck yourself off of me and then you swallow whatever I allow you greedily. After that I chain you to our bed and place a vibration spell in your obscenely tight ass so you will come time and time again as I go to fight your friends and family so my world will succeed. And when I return…' Harry was so close—he was so close to coming, all Voldemort had to do was finish and he could. He held his breath silently praying that he would continue. 'You are lying in a pool of your own come eager for me to sink back into that smooth young body and fuck you into oblivion.' With that Harry came. Long white streams left his cock and landed on the sheets. He laid there his muscles felt to heavy to move. All he did was lie there and pant.

'Would you like my little fantasy to come true Harry?' Harry thought that he had no strength left but his head quickly jerked up and he managed to form words.

"Please tell me how."

'Begging already? Very well…' again Voldemort paused for what seemed like an eternity and again Harry waited for what seemed like an eternity before his precious Master spoke. 'Come to me Harry.'