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Disclaimer: Nothing in this first chapter is mine. NOTHING. It is all Carter's idea. And all these characters are legal because THEY ARE MADE UP. Also, just because characters are based off certain real people, does not mean that they are those characters because you know, that would be AGAINST FANFICTION POLICY or whatever. So yeah.

Nick Johnson: Your average rich boy. His family owns a very successful linen company, 'Softness Lino.' His secret passion is playing music, but no one knows this. He goes to school at Stillwood High and is the captain of the soccer team there. For his summer plans, he is going to the sports camp, 'Game On'. And the one person he despises most in the world is Miley Robinson.

Miley Robinson: Your average rich girl. Her family owns a very successful linen company, 'Lie Down Linen.' Her secret passion is playing music, but no one knows this. She goes to go at Westville High and is the captain of the cheer squad there. For her summer plans she is going to the sports camp, 'Game On'. And the one person she despises most in the world is Nick Johnson.

Demi Heller
: The quiet popular one. She is best friends with Miley. She goes to school at Westville High and is on the cheer squad. This summer she plans on going to the same camp as Miley, 'Game On.' She has a crush on Joe Johnson but no one knows, not even Miley. And Joe hardly knows who she is.

Joe Johnson: The 'older brother'. He puts on the 'jerky rich kid' act but he's really sweet and caring. He's brothers with Nick and also attends Stillwood High. He's on the soccer team there but doesn't really like it, he secretly loves acting. He too, will be attending the summer camp 'Game On' this summer. He doesn't date, he's afraid of having his heart broken.

Selena Johnson: The tomboy. Full time skateboarder and part time soccer player. She hates soccer and only plays it because her brother's do. She's twins with Nick and goes to school at Stillwood High. She has no best friend, she usually just hangs around with her brothers. She's never had a boyfriend. Summer plans? She is also going to the summer camp 'Game On', although she doesn't want to.

Kevin Johnson: The oldest of the Johnson family. He's out of school and goes to college. He's the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He can't stand his dad, says he's 'too caught up in all the success'. Single and not looking, he just got out of a four year relationship and is still very hurt over it. He's worried that his brother Nick will end up like his dad and is trying everything to not let that happen.

Zac Robinson: Miley's older brother. He coaches the Westville soccer team. He's dating Vanessa Heller and is happily in love with her. He cares about Miley more than anyone else and knows that she secretly loves playing music but has never said anything about it. This summer he's going to the camp 'Game On' to coach there, too.

Taylor Heller: Asshole. Jerk. Heartbreaker. Rude guy. Every one of those things in one. The only things he cares about are soccer and his younger sister, Demi. He's the captain of the soccer team at Westville High and hates the Stillwood soccer players more than anyone. He's never had a relationship that lasted longer than three weeks. He's attending the camp, 'Game On', too.

Vanessa Heller: The oldest of the Heller family. She can't stand her younger brother, Taylor. She wishes he would go back to being the sweet little kid he was in fourth grade. She's dating Zac Robinson and is happily in love with him. Her best friend is Ashley Robinson and this summer her and Ashley are renting a beach house a short distance away from 'Game On' the summer camp, together and staying there.

Ashley Robinson
: The party girl. She's out of school and works at her dad's company to make money. She's best friends with Vanessa Heller and she's the middle child of the Robinson family. She's staying at the beach house with Vanessa this summer and her dream is to fall in love.

Family lists so you don't get confused. :)
The Robinson Family: Miley Robinson, Zac Robinson, and Ashley Robinson.
The Johnson Family: Nick Johnson, Selena Johnson, Joe Johnson, and Kevin Johnson.
The Heller Family: Demi Heller, Taylor Heller, and Vanessa Heller.

(Miley's POV)

"Oh my god! Last day of school!" I walked into the school building; arms linked with my best friend, Demi Heller.

"I know!" She squeaked in that little voice of hers.

I let go of her arm and started spinning down the hallway, "This summer is going to be great! This summer is going to be great! This summer is going to be great!" I chanted until I ran right into Taylor Heller, Demi's (asshole) brother.

"Awe, that excited to spend the summer with me?" he said in a playful tone, winking at me.

I shoved his chest, "Gross, Taylor. Go talk to someone who cares." I walked away from him with Demi, giggling, behind me.

I rolled my eyes, "I can't believe you live with him."

"Me neither."

I laughed, "Let's just get to class."

(Nick's POV)

',' I counted down silently in my head. Then I heard the bell reverberate throughout the classroom. I grabbed my books and stood up, oh for the love of god. You have no idea how much I wished that was the last bell of the day.

"Time for lunch, man," my brother Joe said, walking past me.

I rolled my eyes, "No shit."

I followed him out of the classroom and to the lunchroom, winking at a few of the girls ogling at us as we passed. After getting my lunch and taking a seat at the table I sat in everyday, my twin sister, Selena, turned to me.

"Guess what I just found out?" she asked me, taking a bite out of her apple.

I took a sip of my water bottle, "Mm?"

She laughed and took another bite out of her apple, "Miley Robinson is coming to Game On, too."

I spit out the water my mouth was holding, "She's what? She can't come! My perfect summer will be ruined!" I slammed my head onto the table, "No. No. No. No. No," I said, banging my head again in between every 'No.'

Joe looked at me weirdly, "What's the big deal? The Robinsons are cool."

I lifted my head up and glared at him. "Miley Robinson is the devil's secret partner," I said through gritted teeth.

Selena burst out laughing, "D-devil's... secret... partner?"

I shot my death glare onto her, "Y-yes! She's...UGH." I threw my hands up in exasperation before standing up and walking away, followed (as I vaguely noticed) by the many eyes of the 'adoring girls'. I rolled my eyes as I swooped out of the lunch room, deciding that it was the last day of school. Ditching won't do me any harm.

(Selena's POV)

Where the hell did he go? Did he seriously think it was a good idea to ditch school on the LAST day? Dammit. I shouldn't have told him about Miley. I bit my lip, a thing I do when I get nervous.

"Don't worry about him, Sel," Joe said, walking to class with me, "He can handle himself. He makes a mistake, he pays the consequences. Let's just get to class."

I sighed, Joe was right. Nick makes mistakes. He pays the consequences.

"Let's think about positive things..." Joe continued, "We're leaving to Game On tomorrow!"

I plastered a fake smile on my face and groaned silently in my head.

Ick. Soccer.

I shook my head and walked into the classroom. Two more hours and I'm free.

(Miley's POV)

I tapped my pen impatiently on my desk. Almost. There. Almost...there...

Finally, the bell rang throughout the classroom.

"YES!" I was the first to jump out of my seat and grab my bag. I stood up from my chair and did a little dance, "It's summer! It's summer! It's summer!" I turned around and saw the teacher glaring at me. I giggled and jumped off my seat, grabbing my bag and running out of the classroom, where I then collided headfirst with Demi.

"OW!" we both yelled at the same time, bursting into giggles right afterwards.

"How was your last class?" She asked me, standing up and offering her hand out to help me up.

I took her hand and stood up, "Ew! Let's not talk about school!" I started jumping in circles around her, "Because its summer! Woo!"

She laughed and started walking towards the exit, "You, my friend, are crazy."

"But that's why you love me!"

She smiled, "True, true."

I ran towards my car, "SHOPPING TIME GIRL! WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW!" I yelled, opening the car door and getting into the driver's seat as Demi took a seat beside me.

"TO THE MALL!" She yelled.

(Nick's POV)

I walked into my house and slammed the door behind me,

"Where have you been?" My mother yelled at me the second I walked in, "You ditch the last day of school and then come home an hour after supper the day before you leave for two months."
I brushed past her but she kept talking, "And you need to pack! You are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning!"

I started walking up the stairs, "NICK! Don't ignore me!" She continued.

"Alright mom! I'll pack now, okay?" I ran up the rest of the stairs and slammed my bedroom door shut, locking it and falling down onto my bed.

"Damn everything," I mumbled, grabbing my laptop and signing onto AIM...

(Miley's POV)

I tucked the last shirt into the corner of my suitcase and zipped it shut. "Done," I said with a smile on my face.

I sat on my bed and opened my laptop, immediately receiving two new IM's.

'Demi: IN 24 HOURS WE'RE GONNA BE IN A HOTEL ON THE BEACH. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.'
I laughed and typed back,

I sent that and opened my next IM, instantly wishing I hadn't.
'Nick: Don't come.'
'Miley: Go to hell.'

'Nick: What will it take to make you not come?'
'Miley: You. Dead. Goodbye.'

I closed the IM and quickly signed out of AIM before he could respond. I had to count about three seconds before my cell rang with a new text from Demi, 'Gee. That was nice of you.'

I smiled a little, 'I'm sorry. Nick issues...' there's my cell ringing, "Seriously. How the hell do you guys expect to spend a whole summer together?"

"Easy. I'm going to avoid him." I smiled to myself, talking into the receiver.

"All summer? Good luck with that."

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever. I will. Anyway, I should probably go to bed. I have to be up early tomorrow morning. Goodnight best friend."

"Okay fine, but I would come up with a better idea than just avoiding him all summer."

"I will later, but for now I'm sticking with this plan. Now, goodnight Demi."

"Night Miles," she laughed.

(Zac's POV)

I looked around at the rest of the coaches. "You guys aren't serious, right?" I asked them with a stern look on my face.

I was at the final staff meeting before camp started and we were discussing roommates. I continued talking, "You're going to allow boy-girl roomies? What do you want, kids to go home pregnant this summer?"

The head of staff (whose name I cannot remember for the life of me) turned to me, "We don't have any other choice. There are many more boys this summer then there are girls."

I shook my head, "This is ridiculous. Parents will not stand for it."

"Oh, but they already have." He continued, looking around at the table, "I've spoken to all parents. The ones who are not okay with their children being in the same room as the opposite sex will, of course, not have their children placed there. But many of them said it was fine."

I rolled my eyes, "My parents would never allow it."

He smiled at me, "Actually, your parents are the ones who pitched the idea when I told them about the problem."

I opened my mouth in shock, and closed it before I could say anything that would get me fired this summer. "Whatever," I mumbled.

(Miley's POV)

"Wake up! It's time to go!" My mother shook my bed, "Up! Up! Up!"

I groaned, no one should be that chipper in the morning. "I'm up..." I mumbled into my pillow. My mom pulled the covers off of me, "You don't want to miss your flight! Get up!" she yelled, walking out of my room. It took me a moment to remember what she was talking about before I jumped out of bed and practically landed in the clothes I was wearing for the flight. As soon as I was ready I ran down the stairs, already texting Demi to make sure she's awake.

"Your suitcase is already in the car," my dad told me, smiling up at me from the table. He stood up and put his arm around me, "I'm going to miss you this summer, bud. Take care of yourself. Don't cause too much trouble for your brother."

I laughed and hugged him tightly, "Tell Zac not to cause too much trouble for me."

He smiled and pulled away, "I already have." He took out his wallet and handed me what seemed like five hundred dollars, even though he'd already given me money for the summer. I stuffed it in my back pocket and hugged him again, "Thanks Daddy. I love you."

(Nick's POV)

My iPod was on full blast. The windows were rolled down. We were driving down the highway towards the airport. Joe and Selena were planning what they would do when they first got to the camp; I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Hey, Nick," Selena said loudly, poking my side, "Nick. Nick. Nick."

Annoyed, I pulled out my headphones, "What?"

She rolled her eyes at my anger and pointed at the luggage in the trunk, "What's that huge box next to your suitcase?"

I froze for a second, not knowing how to respond, "' None of your business." I put my headphone back in and turned to look out the window.

"Freak..." I heard her mumble as she turned back to Joe.

Our chauffeur pulled up at the airport and stepped out of the car, opening our doors before walking to the trunk and pulling out all of the luggage. I spotted all my friends around me, also getting out of their cars and saying goodbye to their parents. I sighed; mom and dad were at a linen show in Italy. They called to tell us to have a great summer.


I took my luggage from the chauffeur and thanked him before setting it down on a cart and started to walk away. Selena and Joe walked behind me, still talking amongst themselves. I looked to my right and saw Taylor Heller. Rival school soccer captain. He caught my eye and nodded solemnly. He was walking with his sister...Jamie I think her name was? I nodded back and continued walking; waving at a few of the people I knew when I passed.

'This is going to be a long day...' I mumbled to myself.

19F...20F...21F...I listed off the chairs of the airplane as I walked down the aisle trying to find my seat. I finally reached 23F, my seat. I grabbed my bag and stuffed it in the compartment above before sitting down and leaning back. I turned on my iPod but before the music started playing I heard a familiar voice coming from behind me.

"... and Zac said we can go stay with Vanessa and Ashley on the weekends so it will be so much fun." I slowly turned my head just a little and glanced at the seat behind me.

Miley Robinson.

How pleasant. I closed my eyes and prayed quietly for her not to notice me.

"Nick?" Now that voice wasn't familiar. I opened my eyes and looked at the girl sitting beside Miley. It was Taylor's sister! Jackie? What. Was. Her. Name?

"Yes?" I said, trying not to make my voice sound like I hadn't slept all night and I really didn't want to be here right now.

"Uhm...hi," she mumbled, looking down at her hands and playing with her fingers, I heard a scoff coming from beside her and looked to see Miley glaring at me.

"Johnson," she said coldly.

"Robinson," I replied just as cool.

She rolled her eyes at me and turned back to her shy friend who's name I was sure was Katie, "Anyway, Demi..." Demi! That was my next guess, I swear.

"...let's go see if we can find Taylor. Maybe he knows where Zac will be waiting." She stood up and glanced at me once, looking away quickly when she saw I was looking at her and walked out of her seat and down the aisle.

(Miley's POV)

He cut his hair shorter...


It looked kind of cute...


This little argument in my head continued throughout the plane ride. I looked to my right to see Demi sleeping with her mouth hanging open and couldn't help but giggle a little.

That was when I noticed that pretty much everyone on the plane was asleep. I glanced at the seat in front of me and saw him sitting in his chair with his iPod on, staring out the window. His eyes wide open. I coughed lightly just to make my presence known and his eyes quickly flashed to me, looking down quickly when he saw I was looking at him. I looked away blushing and stood up, carefully avoiding Demi's legs as I stepped around her and into the aisle. I looked at the front of the plane and noticed a completely empty row of seats and as I made my way to the front, I realized that I recognized most of the faces on the plane; either they were my classmates or my rivals.

I sighed and sat down in one of the empty chairs, closing my eyes and leaning back.

After a few moments of silence, I heard someone shuffling their feet beside me and I opened my eyes to meet a pair of those chocolate brown eyes that could go on forever.

Snap out of it Miley.

"Uhm...hi?" I said awkwardly.

"Hi," he replied rudely.

All thoughts of me ever finding him cute disappeared quickly, "What do you want?" I snapped.

He sighed, "Look, for the next two hours can we please just pretend we don't hate each other? Joe is snoring really loudly and talking in his sleep. I don't want to sit near him."

It took all my power to not let my mouth drop open. Did Nick Johnson just say that? To me?

"So can I sit here?" He asked, snapping me out of my little trance.

"Uhm, sure..." I said, looking down at my hands and playing with my ring.

"Thanks," he answered, plopping down in the seat right beside me and taking out his iPod again.

I figured that if we're going to pretend we don't hate each other, I may as well try talking to him.

"Do you ever not use that thing?" I asked, watching him scroll through the songs.

He looked at me then back at his iPod, chuckling lightly, "Not really, it's basically my life."

I smiled, "You like music?"

He hesitated for a second before answering, "Uh, I-I like listening to music, if that's what you mean."

I looked at him weirdly, "What else would I mean?"
He looked at me, locking eyes with mine and shrugged, "I don't know."

I had to look down quickly so I wouldn't get lost in his eyes, what the hell was wrong with me today?

"So who's your favorite?" I asked, referring, obviously, to singers.

He smiled, "Mayer."

I looked at him again, "John Mayer?"

He nodded. "I love him!" I squealed.

"Me too," he said, smiling, "He's like...genius."

"Totally," I said and then I giggled.

(Nick's POV)

So here I was, having a totally human conversation with Miley Robinson. The one person in the world I despised more than anyone. And to put the cherry on top of that, we're talking about music.

Yeah this summer is going to be one interesting summer.

I found myself watching her as she slept, when the pilot finally announced that we were landing. Her hair falling over her face, her cheeks slightly flushed because of the chill on the plane.

Me. Sounding like a total stalker.
I figured it was a good idea to wake her up now and let her know we were landing. I shook her lightly and she slowly opened her eyes. "What?" she asked, rubbing her eyes.

"We're landing," I murmured, leaning back in my chair again.

After about a moment she jumped up. "Oh!" she said, as if she'd just remembered where she was.

"I better go make sure Demi's up and get my bags ready," she said, " was nice talking to you."

I smirked, "You too, Robinson."

She smiled and rolled her eyes before stepping over me and walking down the aisle, back to her seat.

"Here we go..." I mumbled to myself.


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