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"Ugh. Go away."

He chuckled, "You have to get up baby."

"No. Let me sleep."

Suddenly his lips met mine, and I melted into his touch. I slowly opened my eyes and looked into his smiling eyes. "Hi."

"Hi back. You are impossible to wake up, you know that, right?"

"I'm not impossible to wake up when I actually have something to wake up for," I said.

"So your huge cheerleading competition today doesn't count as something to wake up for? I'll make sure to tell your coach that," he replied with a smirk. I shot up immediately and was out of bed before he could even say his next sentence. He pushed away from my bed and grabbed a shirt from his bed and pulled it over his head.

'How did I not notice that he wasn't wearing a shirt before? Stupid Miley. Now I don't get to stare at him,' I thought silently to myself.

He must have obviously noticed that there was some sort of staring going on because he looked at me with a laugh. "Do I have something on my face? Why are you staring at me?"

"Did you have to put your shirt back on? I liked you without it." I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his torso and leaned my head on his back. "You're warm."

He covered my hands with his and leaned back into me. "We have to go get breakfast. Demi said you were due in your uniform, in the gym in an hour."

I groaned, "Shit. I don't want to go. What if I fall on my ass and fail?"

"Then you'll get up and laugh," he said with a smile. Nick spun me around so that I was in front of him, facing up at him. "You're going to do great."

"I need this scholarship, Nick. If I don't get one, I'm screwed. I'm going to be depending on my parent's money for the rest of my life and I'm going to die."

"Well then I'll die with you, how does that sound?"

"Like a modern day Romeo and Juliet," I deadpanned.

He cocked an eyebrow. "You don't seem very excited about that. I thought every girl wants a Romeo for a boyfriend."

"Uh, no. Romeo was a freaky stalker and Juliet was an idiot. Who falls in love after like one single dance? No, I always hated that story. I'm much more of a West Side Story girl."

"Well that's good to know," he chuckled. "Now get dressed. I'm not about to get yelled at because I'm the one keeping you from your competition."

I smiled, "Fine. One more kiss?"

After he let out a dramatic sigh, he gave in and placed a gentle kiss right on my lips (we were taking things 'slow', whatever that meant). When we pulled a part he said, "Now go!"

"I'm going!" I giggled. I got dressed quickly and met him right outside in under ten minutes.

"Wow, I'm impressed," he stated as I stepped out of the cabin.

"I'm doing my hair and makeup later so I don't need any right now."

"So what you're saying is that it too you ten whole minutes just to get dressed?"

"Shut up!" I exclaimed, shoving him playfully. "I'm a girl, so I have an excuse."

"Oh of course."

I laughed and intertwined my hand with his and leaned into his shoulder. We had almost reached the dining hall when I heard my name being called from behind the two of us. I turned around out of curiosity and saw Lucas following behind us.

"Hey Miles," he said slowly, glancing at Nick who looked like he was about to rip his head off or something. "Can we talk for a minute?"

I paused but shrugged anyway. "Sure. Nick, I'll meet you inside, okay?"

"Uh, are you sure? I can stay out here with you if you want."

I laughed, "Nick, it's fine. I'll be inside in just a minute, I just need to talk to Luke really quick."

He looked as if he didn't want to leave me alone but he walked away anyway, but not before he placed a kiss on my cheek and shot my ex-boyfriend a warning look.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Lucas said, "I didn't realize that the two of you were back together."

"Yeah, well, we are."

He sighed, "I did come here for you, to get you back. I thought that if we could have some time together away from all the drama at school, maybe we could have a second shot. I guess I was wrong."

"Lucas…" I said slowly. He obviously didn't have to tell me that those were his reasons for coming to this camp, but I never actually expected him to admit it. It was definitely easier when he just kept me guessing.

"I know, I know. I was stupid for even thinking I had a chance with you again after what I did. I just want you to be happy and I wanted to make sure that your happiness comes from Nick because if it doesn't, well, I just hope it does."

I groaned. "Luke, I'm very…flattered that you want me to be happy and I want you to know that Nick does make me happy. He makes me extremely happy and I would really appreciate it if you just left it at that."

"So what are we? Friends?"

"If you want to be, I'd like that. But to be friends that means no bitching at Demi and no snarky comments toward Nick or any bad comments toward anyone of my friends for that matter."

"Okay, I can do that."

"You promise? Because one toe out of line and we won't talk anymore. Got it?" I asked in a semi-teasing tone.

He chuckled, "It's understood, I promise."

"Good. I miss when we were friends. If you remember correctly, we were very good friends before we ever dated."

"I remember that too. Maybe that's where we went wrong, best friends who start dating either end in tragedy or it ends in happily ever after or whatever it's called."

"Or maybe we just weren't mean to be," I said softly. "So let's just settle on friends."

"Sounds like a plan," he smiled, but I could still tell that he was disappointed in my talk with him. Obviously he was hoping I'd choose to get back together with him.

"Well I should get inside, I don't have a lot of time to eat before I have to get to my competition."

"Right! Good luck with that! I hope you guys win."

"Thanks Luke. Um, why don't you come sit with us? It could be a start to us having a friendship again."

He looked hesitant. "Are you sure? I don't know if that's the best idea to honest."

I giggled and latched my hand around his forearm. "Dude, come on. Man up."

He rolled his eyes, but followed me inside anyway. I walked him to 'our' table, the one already filled with my friends. Demi saw me coming and her face lit up, however, her smile was soon replaced with a frown when she saw who was following me.

"Why is he here?" she asked sharply. "Make him go away."

I shot her a warning look. "Dem, Luke is going to sit with us. Please behave."

"I'd rather not."

"Well I'd rather that you did."

She took a hard look at me, but finally relented and settled on just ignoring Lucas. He took a small step toward the table and sat down gingerly in the spot next to Selena who, being much nicer than my dear friend Demi, gave him a smile and instigated a conversation.

"Why is he sitting her with us?" Nick stealthily asked through his teeth.

"Because we're trying to be friends and this is a start," I whispered back. "Please back me up on this one. I already have Demi up my ass."

"Fine," he said, turning back to our group.

The breakfast turned out to be awkward nonetheless, however, it was better than I expected it would be which I assumed meant it went well. Demi kept her mouth shut (that didn't mean that she kept her glances in check, but I guess she did her best) and Nick even tried talking with my ex-boyfriend. We were definitely off to a good start.


One hundred and eighty minutes later I was standing high above everyone else with the help of my base with a smile plastered on my face. I was holding my pose (one leg was standing straight while the other was bent and brought to the back of my head) up in the air and I knew from practice that Demi was holding the same pose just a few feet over.

The thrill of being a flyer hadn't been matched by anything I had ever experienced before. Flying through the air as if you are weightless, trusting the people below you to catch you, it was one of the only things in my life that I actually enjoyed.

The last eight-count of our performance consisted of the flyers coming down from their positions in the air and striking our last pose. The cheering from the crowd was overwhelming and it made my grin spread even larger over my face. My team had done it and I couldn't have been more proud of us.

When we were finally able to break our pose, my entire team started screaming and yelling and we all embraced each other in a hug. Demi was the first to get to me and she yelled, "Miley! We were amazing! You were amazing! Oh my god!"

"You were fantastic! You hit that last pose perfectly!"

"I love you so much best friend," she smiled.

"I love you too," I replied, before wrapping her into another tight hug.

One of my other teammates, Hanna, ran over to me and squealed, "Miley! We won! We won the competition!"

My eyes went wide and I immediately focused on Kylie who confirmed Hanna's information. Of course more screaming followed that revelation.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see a woman who was probably in her twenties or so standing behind me. "Miley Robinson?"

"That's me. Can I help you?"

"My name is Theresa Lawson, I'm the coach of the University of California at Los Angeles's, otherwise known as UCLA's, cheer team."

"Oh, wow. It's so nice to meet you!" I exclaimed, shaking her hand.

"Same goes for you Miley. I'd love to talk to you about joining us next year…" she began while I just soaked her speech in.


"Let's give it up for Demi and Miley, the incredible members of this year's Game On cheer competition winning team!" Nick exclaimed, raising his glass to our accomplishment.

The rest of our group followed his example and raised their glasses as well.

My boyfriend wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a loving kiss on the cheek. I blushed at the touch but leaned farther into him all the same.

"You were great out there Miles," he whispered in my ear.

"I got offers from seven schools today, Nick. I literally thought I was dreaming and that I'd wake up and be disappointed."

"Well you're not dreaming, I promise. This is real and you deserve all of it Miley Ray."

"Nick…UCLA offered me a full scholarship. And I think I'm going to accept their offer."

He looked at me in disbelief for a couple of seconds before a giant grin broke out over his face. "That's where I'm going."

"Well, yeah. That's kind of the point. I just want to make sure that you're okay with that. And I want to make sure that you realize that us going to the same college makes our relationship more long-term than we probably originally thought it was going to be."

"Miley, I want to be with you as long as possibly can. Us being together for another four years doesn't scare me at all."

I laughed, "Whatever you say." But I hugged him anyway.

Demi broke up our hug by pulling me into a hug of her own. "And you said that we wouldn't do amazing."

"Hey, I never said that!"

"Oh really?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Yes! All I said was to not get our hopes up because you never know what's going to happen."

"Well we did it. We were fantastic and your proof is all those scholarships you got!"

"It is pretty awesome, isn't it?"

She smiled, and pulled me into another hug. "It really is. Now let's go get a drink, it's time to celebrate."

Throughout the night, I was offered all sorts of congratulations from everybody, but the best part about the night was being able to hang out with all of my friends. When I came to the camp at the beginning of the summer, all I really had was Demi. Sure, I was friendly with Joe and Selena, and I guess that Taylor and I weren't on horrible terms, but then there was the whole thing with Nick.

I guess I just never knew what I was really missing because I was so content with my life; I didn't need it to be any different. But now I had this circle of people who I wouldn't trade anything for. Instead of only having Demi, I now have Selena as well. I found another older brother figure in Joe, and Taylor and I could be considered friends now; he wasn't my best friend's ass of a twin brother.

And then there was Nick. Nick…the part of me that was my past, present, and now, my future. I could not have predicted that we would come as far as we did, but I couldn't be happier.


I stood in the airport, dreading getting onto the plane that would take me back to reality. I sighed as I watched everyone else walked happily into the tunnel that would lead onto the plane.

Nick walked up behind me and interlaced his hand with mine. "You okay?"

"What's going to happen when we get home?"

"What do you mean?" he asked, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

"When we go home, our parents are going to flip, we'll have everyone in our school breathing down our necks, and there's even more than that!"

"Hey…" he said softly, lifting my chin so that I was forced to look him in the eyes. " I love you and you love me and that is all that matters. We can get through anything, I promise."

I nodded and wrapped my arms around him tightly. I rested my head in the crook in his neck and just breathed his scent in. "I love you so much, Nick."

"I love you too, Miley."

I pulled away from him and smiled. "Did you think that your summer was going to turn out this way when you first got to camp?"

"Not at all. But I couldn't say that I didn't hope it would," he chuckled. "Now are you ready to go?"

I sighed, "Yeah, I am. I'm ready to go face reality. Life isn't a summer camp…"

"Maybe not, but we can try our best and that's all any of us can ask for."

I laughed and finally took a step towards the plane, "Okay smooth-talker, let's go home."

Hand in hand, together we walked towards our future, wherever that may lead.


And it's over. I can't believe that it is because it seemed like only yesterday that I began to write it. I doubt she is reading this, but I want to thank Carter (NileysDestiny on youtube) for allowing me to take over writing this story because it was truly so much fun to write. I'm sorry if this last chapter seemed jumpy, but I felt that it was time to wrap the story up, summer doesn't last forever remember. :)

I hope that you all enjoyed the direction in which I took the story, it was definitely a cliche, but hopefully it was a good one. Thank you to all the reviewers who kept me going and I apologize for all the really long waits I put you guys through (let me tell you, sophomore year sucks when you're taking all higher level classes). I think I've decided to not do a epilogue, even though I said I was considering it. Not because I don't think you guys deserve it, but because I just don't see how the epilogue would play out; I think I've tired this story out. But who knows? I might change my mind, but for now, this is it.

Thank you all again so much and I really hope you all enjoyed Broken Smile. :)