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Almost Nine Years Later

14 Mar, Fri. 2230 (10:30 p.m.) HST

Lois scanned the chess board for a moment and immediately knew where she should move her queen to deal the death blow. She looked over at her brown eyed brown haired opponent who sat biting his lower lip, a nervous habit all of the kids seemed to have learned from their mother. She looked over at the other occupants of the living room who sat on the larger sofa.

Her mother held one end of the tattered hardcover storybook in her right hand. The front cover of the storybook lay in the lap of the third oldest Malfoy child. Nicholas Harry, the blonde haired brown eyed youngster rubbed his eyes wearily as he listened to his mother's voice.

The blonde father sat holding the youngest sibling, Hunter Ronald, on his lap. The four year old blonde haired grey eyed boy yawned as he listened to his mother read Good Night Moon, the sixth and final story of the night. The grey eyed father smiled to himself as he, too, listened to his wife's voice.


He had stayed at work longer than usual that day, trying to finish up paperwork after another case their team worked was solved. He had arrived home a little after 12 noon HST, 10 p.m. GMT, five hours after he usually left work. With the ten hour difference between the United Kingdom and Hawaii, his sleeping routine had him down by noon, HST, on a usual Friday.

This wasn't a usual Friday. He quickly exited the Ministry of Magic and headed toward the travel point, the Leaky Cauldron. There, he flooed to the international travel point at the Puka Inn where he finally flooed to the residence next door to theirs.

He hardly startled the elderly babysitter. She just nodded upon his arrival. Mrs. Cecilia Rodriguez had smiled at her neighbor as she got the little boy's backpack ready. Hunter barreled into the wizard's legs. His father laughed as he lifted the spitting image of himself into his arms.

"Did you behave for Grandma Celia today?" the wizard asked.

The young boy had nodded. "Yeah huh," the boy said as Draco looked skeptical at the older woman.

Mrs. Rodriguez laughed as she handed him the child's bag as well as a packed lunch. Draco inhaled the warm homemade food; steamed mix of white and brown rice, teriyaki chicken and roasted Kahuku sweet corn.

"We just finished eating lunch half an hour ago, right, Hunter?" she said as she mussed up the little boy's long hair. The child nodded.

"Thanks Celia," Draco nodded as he headed to the front door. No need for flooing; they lived just next door.

Draco ate his lunch as he listened to Hunter's day. They sat watching Sesame Street on the muggle device dubbed the boob tube. Hermione would be picking up the older children from the elementary school's A+ after school program between 3 and 4:30 p.m. after she got off of work at the high school; depending on when her students "allowed" her to leave.

A little exhausted, Draco made sure he placed several wards on the home which only allowed known visitors and family members to pass through, past experience dictated that. He picked up the already sleeping weary eyed Hunter into his arms, the boy's head resting against his father's shoulder.

Draco passed the brick fireplace then stopped. He smiled at the Muggle still photographs on the mantle. Both he and Hermione agreed it would be best, for the kids' sake, to keep the family room a neutral room in case Muggle friends came over. He looked at the family photograph of their trip to the Muggle Disneyland in France the past summer when they visited his parents. Hermione and the children had to convince him to go. He had to admit, he did have a good time.

He smiled as he gave the photo one last pat before heading onward to Hunter's room. He waited until Hunter went down for a nap, around 2 p.m. before he too, took some much needed rest. He slept on the floor of Hunter's upstairs bedroom, curled up in the fetal position.

It was nearly 5:30 p.m. when Hermione checked in on Hunter while the older kids started to get ready for dinner. They had bought two large pepperoni pizzas before they had gotten home. The Muggle mother put her finger to her lips as she picked up Hunter.

"We don't want to wake daddy from his beauty sleep," she whispered into her youngest child's ear. She felt the boy smile against her cheek.

"I heard that," Draco said stretching. They all laughed as he stood up and joined them for the walk down to the dining room.


Dinner at the Granger Malfoy household was always lively and lingering. They all shared how their day had gone and also what they were planning to do for the upcoming week of spring recess.

"Lois, your eleventh birthday's coming up next Saturday," Hermione said as everybody started to help cleanup the kitchen. "Did you want to invite any of your friends over?"

Lois shrugged. "Nah, I think they're all busy," Lois said as she downed the rest of her fruit punch.

Both Draco and Hermione looked at each other. It was up to their children to tell their friends about their background if they chose to do so.

"Okay," Draco said as he cast the cleaning spell Scourgify over the kitchen table. "Leaves more cake for me," her father joked. Everybody laughed.

Draco downed the last of his drink, "Besides, your acceptance letter to Hogwarts would probably be arriving by owl on that day. We wouldn't want any of your Muggle friends getting freaked out by that," he said as he tapped the top of Lois's head.

Lois took in an unnoticeable breath. She looked at her father and then her mother. She looked down for a moment not wanting to look disappointed.

"How about Grandma Celia, then," Hermione suggested as she brought the last drink glasses to the sink. Lois just nodded.

"Daddy," the eight year old boy began. "Can we play a game of chess after we clean up in here?"

Lois welcomed the distraction as her father looked at his Rolex. It read a little after 9 p.m. He looked up at the rest of the clan.

"I tell you what," Draco began. "I think we should all change into our pajamas and get ready for bed."

"Aawwww!" the younger kids whined in unison.

"All right, guys," Hermione said holding up her arms. "Let's do as Daddy said. Let's all change and brush our teeth. But instead of going to bed, how about daddy and I read you guys a story in the living room before you guys turn in for the night?"

"I wanna play chess," the brown haired brown eyed second oldest child whined a little.

Lois put her arm around her brother's shoulder. "I'll play with you," she said as she led them out of the kitchen. Both parents hid a smile.


14 Mar, Fri. 2240 (10:40 p.m.) HST

Lois mirrored her brother for a moment, also biting her lower lip. They were on their seventh game of Wizarding chess since dinner had ended. The first three matches took only a half an hour to play in total.

The young boy wasn't deterred even after six straight defeats. Lois smiled inwardly. She admired the boy, three years her junior. He was dubbed by everybody as 'the miracle baby,' after what had happened to their mother years ago. Of all her brothers, she was closest to him.

She took a deep breath. With conviction, she moved her bishop opening herself up for failure, if her brother caught her "mistake." She watched as the expressions on her brother's face changed from fear to contemplation and on to excitement. He moved his queen into position.

"Nooooo!" Lois feigned being upset at her "blunder." Even before he was able to utter, "Checkmate," Lois smiled inwardly. Lois's king dropped his sword.

Everybody looked in their direction. Draco and Hermione laughed as Draco, Jr. ran victory laps around the living room. Draco grabbed a hold of the boy as he circled for the fifth time, tossing him up in the air and congratulating him.

"Goodnight noises everywhere. The end," Hermione said, finishing up the story for the younger kids who were quite enthralled with Junior's victory dance. "Well, I think that's enough excitement for the day. Come on. Daddy and I will tuck you guys in."

Hermione nodded at Lois as she took a hold of the two younger children's hands. Lois finished bagging up the chess pieces so that they could recuperate for the night. She shrugged at her father as he placed his arm around both the older children's shoulders.

"I'll come back downstairs to tuck you in, Lois. The victors get the attention first," Draco smiled at his only daughter. Lois just nodded, smiling back.

Hermione had a head start with the younger children. Nicholas kissed his mother as she tucked him in. His brown eyes were already shut by the time Hermione closed the door to his bedroom. Hunter went down just as easily.

She could hear Draco tucking in the excited champion who was still buzzing about the lone victory. She smiled to herself as she made her way to the master bedroom downstairs.

She turned down the covers and turned on the lamp on the night stand. She sat in bed looking at the evening edition of the Daily Prophet. She looked up as Draco peeked in on her. He shrugged. 'Be right back,' he mouthed. Hermione nodded, smiling.


"Good book?" Draco asked as he entered Lois's room to tuck her in.

"Yeah," Lois said, closing the book before placing it on her nightstand.

Draco smiled as he saw the cover. "Mum's old paperback?"

Lois nodded as she yawned. "I like the story."

"I've loved that book as well," Draco nodded. It was a good story. He, himself had read it a hundred times. It was exactly like that old song; it was a tale as old as time.

Draco sat on his daughter's bed after he tucked her in. He watched her yawn. "I noticed what you did for your brother tonight," he said as she shrugged.

"He's still learning the game," she said, sleepily, noting Junior had only received the chess set for his eighth birthday four weeks ago.

"You know when I was your age, I would have gone for the jugular," he said smirking good naturedly. "He's going to catch on one day."

She smiled. "Then I did my job," she said yawning again.

Her father laughed. He smiled at her again. "Are you sure you're a Malfoy?"

"I take after Mom's side of the family," she laughed as her eyes fluttered.

"Thank Merlin for that," he said softly, kissing her forehead as he stood up. "You're going to make the Sorting Hat throw a fit trying to figure out into which House to sort you."

Lois looked up at her father for a moment, holding her breath. She shrugged, looking a little resigned. Draco didn't notice.

"I love you, Daddy," Lois said yawning.

"I love you, too." Draco said. "Get some shut eye; tomorrow's the first day of Spring Break."

"Saturday doesn't count, Daddy," Lois smiled.

"It does to me," the platinum blonde wizard said kissing her forehead again. He smiled at her, "Unlike Mum and you kids, I've got to work all week.

"Good night, Lois."

"Good night, Daddy," Lois said looking up at her father. Draco nodded at her before he took his leave. He waved his wand as he reached the door. The lamp on Lois's nightstand turned off. He took in a breath before closing the door behind him.

"Bloody hell," Draco whispered, startled as he turned in the direction of the main bedroom. Hermione couldn't help but let out a soft laugh as she stood leaning against the wall next to her daughter's door.

"How much of that did you hear?" Draco asked smiling at her.

"Enough," Hermione said. Even in the low light of the unlit hallway, he could sense her smirk.

Draco laughed. Hermione put her hand into his as she led him to their bedroom.

Draco swept her off her feet as they reached the door. He smiled at her as she shut the door behind them. Draco dropped her unceremoniously on the bed. They both laughed as Draco joined her.

He looked down at her as he placed his hands, his right still clutching his wand, on either side of her head on the pillow which she rested. She smiled up at him as she ran her fingers over the buttons of his green silk pajama top. He took in a breath as he felt her fingertips graze the silver chain he had worn since their days at Hogwarts years ago.

He waved his wand quickly before tossing it onto the night stand. Her Gryffindor gym shirt and shorts ended up on the floor along with his silk pajamas. He leaned down to kiss her. She kissed him back. When they broke the kiss they breathed deeply.

He looked down at her, admiring her under him. "Merlin, Hermione," he said, his elbows almost buckling. "You're so beautiful."

Hermione looked up at him, a little wary. "How can you do that?" she asked, breathlessly.

Draco held his breath for a moment, afraid he had said something he shouldn't have. "What?" he asked, a little unsure of himself.

"Look at me as if you haven't looked at me everyday for the past eight years and nine months," Hermione smiled.

Draco laughed as he kissed her. She opened her thighs up for him. He entered her. They moaned as they moved together. Hermione grabbed his wand and waved it; the lamp light slowly faded off. Neither of them needed the light.

In fact, Draco had gotten to know every inch of her body over the past eight years and nine months, maybe for even longer. They were technically married for a little over three years before that. He smiled against her cheek as he thrust into her. He pulled the covers over them as they made love into the night.


15 Mar, Sat. 0150 (1:50 a.m.) HST

Draco watched her climax under him for the eighth and more than likely last time since they had finished tucking in the children for the night, nearly three hours ago. She looked up through droopy eyes. She smiled up at him.

He felt her muscles tighten around him. He moaned finally climaxing, himself. He lowered his body, kissing her shoulder.

She kissed his neck. He breathed deeply before he pulled out of her. She shuddered. He lay next to her. He took a peek at the old Muggle timepiece, the incandescent hands read a little after two.

He snuck a glance at her. He saw her eyelids flutter. He smiled to himself. He thanked his lucky stars every night since they got back together over eight years ago.

Their twenty eight year relationship was borne out of hatred and loathing; much of it on his part, due to deeply rooted familial bigoted beliefs and traditions. It evolved into something that neither could have possibly imagined as eleven year old Hogwarts students.

He had wanted to hex his mother when he had heard her choice for his bride after the now-defunct Muggle Marriage Laws were instituted twelve years ago. He hadn't known what he had had until they parted ways just outside of the Leaky Cauldron. The pair was under the false impression that their marriage could be annulled on a technicality.

Magic, as much as some in the Wizarding World would like to think it coincidental at times, has its way of working things out. There might not be any other spell that has been more helpful in the history of the Wizarding World, or at least to Draco, than Reparo. Years ago, it had helped to fix two major setbacks.

Hermione had resorted to using her wand for the first time in years to repair her now-outdated Muggle laptop computer; one which she has upgraded three times with new hardware over the subsequent years. But more importantly, the simple spell helped to mend an estranged marriage, one which Draco subconsciously never wanted dissolved. He had fallen in love with her too late, letting her slip through his grasp as she walked away from the Wizarding pub that fateful morning.

'Second chances rarely happen,' he had remembered her saying three years later during their fateful reunion. She was right. So he followed her advice and embraced it.

Draco watched as Hermione turned on her side, her back to him. He could hear her soft breathing. He smiled to himself as he moved in closer to her.

He had fallen hard for his childhood adversary. His heart belonged to her. He knew she was the one and only woman with whom he could ever possibly want to share the rest of his life.

His eyelids grew heavy as well. He draped his right forearm over her hip and midsection. He drew a deep breath as he felt her place her hand over his. She gently pulled their hands up to rest on her breasts.

"I love you, Draco," Hermione said sleepily.

There was a pause, which seemed like an eternity. Draco shut his eyes for a moment. He kissed her shoulder gently.

"I've always loved you more, Hermione," he whispered his reply before he, too, succumbed to slumber.



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