Huh. This church was packed. Figures the whole town would want to attend the Chief of Police daughter's wedding. I felt it for my little bro. Alice was forcing him to watch the end result of his mistake. He had to watch his mate marry another. Harsh.

I always knew that that little pixie was evil. Shit. If I was Edward I would kidnap Bella. She's a shrimp. I would use my vampire speed and whisk her away; Even if she does hate my vampire guts.

Edward turned to me and glared. 'Heck. It's not my fault she hates you Assward.' I thought back to him. He glowered. 'Your glare can't hurt me Jerkward. I didn't piss on my life.'

His glare faltered and I instantly felt bad. 'Sorry bro. I didn't mean for you to hear that.' He nodded in acceptance to my apology and turned his attention back to the door Bella was supposed to enter through.

I chuckled. He's so out of it I bet he didn't realize my apology wasn't really an apology. I apologized for him hearing that, not for saying it.

Wagner's wedding march floated through the air, and I wanted to punch the fucking pianist for playing it. My little sis walked down the aisle on her father's arm. I snickered. She looked scared shitless! But dam, my baby sis looked beautiful in that pale white dress with midnight blue. And she's blushing. No surprise there.

I turned my head away from my baby sis and took in the devastated expressions of my family. Jeez, we must look like we're at a fucking funeral. No wonder Alice chose to wear black. I shook my head. Alice will be Alice, always dressing for the occasion. Though weddings should be a happy event, my whole family, excluding Rosalie, was in mourning.

My wife was furious. She wanted to know why we were all going to the wedding of our discarded human pet. I was livid. She may be my mate, but I wanted to smack some sense into bitch queen over there. I never thought I would see Rose scared, but when I stalked toward her, posture tense, my hands balled into tight fists. She had the sense to back away from me and at least look ashamed. Not everything should be about her.

Charlie put Bella's hand into that foul smelling pathetic excuse for a human. He's a CANINE for god sake!

No. My sister. My little sister. She's going to be lost to us forever. Why the hell isn't Edward stopping this? I always knew he was gay.

'Edward! Do something please!' I called to him from my mind. I was planning to go down on my knees if he would grab Bella and make a run for it.

"Do you Jacob Black" oh, so that's the tree humping mutt's name. He was taking away my baby sis. I glared daggers at his back. The phrase 'If only looks could kill' entered my mind.

If I can't have her in my family, no one can! I thought menacingly. My eyes widened into huge saucers. Dam. Where did I get all this possessiveness from over my baby sis? Oh yea, that's right. Ever since my baby since decided to become mental and try to procreate with a dog. I looked over at Jasper and saw that he was looking at Edward. Ah. So that's why my possessiveness is through the roof.

But fuck me, Bella is ours! That flea bag should know that by now. My face darkened. Edward must be pissed! His pansy ass plan to leave Bella so that she could live a long happy normal human life all went to shit. Now, she was marrying our mortal enemy. A horse sized mutt who looks just about ready to plow into her. Ugh. Is that drool?

What the hell does she see in him anyway? That mutt urinates on trees and howls! I mean come on! A vampire may drink blood, but we don't go around looking for road kill and eat it like it's our last meal! Oh god. Did he piss on my little sis? She is not his property! Oh if he did I would tear him limb from limb.

"Take Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawful wedded wife? The pastor inquired.

"I do" that son of a bitch bellowed. Oh why I ought to rip his tail off and wipe that goofy grin off his face. Disgusting, I'm surprised his tongue isn't hanging out to the side of his mouth.

"Do you, Isabella Marie Swan, take Jacob Black to be your lawful wedded husband?" the pastor practically sang. That pastor was getting on my last nerve! If I didn't have an irrational fear against holy water I would—would—do something!

Come on little sis, don't do this. I chanted silently. Willing her to hear me.


No no no! I can't do this. I wanted to bolt from my seat like the devil himself was after me. I was trying my hardest to hold back my heart breaking sobs. I looked frantically around the church. I guess only I can hear my heart breaking in my chest. I was breathing hard now.


Splitting crack sliced through the silence. My eyes flickered to Edward's tensed form. He was shaking his head frantically, like that would make this nightmare go away. 'It won't help Edward' I thought. I'm not sure he was even aware that he was doing it. Much less hearing the concern thoughts directed toward him from our family.

Before any of us could stop him, he bolted from his seat in a flash. I could practically feel Rosalie's appalled thoughts at Edward for using vampire speed to get up. Cut the kid some slack. He's going through a lot; his façade was bound to slip a little. He moved at human speed towards the church's exit.

His hands were moving furiously through his hair, making it more messy than usual. His hair was sticking out like he'd been electrocuted. He'd been shocked alright. He had to watch his mate marry another man. Cough—I mean dog. That's like death to our kind.

My heart went out to my brother. Not even I can survive without Rosalie. I returned my attention to the ceremony. I may not like her decision but she's my baby sis, and I won't miss the chance to see her on the happiest day of her life.

Wait—what? I watched as Bella shook her head from side to side in a silent denial. Yes! Hope surged through my body. Way to go squirt! I cheered. I almost did a fist pump in the air.

"Isabella?" the pastor questioned.

"No!" Bella cried.

Yes! I grinned. I swear I looked like I had canary feathers on my lips. This time, I couldn't hold back the fist pump. People turned to look at me like I'd grown another head. I chuckled. I already have two. I snickered at my dark human. My mind was really a cyst pool.

But to hell with them! If I want to fist pump in the air because my baby sis got her sense back and castrated the dog then I'll fist pump all the time!

"Emmett! Settle down!" my mother reprimanded. But not even my inappropriate actions could wipe the smile off her face. My family looked ecstatic! The pack of mutts looked sad and somewhat appalled at Bella's refusal to be wed to one of their lap dogs. While our family looked right about ready to through a dance party! Even Carlisle looked like he was going to break down and do 'the jig.'

Oh, and Alice. Shit. She was bouncing up and down. Making Jasper grasp her hips tightly and setting her on his lap. I chuckled. Alice was still bouncing my eyes glinted mischievously. Who's that? Is that Mike? I couldn't stop my guffaws now. Mike was practically drooling at the unconscious soft core porn Alice and Jasper was starring in.

I elbowed Jasper in the ribs and looked pointedly at the bouncing Alice in his lap. He smiled sheepishly and wrapped his hands around her waist more tightly. I shook my head.

"Not a smart move Jasper" I snickered as I watched Jasper begin to bounce with his Jack rabbit. Only when another crack rang out through the church did he realize his mistake and place Alice back in her seat beside him and settled for sending large doses of Calm towards her pixie form.

After our family did our little victory dance, even Esme did the Harlem shake, I snickered again, and we all turned silently to look for Edward. Nothing could stop the blanket of euphoria covering our family.

I'm sure Edward didn't realize it, but he was fucking moving in slow motion. Ha ha, like the first man to walk on the moon slow, really funny if you ask me. I grinned. Even Rosalie cracked a small smile at this. We would never let him live this down.


"No!" came my angel's tortured cry. I stopped my hasty escape, frozen, eyes wide as I tried to squelch the hope surging through my body. My back was ramrod straight and I felt like I had a stick up my ass. Not that I know how that really feels.

I ignored the shocked gasps that rang out through the church, willing them to shut up. My baby doll was refusing to get married. My brow furrowed. Why?

"Not him" she croaked brokenly. Hmm, she almost sounded like a chain smoker. Wait—'not him?' How many guys is she seeing? My jealousy reared its ugly head and I saw red. I was livid. I could feel my body vibrating like a jack hammer.

"Bella?" the mutt—I mean Jacob inquired. I choked back vomit. Well, I choked back my disgust. I couldn't make out his panicked thoughts, thoughts of his best friend leaving him. I smiled. 'You haven't felt half the pain I've felt over these past two years mutt' I sneered, internally wrapping my body in a fluffy white carpet that represented his pain. Ah. I breathed as I imagined rolling around it that carpet.

"Not you" my angel whispered. I could hear the heart of the man she called 'hers' breaking, and I found my second favorite sound in the world, while my stone cold heart swelled with barely concealed joy.

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