A/N: I love idea of Wicked100, so I did something similar. I have about eleven written right now, and will post every few days, if I can actually stay on the schedule. Most of the prompts/titles are mine, but a few are from various websites, so if they are borrowed they will say that in the title.

Enjoy! (Thunder and lighting and evil laughter)

Nothing Matters

By The Enchanted Broomstick


She poured what was left of her heart and her non-existent soul into the words forming out of her mouth. Her eyes focused of the book in front of her, she was completed unaware of the happenings around her.

Not the fact that her fingers were digging into her scalp, leaving blood on the tips.

Not the fact the room was a complete mess, papers flying everywhere, books in odd stacks as high as the ceiling.

Not the angry cries of the Witch Hunters from the crystal ball, glowing from behind her.

Because when the one you love is murdered and it's all because of you;

Nothing else matters anymore.