Whatever Happens

By The Enchanted Broomstick



Melena turned her head at the sound of a little voice. A smile formed on her face when she saw her nearly three-year-old green daughter standing at the foot of the door with a stuffed bear and a thumb in her mouth.

Her brown eyes were wide and innocent. If only they could stay that way.

"Yes baby?" Melena asked, as she sat herself up in bed, a task that proved more difficult because of the pregnancy.

Elphaba scurried to the bed, and scooted on top of the blankets.

"I'm worried."

"What are you worried about 'Phaba?"

"What if the new baby's the same color as me? What if Papa doesn't like her, like he doesn't like me?"

Melena's heart nearly broke. She gathered her little girl in her arms.

"Whatever happens, happens 'Phaba. Lets go to bed, Mommy's sleepy."

Worries aside, mother and daughter fell asleep.