Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or anything related to it. I am merely writing this story for my own amusement and hopefully yours as well. However, I do hope to one day propose this idea to the creators of Digimon and possibly have it made into something.

Summary: Set in modern day Earth, a classic school nerd in high school that still likes Digimon is made fun of almost every day for it. However, as he soon learns, Digimon is not just a show, its real. Based on the show Digimon Tamers, this takes place several years later in America with new characters and some newly created Digimon.

Author's Note: Most of the Digimon in this story are real. If you wish to see what they look like, just look them up. If I do by chance create a Digimon just for my story, I will say so at the beginning of the champter. Some of the Digimon I have in my story use different names than they have in most media (ex. Crysalimon ' Kurisarimon, Kerpymon ' Cherubimon). And FYI, James' Digimon is a Keramon without the virus, that is why it is a different color.

Warning: This story is not intended for small children. This is supposed to be a Digimon series for teens, so it may have content that is more mature than in the actual shows (ex. Blood, violence, possible language, possible mild sexual content like kissing or touching, etc.)

Please enjoy the story, and I beg you, comment please. Your comments may alter the outcome of the story. :)


Chapter One: The Tamers

Thunderclouds covered the sky, spitting lightning every couple of minutes and pouring out rain. A light breeze blew, sending the rain in a diagonal direction. Down below on a sidewalk beside a road, was a boy wearing a dark blue backpack and a black jacket with the hood up, the only protection from the rain he had.

The boy was James Tanner. Age 16. James was a slender boy with messy dark brown hair sticking out everywhere and very dark brown eyes. On the edge of his nose is a pair of glasses. As he did every day, James was wearing a black t-shirt a pair of khaki cargo pants, and a pair of grey shoes with black markings.

James looked at the watch on his left wrist. The time read four o'clock. He sighed once, and then continued walking. A car sped by, splashing water on his pants. He sighed again and continued walking.

Several moments passed, until James reached a small one-storey house. The house was an off tan color with a dark brown roof. In the front of the house were a couple trees, a driveway with a black truck sitting in it, and a small fishpond surrounded by large rocks beside the front door. James pulled a key out of his pocket and opened the door. He walked in, noticing all the lights were off. "I take it they're at the library without me again." He turned on the lights and walked into his room. Once there, he threw his backpack on his bed and peeled off his jacket. He then fell back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, listening to the rain hit his window outside. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then frowned. He then sat up and punched his wall. The wall shook books from surrounding shelves, and then stopped. James began to breathe in and out in an angered manner. "I hate my life!" He yelled.


James was walking through a hallway at school holding his books, when a kid tripped him. He dropped all his books, one of his notebooks flying open as he did. He gets up and looked beside him. Standing there were three boys. One of them was his brother.

Nathan Tanner, age 15, was taller than James was even though he was younger. Nathan, or Nate as many called him, had dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Every day he wore a black t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of black shoes, and a silver necklace.

Nate smiled evilly as he looked down at James. The other two kids laughed. None of the kids walking down the hallway seemed to care. Nate noticed that on the page of the notebook was a drawing of an Agumon. The three laughed together. "What's that," Said Nate. "a Digimon? That show is for five year olds." He then continued laughing. They then walked away. James just picked the books up. A girl wearing Goth styled clothing and purple streaked hair walked up to him with a sympathetic expression.

"Are you ok?" She said. James avoided her gaze.

"Yeah." He said quietly, and then he walked away, leaving her with the same sympathetic look.

…..*Flashback End*…..

James lay on his bed. His eyes closed, his breathing now calm. The rain outside calmed him down. He took a deep breath, and then let it out. "Someday my luck will change...someday I won't be picked on for being different...one day...one day I will get what I deserve..." He then rolled over and faced the wall. "One day I won't be alone." He whispered.

In another part of town, a girl was sitting outside under an umbrella at a café. She was in a busy section of town, the rain still falling heavily with the slight breeze. Instead of sitting inside the building however, she decided to sit outside, sipping a cup of coffee, despite being only 15.

The girl was Alexis Stokes. Age 15. Alexis was a very thin girl with pale skin, long dyed black hair with purple streaks (a natural blonde in reality), and deep blue eyes. She always wore dark lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, and black fingernail polish. She also wore two diamond studs in each ear, a black tank top tucked into her blue jeans, a black belt with a cardholder on it, and a pair of black fashionable boots with purple fur around the tops.

Alexis quickly sucked down the last of her coffee and stood up. She then continued to walk down the street. As she walked down the street, some random person that was leaning on a wall began to follow her, smiling softly. Alexis then turned and walked down a dark alley, the man followed. Alexis then stopped when she got to a fence at the back of the alleyway. The man cracked his knuckles. "So," He said. "You gonna make this easy or..." She then turned around and roundhouse kicked him upside the head. He was tossed aside and slammed into a wall. He spit out some blood and grit his teeth. "How dare you!" He yelled. He then pulled out a knife. She just remained emotionless in her expression, except for the fact her eyes were slanted in anger. He came at her, but she just got out of the way and kicked him from behind into the fence. She then kicked the knife out of his hand. She grabbed it and pointed it at him.

"Now," She said calmly. "I'm going to leave, and you're not going to follow me. Got it?" The man nodded. "Good. Now, if you listen, I won't make anyone come after you." She then tossed the knife over the fence, and walked away. The man just fell to his knees.

Once out of the alleyway, a shadowy being with yellow eyes floated out of her shadow. It appeared as if the being was only visible to Alexis. It leaned forward into her ear and spoke in a feminine voice. "That was very risky of you." Alexis seemed to pay no attention to the figure, but whispered quietly to it.

"I can fend for myself."

"You should have asked me to do it."

"You didn't need to. I'm fine. Now please, not in public." The shadow grunted in disapproval. It then turned around.

"Someone's coming." From behind them, a boy with spiky hair ran up smiling, holding an umbrella.

The boy was Allen Ruse. Age 16. Allen was a tall boy with maroon hair and brown eyes. He always wore a dark brown jacket, brown pants with his shirt tucked in, and a pair of hiking boots. He too wore a belt with a cardholder on the side.

The boy smiled as he almost tripped trying to get beside her. The yellow-eyed shadow rolled its eyes. "Oh, it's only him." It said, and then it sank back into Alexis' shadow. The boy stood up and walked steadily beside her, looking down at her.

"Hey Alexis." He said. "You don't have an umbrella."

"I like the rain."She said quietly. She didn't seem even remotely as happy as he did.


"What do you want?"

"Nothing. Just saw you and wanted to say hi." She shrugged.


"So, what's up?"

"Nothing much."

"That's good. So..." All of a sudden, the shadow shot out once more, only this time two long ears were sticking straight on end on its head.

"Stop!" She said. The two stopped. This time she was allowing Allen to hear her. "I sense something."

"What is it?" Said Alexis.


James lay on his bed, now sleeping despite the time. The rain outside still hitting the window. Thunder sounding in the distance every couple of moments. All was calm, until a very loud boom of thunder struck, and the power went out. James jerked awake. All the lights were off once more. James sighed and walked over to his window. He opened the curtain, and saw the rain falling, as well as a thick layer of fog covering the ground. He looked at it in confusion. "That's odd." He said to himself. He watched as the fog began to get bigger and bigger, until finally his entire front yard was covered in so much fog it covered the house. All he could see outside was the lightning in the distance. James shook his head and lay back down on his bed, facing the wall.

There he lay for a couple of moments, but then his computer screen lit up. On the screen was a black background and a lot of green binary code. The numbers moved across the screen, until two large red eyes showed up on the black background behind the code. Then beneath the eyes, a large grin appeared. All of a sudden, a long hand shot out of the computer made of the code. It then grabbed the desk below it, and began to solidify into a long, alien-like, purple hand. About three seconds later, another hand came out and did the same thing, only this time it knocked a speaker off the desk. The smile became a frown as James quickly turned around. James backed up to the wall instantly as he saw what was going on. As the creature saw James' fear, it smiled once more. From the computer, an eerie giggle came out.

"What the heck!" Yelled James. The thing just laughed again.

"Come closer..." Said the thing in the computer. James shook his head. It cackled again. "Fine, I'll come to you." Then out of the computer, a huge bundle of purple tentacles shot out and wrapped around a chair. Then, the tentacles tightened and the rest of the creature came out. Once fully revealed, James gasped.

The creature stood nearly as tall as he did. Its skin was an odd shade of purple. It almost looked like a mutant jellyfish with a beach ball head. Its face consisted of huge red eyes and a wide grin. The creature looked at James evilly with its evil eyes. "Get away!" Yelled James. The thing shook its head.

"No...I don't think I will." It then lunged at James, but he rolled out of the way so it slammed up against the wall. James jumped off the bed, and ran towards the door. The thing turned around, a large bruise on its head and a frown on its face. "Not so fast." It then leaped at towards the door, blocking James from leaving. "You brat!" It then backhanded James, sending him to the floor. James looked up at the creature, his nose bleeding. The thing then grinned again, cackling softly. "Farewell human." It reached out its arms towards James, and James covered his face with his eyes closed, and suddenly a bolt of lightning flew through the window and struck the creature. James couldn't see it because his eyes were closed, but he could hear the creature screaming in horrid pain. The creature squirmed as the lightning passed through its body. James heard nothing but screams for a moment, then he heard a loud pop, and all went silent. He kept his eyes closed a moment, but then he opened them to see what was going on. In front of him was not the creature, but a melon sized, copper colored egg with large green spots. The large egg had a small stream of steam coming off it. Around the egg, the green carpet was blackened. James looked at it in confusion.

"What the heck?" He said. He sat up and leaned over. He poked it, and it felt cool. He picked it up, and set it in his lap. Once he did that, something began to shine in his pocket. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a flash drive. The flash drive was glowing bright, and then it began to morph into a larger rounded white object with a screen, copper colored trim, and several green buttons. "What is this?" He then looked back at the egg. "What's going on."