Chapter Eighteen: Dark Secrets

Alexis, Turuiemon, Tobias, and Flamemon all followed Baihumon quietly as he led them through the Dark Sector. By this time, they had explained to them why exactly they were in the digital world and that their friends were searching another part of it.

Every once in a while, someone would notice something looking at them from a shadow, or fly overhead, but as soon as they noticed Baihumon they would flee. Though Tobias was only beginning to realize what Baihumon's role was in the digital world, he could already tell he wasn't a Digimon to be messed with.

"You tamers," Said Baihumon suddenly. "Though you are similar to the tamers that arrived several years ago, your digivices have changed." Alexis and Tobias both looked at their digivices. "But it is to be expected. With each generation of digidestined, a new digivice style is given. You should have seen the digivice made just before the creation of the card slide. We called it the D-Egg, simply because it looked like an egg with a screen. We didn't care much for it, and only a few tamers received it." Baihumon then seemed to remember something, but failed to mention it. Tobias looked at Baihumon curiously.

"Wait, do you make the digivices."

"Yes, and no. It is our job though to choose the tamers on Earth. Though we don't hand pick the tamers, we release both their digivice and their specially picked Digimon to Earth, and from there whatever human needs them most will be partnered with them." Tobias nodded, and then Turuiemon spoke.

"You mean I was already destined to become a tamer's Digimon?" Baihumon nodded.

"When you were but an egg, you were chosen to someday become the Digimon of a tamer. However, when it came to a human that could match you, none seemed able, until Alexis. That is why you were able to age to the champion level on your own before being sent to your tamer." Turuiemon nodded.

"So," Alexis started. "what you're saying is that every once in a while you just randomly send chosen Digimon to the human world? Why?" Baihumon seemed to frown slightly, as if he were sad about what he would say.

"When a Digimon is sent to a human, though it is a glorious thing, it does not mean anything good. In the past, several Digimon have been sent to humans simply because they truly desired to, however, that has stopped since…" He seemed as if he wanted to say something again, but didn't. "Digimon and their tamers now are only chosen during a time of danger in both the digital world and the human world. Not only does giving a tamer a Digimon add defense for their world and ours as well, but it also means that if something were to happen to the digital world, at least a small group of Digimon would survive." The tamers and their Digimon frowned sadly. "You tamers have only been chosen due to Lucemon. If he had never turned evil, you would not be tamers, and your Digimon would be living in the wild."

"Wait," Said Alexis. "What do you mean Lucemon turned evil?" Baihumon looked away, continuing to walk.

"That is a story for later." Alexis didn't seem happy with the answer.

"If it could help us defeat him, I would like to know. Was he good once?" Baihumon didn't respond. "Did something happen to him?" Still quiet. "Perhaps someone hurt him?" Baihumon's eye began to twitch. "Did someone make him this way?" Baihumon instantly turned to Alexis with his massive teeth bared at her.

"I made him this way!" He roared in anger. "Are you happy! I am the reason he started down the dark path, simply because I cared more for his happiness than his well being." They all looked surprised and Alexis gulped. Baihumon growled deep in his throat as he glared at all of them. Alexis figured he would turn and keep walking, but instead he continued. "Many years ago, long before the time when the digital world's time and earth's time became synchronized, Lucemon was a rookie Digimon with a heart of gold and courage to match it. By his side, was me." He seemed to calm down a little as he continued, but he was still very upset. "When the digital world was created, four Sovereign Digimon were formed as well to keep order over the lands, Ebonwumon of the north, Zhuquiaomon of the south, Azulongmon of the east, and then me. However, as more and more Digimon were created, order became harder to keep, so three great angel Digimon were created as well to keep the law, Seraphimon, Cherubimon, and Ophanimon.

"For a time, these three angels remained joined and kept order; however, they foresaw that one day something would cause the digital world to fall into chaos and something would have to be done to stop it. To reassure this would never happen, we created something, an ultimate weapon. We called it the Divine Comedy, a power that upon activation could destroy any one thing in the digital world at the cost of the user's own life, no matter what. Fearing that someone or something would attempt to steal this power, we placed it inside a Digimon, as we had done to the essence of digivolution some time before in the Digimon Calumon." The tamers didn't know what that was, but they weren't concerned at the moment. "We realized that this Digimon's only goal in life would be to sacrifice itself, and we felt sorry for it, so as if to say we were sorry, we gave it the form of a powerful angel Digimon that if allowed to reach mega, could dominate not only the three great angels, but possibly a Sovereign as well. This Digimon was Lucemon." The tamers and their Digimon looked at him in amazement.

"Originally," Baihumon continued. "we had planned on letting it live in the wild, so it would seem even less likely that it was this great power. However, I decided that perhaps if we treated him with the utmost care and raised him knowing he was this power, he would one day die happy if his power was ever needed. The others were skeptical, but regardless, I took him in as my own. I rose from an egg all the way to his rookie level, teaching him everything from law, to his duties as an angel Digimon, and when the time came, even the power inside him. Lucemon to me was like a son I could never have, and he treated me like his father." Baihumon now seemed very sad. "Then, one day, sometime after I had taught him about humans and their role, he spoke with me."


In a massive castle in a beautiful area of the digital world, a young Lucemon stood on a balcony connected to his bedroom. The room seemed very elegant, with white stone walls and blue furniture. The oddest thing was that it seemed to be the room of a child, filled with stuffed animals and book shelves with stories.

As Lucemon looked at the beautiful scenery before him, Baihumon walked in the massive door to his room. "Lucemon." He said loudly, Lucemon turning to him with a wide smile.

"Yes lord Baihumon?" The tiger smiled softly.

"It is time for your studies; we have much to learn today." Lucemon sighed and jumped onto the bed inside his room, snuggling up to a large stuffed dragon.

"Oh, do we have to. Can we not simply stay here and play?" Baihumon laughed and walked over to him.

"Not today." Lucemon just smiled and hugged the mane of the large cat.

"Alright." Upon letting go, he looked as if he had a question to ask.

"Do you wish to say something Lucemon?"

"Well, um, I have been thinking about what we learned about the humans."


"I was wondering, if I could ever meet one, they seem very interesting." Baihumon thought a moment.

"Only Digimon destined for tamers get to meet humans. And though it is a great honor, it is a great responsibility." Lucemon smiled widely again.

"Then I wish to have a tamer too!" Baihumon frowned slightly.

"No, you are meant to be a great angel, not a Digimon with a tamer." Lucemon frowned.

"But did you not teach me that an angel's duty is not only to the digital world, but also to the human's who made it." Baihumon looked away. "Never before has a great angel Digimon been given the honor of being with a tamer, in fact, I don't think they have ever even left the digital world. Perhaps, while the other three remain here, I could watch the humans in secret." Baihumon didn't seem happy about the conversation, but understood the context clearly. "Please, never before have I wanted anything as much as this. The humans, they are so alien to me yet I feel, perhaps I have more in common with them than I do with Digimon." Baihumon knew this all too well. Lucemon had never been content with learning the ways of the digital world, nor has he liked the evil within it. The only Digimon Lucemon ever seemed to respect was Baihumon, and a young Angewomon he shared a class with. Even his personality was more human than Digimon. Baihumon looked at Lucemon with a very serious face.

"Are you sure this is what you truly want?" Lucemon nodded with a smile. Baihumon sighed, but then smiled. "Then if you promise to finish all of your studies and visit me from time to time, I will allow you the right to have a tamer." Lucemon laughed and hugged Baihumon once more.

"Oh thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me. I love you Baihumon." Baihumon smiled warmly and rubbed his head on Lucemon's side.

"And I love you Lucemon."

…..*Flashback End*…

The group seemed slightly saddened by the story, as did Baihumon. "He sounded so…sweet." Said Alexis softly. Baihumon nodded.

"And he was. If I had not allowed him the right to a tamer, he would never have become evil." Flamemon spoke up.

"So what happened next?" Baihumon continued.

"Lucemon finished his studies as he promised, and afterwards, we began a search for a human he could be with. Eventually, we found a boy by the name of Adam Ruse." Alexis looked shocked by the name.

"What did you say?" They all looked at her slightly confused, except Turuiemon.

"The boy was named Adam Ruse." Alexis felt slightly sick to her stomach.

"That's the name of Allen's father." Baihumon raised an eyebrow.

"Very interesting…very interesting indeed." He looked around at them, and figured he should probably continue. "We had picked Adam because unlike everyone else, he had much in common with Lucemon. He was kind, gentle, and caring to everyone. So, when I felt the time was right, I gave him a digivice and sent him to Adam. Though Adam was a little scared at first, the two became friends almost immediately." He then frowned a little. "Now, what I am about to tell you I do not know for certain for I was not there to witness them, but this is what Lucemon had told me upon returning to the digital world.

"Upon staying on Earth for some time, he had gained the ability to magically hide his wings, and began to dress like a human to blend in, however his tattoos he could not hide. He ended up disguising himself as a friend of Adam's named Luke. This became an everyday thing for them, even when they became adults. By the time Adam had grown up, Lucemon was a champion level Digimon, also appearing adult. From what I was told, things remained great for them, until Adam fell in love with a girl named Evelyn." Alexis knew that this was Allen's mom. "Lucemon described her as beautiful and kind, and that she cared deeply for Adam. Luke was happy for Adam to have finally fallen in love, and asked for him to explain what he was to her. However, Adam wanted to wait to explain Digimon to Evelyn, something he probably shouldn't have done.

"After a couple years, Adam and Evelyn became engaged, as well as future parents." Alexis seemed confused. From what she had heard, Allen's parents had been married for some time before having him. "Evelyn had become pregnant, and Lucemon was just as thrilled as they were. He felt it was now his duty to not only protect Adam, but Evelyn and their unborn child as well.

"Halfway during her pregnancy, something happened I am still not perfectly clear on, for Lucemon had been nearly hysterical when describing it, but this is what I know. One night after the three had gone out as a group, they were approached by a group of thieves. They demanded for them to hand over anything of value, and as Adam and Evelyn began to comply, Lucemon fought back. He managed to take down all of them in but an instant with his super-human strength and speed, except one. The one left standing quickly kicked Evelyn in the stomach to knock her over and stole her purse, running off down the street." Alexis felt sick to her stomach, the others feeling very close as well. "Lucemon managed to catch the thief and alert the authorities, but the damage was done. The villain not only terrified them, but had killed the unborn child." Alexis looked away from the giant tiger as her eyes began to fog up with tears. Not only had she not known about this, but she was doubting Allen had either.

"Those bastards." She uttered under her breath. Baihumon noticed her comment, and continued talking.

"After the event, Adam and Evelyn's relationship became strained, and they called off the wedding for a time. The relationship between Adam and Lucemon was even worse. The two were quiet for several weeks, Adam feeling dead inside, and Lucemon feeling fully at blame. Growing tired of the silence, Lucemon finally confronted his tamer, wanting to do anything to make up for what he had done. What he got instead was far worse than he could have imagined."


Lucemon (dressed like a regular human at the time, only with purple symbols on his body) approached Adam quietly as he sat in a chair in his living room. The room was dark, only lit by a single lamp by the chair. From how it looked, Adam didn't even seem to want to change how things were playing out.

Finally after Lucemon approached Adam, he fell to his knees. "What must I do?" He said quietly, Adam only looking at him from the corner of his eye. "I grow sick of all the silence. You are my tamer and I am your Digimon, we are not meant to be like this. Nor should you treat Evelyn like this, she is in so much pain and you simply sit in the dark hating yourself." Adam seemed to chuckle softly in his throat, his frown still deep. Lucemon frowned, slightly perturbed. "What was that?"

"You think I sit here hating myself?" Lucemon didn't know how to respond. "Perhaps you should be sitting their hating yourself." Lucemon scowled at Adam.

"What are you saying Adam?" He said with anger in his voice. Adam stood from his chair and looked down at Lucemon.

"I did nothing to cause this, but you did. I did as those thugs said, knowing I could have easily reported them to the police soon after. They weren't even wearing masks. But you, you decided to provoke them. Why the hell did you do that!" Lucemon stood tall as well.

"Shut up Adam, listen to yourself."

"Fuck you!" Lucemon looked surprised at the language. Adam the put his finger on Lucemon's chest. "If it wasn't for you, I would be a father and married to the most beautiful woman in the world, but no, you screwed it all up." Lucemon grabbed Adam's hand, when Adam punched Lucemon square in the jaw, sending him backward onto the floor. Lucemon sat up and spit out some blood. Lucemon didn't realize how human his disguise made his defenses until now. Lucemon was about to get up, when Adam walked up to him and stared him down. "Get the hell out of my house."

"Fine. Perhaps Evelyn will let me stay with her for a while." Adam frowned.

"No, I mean out." Lucemon was confused, until Adam pulled out his golden D-Egg digivice and threw it to the floor. Lucemon's eyes began to fog up. "I can't even stand to look at you knowing what you've done. Perhaps if once you actually were a human, you would be better off." Lucemon stood up with a scowl, tears beginning to spill over.

"You can't just send me away. It doesn't work like that." Adam then grabbed Lucemon's shirt collar and pulled him up to his face.

"Then I suggest you make it work like that." He then shoved him back as he stepped backward a few steps. "Get out of here. I'm done with you." Lucemon stood there motionless, noticing Adam's eyes begin to tear up as well. "Didn't you hear me, GET OUT!" With that, Lucemon yelled and unfurled his large wings, ripping his shirt in the process, and in an instant, he was gone.

…..*Flashback End*….

The tamers looked at Baihumon sadly as he began to continue. "After their encounter, Lucemon appeared back to me sobbing, only now he was a rookie again. I was horribly confused, and after some work convinced him to tell me a similar story that I have told you so far. I concluded that because of his split from Adam, he had involuntarily reverted back to his rookie state. I tried to tell him that he was free to return back to us, but he wouldn't listen. Instead something else began to happen, he began to change. He began speaking of power and righteousness. He began telling me that if he made himself more powerful, he could rid our worlds of evil. I told him this wasn't the answer, but he wouldn't listen. Trying to calm him, I took him to his old room and waited for him to fall asleep.

"After he finally fell asleep, I watched him for a time until I too drifted away. However, when I woke up, he was gone with only a simple note in his place. All it said was "One day, I will make all wrongs right. I just need more power." And that was it. That was the last time I saw Lucemon again. Even during the chaos he has spread across the land, I have yet to actually see him." The tamers and their Digimon looked at Baihumon with new thoughts on Lucemon. Flamemon cleared his throat, and spoke up softly.

"If Lucemon wanted to get rid of evil in our worlds, why did he turn evil?" Baihumon looked over at him and shook his head.

"In his mind, he isn't evil. From what he sees and knows, he truly thinks he is doing our worlds a favor. From what I have observed, Lucemon believes that if he controls the digital world as a ruler, he can eliminate all the evil in it. However, the way in which he has gone about doing it is far from just." He looked away, the group noticing a tear rolling down his cheek. "Perhaps one day, Lucemon will realize the evil he has spread for what it is. Perhaps all he needs is someone to show him what purity truly is. Perhaps what Lucemon really needs…is something to truly care for that is truly his."

Lucemon's lair

Lucemon sat on his bed looking at a picture in his hand. On it was a group photo of him, Adam, and Evelyn while she was several months pregnant. Suddenly, Ophanimon (disguised as Lilithmon) opened the door quietly and walked in with a smile. "My love." She said softly as she undid her long hair, turning back into an Ophanimon. Lucemon watched as she walked gracefully over to him and sat next to him. The two kissed softly, and then Ophanimon took Lucemon's hands. "It has been some times since we began work on our little project hasn't it?" Lucemon knew quite well what she meant, and nodded.

"Yes my sweet, and our scientists are still working quite hard." Ophanimon nodded, blushing slightly. Lucemon noticed this and looked at her slightly confused.

"Yes, they were working hard weren't they?" Lucemon raised an eyebrow.

"Were?" Slowly, Ophanimon raised Lucemon's hands and placed them on her belly, smiling softly and blushing a deep red. Lucemon then gulped as he too began to blush, his face with a look of total surprise.

"They finished late last night, and earlier today, I had them work on me." Lucemon nodded slowly. "Just moments ago, they found out that it was…successful." Lucemon still seemed in total shock. "I'm going to have a baby." Lucemon's mouth opened to say something, but he couldn't form words. After a moment of trying, he simply smiled and began to laugh. He then pulled his wife into a tight embrace and began kissing her neck.

"I love you so much Ophanimon." She smiled softly, feeling more loved now than she ever had by him before, the blush still very strong on her face.

"And I love you Lucemon."