And This…Was Luck

AN: This one's dedicated to imaginex3. I hope this does you justice girl; I'm just trying to write what you were wanting!...Well, as Pamela Mirand says on Amry Wives, "Have at it."

Abbey was graduating high school the next day. She was on a date with what's his name…vanilla? Mint chocolate chip? Whatever his name may be, he was still a flavor of the month. It was nothing against him, they'd only met him once…Abbey didn't like bringing boys home with her because, apparently, they were too distracting. They never understood why they were distracting; it's not like they stood up and did a show for each guy that walked through the threshold, they simply introduced themselves, got an introduction of their own, and after a couple awkward moments they'd go back to the kitchen or living room or bedroom…really just wherever they were before he arrived.

As of late…with this guy, Abbey was out the door before he had a chance to ring the doorbell. So there they were, Allison and Remy, House's favorite couple—"it wasn't because they were two woman. No…it was because they were two really hot women and they could play doctor and actually know what they were talking about while getting ready to pork into the early hours of the morning"—sitting on their couch, watching one of their favorite love stories ever: The Notebook. Ally had just fainted after seeing Noah's picture in the paper…seeing their house in the paper. It had a porch that wrapped all the way around the house and blue shudders.

"I'll bet that she's thinking that Noah put in a room over lookin' the river so she could paint." Allison spoke softly, still able to mimic the way Rachel McAdams said the line as Noah gave her that first tour, then she nestled closer to Remy.

Remy barely turned her head, so that hers and Allison's were touching, as she whispered back, "I'll bet you're right. And I'll bet that the whole selling of the house thing was Noah's last plea for her to come back to him."

Cameron angled her head so that she could kiss the corner of her lover's lips, "Well of course it was. He wanted her to see it and he knew how she'd react…he knew he'd get her."

"I don't think he knew that for sure…" Remy tried to kiss her back, "I mean..think to the end Babe." She gave her maybe a second to remember the part she was referring before deciding to quote it, "SO it's not gonna be easy, it's gonna be really hard. And we're gonna have to work at this every day, but I wanna do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me everyday…Will you do something for me?...Please? Will you just picture your life thirty years from now, forty years from now, what do you see? If it's with that guy then GO! I lost you once, I think I can do it again! What do you want?" While she was reciting the end of the movie, they had become completely horizontal on their couch.

"You." Allison grabbed her face and pulled it towards her, causing their lips to crash together.

Abbey and her boo of the past month or so had made their way to the front porch steps, "Well Dustin, tonight was really nice. Thanks for everything…graduation will be so much better not hung over."

"Yeah, I know how you feel. I wasn't really seeing the excitement and thrill of seeing who was going to throw up first either…I mean, shouldn't that be tomorrow night anyways?"

She laughed at his sarcasm like she'd been playing the game for years, "Well, I'd ask you in, but I don't live alone and I'm sure my parents are doing something embarrassing." She said as she leaned against the door, keys still in her hand, staring up at him.

"I definitely know how you feel there." He put his hand on the door beside her head, "You think I might be able to see you tomorrow after graduation?"

"I don't know." She pointed to the door, "They're really excited because I'm their one and only, and they have this graduation palooza planned…" she saw his reaction, "believe me, if you knew my parents, you wouldn't be surprised. But, if you're not too busy, you should come over. There's going to be moon bounce, which I know is for kids, but they're just big kids themselves…them and all their coworkers are actually. But, Kristin and Hannah are coming…and a few others that have yet to meet House decided to come too. It'll be really fun…we're going back to the past with this one, we have an old school slip n slide too." She tried to provoke him.

"Well…" Dustin grinned that really cute, just moved from California and am still tan grin, "How could I say no to a moon bounce and a slip n slide?" He was leaning in to kiss her when a noise, it was a yelp followed by a laugh, startled him. "What was that?"

'Hey, get that hot ass back here!' was heard from inside the house. Abbey rolle her eyes and hit her head embarrassed. "That…would be my parents." She said staring at the corner of the door she could see from her position.

He laughed lightly, "Well…they sound like they love each other?" he didn't know whether it was a question or a statement.

Remy trailed a path down Allison's neck. She lifted her lover's shirt to expose that gorgeous stomach of hers. An idea—whether it be funny, stupid, or bad timing she didn't know—came to mind, and she looked up at her unsuspecting victim to find her eyes closed. She pulled her head away from her target before plunging in, and laying a huge, fat, super-size raspberry right on her love's belly.

This, of course, made the unwary Allison Cameron scream and jump from her lover's grasp before running a few feet and laughing.

"Hey, get that hot ass back here!" Remy yelled as she reached out for her. Cameron looked at Remy with caution and raised a brow. "I won't do anything, I promise…just kisses." She sat up on the couch and gave her a puppy dog face.

"Okay, fine." Allison said, walking over to her, "You win…but only because you're pretty, and the best I've ever had." She said as she sat astride Remy and began to coat her lover with kisses.

"Yeah, they're a regular Ally and Noah…nevermind…" She trailed off realizing that that movie was a chick flick and he probably didn't get the reference.

He picked up on it, "I've had other girlfriends; I've seen The Notebook before…"

"No! You?" She began her sarcasm, "You've had other girlfriends? You, the guy that moved here two months ago from California, and has yet to have a free day of a girl fawning all over him and giving him her number since, have had girlfriends before? Well fly you back to the OC baby, that's just too damn good!" She finished with a laugh.

"Girls don't fawn over me, nor do I collect numbers like they're going out of style." He replied.

"Hmm, that's funny, cause every time I find you in the hall, some tramp's trying to get you to ask her out…"

"What's this I hear? Jealousy?" He had a huge grin on his face. She was about to retort, but he didn't give her time, "It's okay Baby…I've been here for two months now and I've spent one convincing you to go out with me…" He grinned his cute California boy grin, "I've only got eyes for you."

"That better be true of all your anatomy." She said in a low tone that told him she wasn't fucking around.

"It is." He said in a tone matching hers. Then he leaned in and kissed her. "It's true, I promise."

She looked him in the eyes for a moment before answering. She thought about what she went through with her last two boyfriends…she hadn't had anyone serious in about a year, despite the fact that her moms still thought that she went out with a different guy every month…they were usually just friends. She bit her bottom lip and held onto his jacket, "Good. You are aware that now that you've promised, that if for some reason I catch you cheating, I'm going to go Lorena Bobbitt on your ass..or, you know…" she looked at his fly for a moment before looking at his face again.

He looked at her, "Who the hell's Lorena Bobbitt?"

"She became famous in the mid-90s…cut her husband's dick off while he was sleeping and drove off with it before she threw it in a ditch." She replied with a smirk.

This explanation made him gulp, "All my anatomy is yours Abbey."

She grinned at she pulled him to her and hugged him, "Good. I'll see you tomorrow?" He nodded, "after graduation?"

"Of course." He leaned in and kissed her once more before backing off and walking down the porch steps, keeping his eyes on her.

"See you tomorrow." She grinned as she opened her door and walked inside. After she locked it, she turned to the living room to find her moms, one of which half naked, on the couch. "Oh, GROSS!" This made them pull apart, and made Cameron dive for a blanket. "And you ask me why I don't bring boys home? Really? You think after seeing you two, they're ever gonna see me? They're straight, hormonal, teenage boys…lesbians are their 'happy dream.' I mean my god!" Abbey scolded her moms. "I'm too scared to tell Dustin about you two, let alone let you meet him, but since I invited him to tomorrow, I guess it's gonna happen either way…"

A look crossed her face before she walked towards them with an index finger pointed at them in a reprimanding manner, "You two are to behave yourselves tomorrow. Don't scare him away by sending any of the guys to him…especially House! And you two are not to grill him about where he's from what he wants to do, and all that shit. You can ask him a couple questions, but if he starts to look nervous, I swear to God that we don't believe in!" She folded her arms and had a furrowed, angry brow.

Allison and Remy looked at each other solemnly, before giving their daughter their best puppy face, "Yes ma'am." They said together.

"We'll behave." Allison said.

"We promise." Remy followed up.

"Good." She turned around and headed for the stairs to go to her room, "And even though I'm early, it's past your bed time. You need to go to sleep or else you'll be grumpy tomorrow…" She turned to look at them again, pointedly at the brunette, "Remy." She turned around and grinned as she made her way up the rest of the stairs.

The next morning Abbey woke up to a pounce on her bed, "Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!" Remy was jumping up and down on her daughter's mattress.

"Mom! Will you control your number!" Abbey said after she saw Allison in the doorway while trying to figure out what was going on; then she cringed when she felt Remy lose her footing slightly, but continued to jump.

"Sorry Baby girl, no controlling that number, she's on a whole other playing field." Allison said as she sat on her daughter's desk chair.

"Come on! It's Abbey-palooza day! You should be happy! The entire day is about you and it's not your birthday or Christmas! It's a freebie for making it through high school!" She finally stopped jumping and running up and down her informal daughter's bed and plopped down at the foot of it. She wiped her now tangled hair from her face and continued her spiel, "You can only be so lucky, Abbey Baby…I mean, there is nor has there ever been a Remy-palooza day! Abs! you have a palooza." Abbey stared blankly at her, "A PALOOZA!" She looked over to her lover who was laughing at her, "Why isn't she more excited?" She asked while getting off and going over to the blonde.

"Maybe because you jumped on her in order to wake her up?" Abbey suggested cheekily.

"Hey!" Remy started, but caught herself, "I can't be sarcastic with you today because it's Abbey-palooza, so hurry and get ready. There's really eggs and bacon downstairs for you before we leave for Graduation!" Her eyes lit up as she walked the few feet back over to Abbey and kissed her forehead, "I love you, kid."

"I love you too, Rem." She hugged her before Remy and Allison made their way out.

Graduation was interesting to say the least. They were told that they weren't allowed to wear any sort of obnoxious jewelry and the guys all had to wear slacks, and the girls were encouraged to wear dresses instead of slacks because "This is a formal gathering!" They were reminded of that repeatedly.

Abbey wore a strapless party dress that was white with black polka dots around the chesticle area and had this modern type bow thing going on in the front, with a dark blue-green ribbon hugging the dress to her body right under the polka dots, and as for the rest of the dress, it was a silky black form fitting number that cut off on her thighs. Very classy looking..and the best part was: it had pockets! She had her hair straight and wore flats because…who was she kidding?...she did not want to walk around an entire arena and fall on her face because she decided to cute and painful instead of cute and practical…

As she walked the arena with the rest of the graduating class, and the band geeks played The Procession and Pomp and Circumstance to the point of wanting do die, she saw her Moms…and Cuddy, Wilson, Foreman, Taub, and even Chase and his new boo. But, what made her out right laugh was House. He had a foam finger with her name on it and what looked like an arsenal of noisemakers ready for when her name was called. The person she was walking next to just stared at her. "Sorry, that's my family." She turned around to Dustin…it was so nice that their last names were so close together—Cameron, Campbell…they had someone to talk to during the long ass ceremony, "That's my family." She grinned at him.

"Good to know." He grinned back at her, then looked over to see the family he had yet to meet. From the picture presented, he assumed House was her father—her very outgoing and entertaining father. He could tell Cameron was her mother, even though Remy looked a lot like her in some way too, so she had to be a cousin or an aunt or something. He'd asked Abbey about her family before but she's always dissuaded the subject and moved to something else…but she'd invited him over tonight which he was rather dumbfounded with, but completely excited about. He found himself falling for Abbey…which had never happened before. He wanted to be with her and know her family and for her to know him. He shook himself from his thoughts as they sat down and settled in their chairs.

"Ready for 95 hours that we'll never get back?" Abbey asked as she leaned into him after he put his arm behind her chair.

"Oh…it's only 95 hours? That's good. I had cleared my schedule for 100…" He whispered in her ear because the first speech was being given. She looked up at him and grinned.

They finally got to the walking part of the four hour ceremony, and then they finally got to the C's. "…Abigail Rae Cameron." House popped three poppers at once, and Remy snatched the air horn from his arm and started sounding it off. Everyone else was laughing and clapping. Abbey looked up at Remy and Cameron and winked at them.

They watched her make the round and go back to her seat before they all stood back up and left. The plan was to go for most of it, then leave after her name was called and get everything ready. They needed to be there when the moon bounce guys got there, so they definitely could not stay for the whole ceremony. Everyone else followed because…well, who would voluntarily stay unless plans were made for right after the ceremony?

All the doctors had changed and made their way to the backyard by the time Abbey and the rest of the graduates and friends made their way back to the house. All of the young ones wanted to change for the slip n slide and moon bounce, but soon everyone was ready for the greatest sober party ever.

Remy and Allison were convinced by House to supply water guns along with the slip n slide; they seemed to be a hit. Everyone was letting their inner childe loose…even Cuddy, but Rachel was probably helping with that too.

Abbey grabbed Dustin's arm and brought him to the kitchen before they went outside for all the fun. "I have to tell you something before we go out there…" She had a hint of nervousness in her eye.

He looked at her confused and a little intimidated, "Okay…what?"

"Okay…so my parents aren't your normal, cookie cutter parents. They're actually about as off axis as you can get…"

He smiled, "Abbey, it's okay. I mean, I saw your dad this afternoon, he looked pretty cool—"

"Wait, what? My dad?" She took a step from him and stared at him.

"Well, yeah?...The, uh..tall guy with the foam finger?" He looked even more puzzled.

She let out a laugh, "No…that was House. I don't have a dad…well, I mean, I did, but he died when I was like one, but that's not the point. The point is that my parents…my parents…well.." She glanced out the window to see Remy and her mom walking away from the crowd hand in hand, "Well, my parents are right there." She pointed out the window to show Dustin how off kilter her family was.

"Daaaaammmmn" Dustin said, staring at her moms with a bit of a smirk as they kissed. Abbey contorted her face and hit him on the arm, hard, "Ow, oh shit!" He looked at her, then glanced back before giving Abbey his attention, "I'm sorry Baby, but damn! You have two moms!" He had a grin on his face.

Abbey looked down and rubbed her forehead before looking back up at him, "Yes I have two moms…is this gonna get weird now? Because I mean, I know that I get my looks from my mom, and I know that Remy is really, really pretty…I just. I don't like dating guys that think about my moms…all the time." She rolled her eyes.

"What?...No! I didn't mean damn, that's hot…No that's gross…well I mean, it's not gross. I'm not like a homophobe or anything, but I just meant damn, like I could have used some more warning than the day I'm going to meet your parents to find out that they're both gorgeous women…not that they're gorgeous—but they're not ugly…oh shit." He turned around for a minute trying to figure out a way to stop digging the hole he'd started. He took a breath and turned to find her shit-eating grin go to smirk and then to a completely blank face, "I'm not going to think about them…like that. I'll think about them as my girlfriend's parents. You also didn't need to give me more warning, if I'm going to be in trouble for that comment. And…you are the gorgeous one." He took another big breath and sighed quickly.

She grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck, "You're not in trouble for that one…only because you were so cute as you just dug deeper and deeper." She kissed him. "Let's go outside now so you can meet my parents."

Later, after Remy and Allison had finally been introduced to the new boy, and had decided that they liked him, Remy went inside to get some more food on the trays. She had just thrown on more cold cuts and pizza bites; she moved to pick up hey tray but she dropped it, thinking that she just wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. "Oh fuck." She whispered as the tray shattered and she knelt down to start picking up the lager pieces.

She reached her left hand out and noticed it trembling, and realized the real reason behind her dropping the tray…the involuntary movement part of her disease. She watched her hand tremble for a minute, with tears in her eyes, before she let the rage take over and she slammed her hand to the ground. She had completely forgotten about the tray shards on the ground, and brought her hand up to see a few small cuts from the glass and one or two bigger pieces stuck inside her hand. She sat there, leaning against the island, staring at her hand, thinking about how from this point on, the symptoms were just going to get worse. She didn't know how she was going to be able to do this to Cameron. Not now…not now that Abbey was leaving.

She didn't know how long she had been sitting there, but Cameron came in. She saw Remy in tears, she Remy bleeding. She saw the tray, shattered on the ground, and then she saw Remy's still trembling hand. It didn't take long to realize what was going on. She dropped to her knees and held the bleeding hand, gently, "It's going to be okay. It has to." She whispered as Remy fell into her lovers lap. "We have to get you cleaned up, Baby." She said just as quietly as before. Remy nodded and they stood. Cameron helped her sit on the island and went to the cabinet that had their first aid kit.

She had just finished bandaging the cut when Abbey came in to the kitchen. She saw her mother standing between Remy's legs, looking Remy in the eye as she was holding her hand. When she saw that Remy's hand was bandaged, she realized that her mom was trying to somehow take the pain away or somehow soothe her. "What's going on?" She interrupted the tension filled room.

"Remy's symptoms—" Cameron looked over at Remy who started talking when Cameron did.

"Nothing!" Remy said looking back over to Cameron in warning.

Abbey looked between the two of them a couple times before looking at her mother, "Remy's symptoms…what?" She looked at her, praying to whatever was listening that the next words out of her mother's mouth were not something akin to 'have started to show.'

Allison looked over at Remy, who…looked defeated and dropped her head, "Remy's symptoms…Remy's started…" she choked up, "Remy's symptoms have started to display themselves…"

Abbey stared at her, then looked to Remy who wouldn't look at her. She took in a shaky breath, "Excuse me…I left something upstairs." Then she ran to the stairs and up to her room before Allison could say anything else.

Allison turned and looked at Remy, "It's going to be okay." She repeated her words from earlier.

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