Remy and Allison walked inside the Carnegie Wing and went to the table that was acting like a desk for the trial. "Name." The nurse didn't look up.

"Remy Hadley."

The nurse looked up at her with a bit of shock in her face before giving an apologetic smile and searched through her laptop to find her information and handed her some more forms to fill out before standing and leading her to a room, "I'm sorry Dr. Cameron, but it's family members only."

"Hey Becky, I know you're just doing your job, but like everyone else in this damn hospital, you know that Dr. Cameron is and I are life partners. So, let's just pretend that we made it legal while on sabbatical… would that be cool with you?" Remy gave her a convincing look.

She smiled and nodded hesitantly—then with more vigor before walking out of the room. "The doctor will be right in."

Dr. Cameron Mathison came into the room right as Remy finished the papers. "Hi, I'm Dr. Mathison." He stuck his hand out to shake which Remy took, "It's nice to meet you," He looked at his clipboard, "Dr. Hadley." He smiled a 1000 watt smile and looked at Allison, "And?"

"Dr. Cameron." She shook his hand as well.

"Does Dr. Cameron have a first name?" He started to put on his best flirting face.

"Allison." She smiled…she wouldn't lie, it's nice to be the center of attention every once in a while, and considering her girlfriend, these opportunities were few and far between…unless it was just the two of them, or her birthday.

"Allison Cameron…" He breathed out as he stared at her a moment. "You are extremely pretty Dr. Cameron."

Whoa, House with heart…? She thought as she took in the man's choice of words. "That's what my lady tells me." She scooted as close as possible to Remy whose nostrils were flaring a little bit.

"Lady? As in lover?" He raised his brows.

"Yeah." She and Remy both scrunched their noses and nodded.

He looked at Remy who was secretly thinking what it would be like to cut off the man's favorite appendage. "Sorry." He apologized and went straight-haha! to work.

He did some basic speed and movement exercises, and told her what she needed to be doing before their next meeting. And he gave her a finger prick for blood before putting her on an IV. After all of this, the uncomfortable doctor left.

"Mehmehmeh mehmehmehmeh mehmehmehmeh. You are extremely pretty Dr. Cameron." Remy acted like a fourth grader.

This made Cameron grin devilishly and stare at her, "Hey, I told him I was with you." She shrugged as she swung her legs back and forth, making her body turn side to side on the doctor stool. It didn't help that she was fingering the exam bed, making her look like she was a five-year-old.

"After you flirted a little!" Remy accused. She narrowed her eyelids and shook her head, "I cannot believe you-right in front of me? The woman you've been in love with for fifteen years?"

"Exactly." She stopped swinging and scooted into the bed and leaned close to her lover's face "Fifteen years! What makes you think that I'm even looking at anyone else? It was just nice to be noticed is all…" During the last sentence, she looked away.

"I'll notice you tonight." Remy's voice dropped to a low flirtation, but Allison's eye roll stopped her. "People notice you…everyone notices you. Everyone looks at you when you pass by."

"And how would you know that?" Allison looked back at her.

"I'm omnipotent." This got her a look, "…And when I'm on break I might go to the second story and look from the balcony into the ER sometimes. Seriously Dr. Cameron, you're like Reese Witherspoon at the beginning of Just Like Heaven. You know when she's stitching up that guy and he keeps trying to grab her ass cause she's so fine?"

That information and comparison made her jaw move to the side of her move as she smiled slightly, "You go to the balcony on your break instead of come see me for real?"

"Hell yeah!..well I mean…I do sometimes just cause I think it's sexy to watch you in action…" She grinned up at her lover.

"Well, I think you're pretty sexy too. Even if you're not in action." She leaned a little closer than she had been.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, in fact…if you weren't hooked up to an IV right now, I'd probably tell you to join me in the locker rooms…you know to 'talk.'"

"Talk meaning pork in the shower right?" She waggled her eyebrows.

"No, to clean out lockers." She leaned in and kissed her.

"Mmm, you are extremely pretty." She made fun of Dr. Mathison again.

This made Allison laugh, "Come on Babe, it's not like he knew!"

Remy scrunched her brows, "Oh. We sure as hell don't look like we're related—hmmmph." Remy let herself be taken over by Allison's surprise kiss.

"He did do something good for us though…" Allison said as she pulled away.

"What did he do that's good?" She asked.

"You mean besides the trial?" Allison received a blank look, "He made a big distraction for us…you're IV's almost done…"

Not two second later, Dr. Mathison came back in and cleaned everything up. He had already gone over the possible side effects, but went over them once more before letting them go make an appointment for that Friday.


Abbey had been going over her lines all day in her head. She wanted it so bad, she could taste it.

She walked into the auditorium for her two-part tryout after her name was called. There was a small panel of professors that would be casting the musical and the girl that was going to play Glinda, who was already cast.

After the formal introduction she took a deep breath and thought of her moms' reactions of her singing a couple weeks prior; she was going to nail it. She could feel it.


Two hours after the medicine had taken effect Remy had gotten really hot. She paged Allison to the doctor's lounge, and when Allison saw her, she turned around and mumbled "I'm getting supplies before we leave." Ten minutes later she came back with both of their bags on her shoulders and keys in her hand. "Come on Baby." She was practically carrying Remy as she brought her home.

"Maybe I should have stayed there…" Remy said. "I mean there we'd never be short on doctors."

"No, you just got the severe case of nausea side effect that we were warned about. This is how you get when you're nauseous. I know you…you'll be fine after you hurl."

"That was so eloquent, Babe." Remy said as she started falling asleep having already downed whatever Allison had given her on the drive home.

"Go on to Hushaby Mountain, Sweets." She stroked Remy's hair "I'll got make some broth. And get some sprite and saltines." She walked out of the room. Oh whoever's listening please do not make this harder than it already is. She's been through enough…


The first two weeks of the trial were absolutely excruciating. Remy would throw up two to five times a day, but the times she would be feeling fine she would be insanely hungry.

She was in bed as soon as they got home on this particular night because that day there was a complete turn in how she felt. She had really been considering dropping the trial because she just hurt all the time and threw up more than she had ever thrown up throughout her life. But, that day there was nothing. She ate her weight in whatever she got her hands on…and she got a chance to workout at work…she just wanted to work out at home too…

"Sweetie." Allison walked into the dark room, thinking she had had an awful day due to Remy's 'I don't feel good' attitude on the way home. "You want to put on some comfortable clothes at least?"

"I want to put on some comfortable Cameron." Remy grinned, happy that she could still shock her lover. She loved playing games with her.

Her lover, in turn raised her brows, "Are you up for it? You haven't been doing well…you haven't even been doing bad, you were at your worst the past couple weeks…" She put her hand on Remy's back.

Remy grinned and sat up pulling her in. "I know. I don't know what it was. But today, I woke up and I felt fine…better than fine. I ate like six meals at work and I got in a good workout like Mathison had been advising. Now, I just want some of my Baby." She started macking on Allison's neck.

"Hm hmm" Allison grinned, "Well this Baby is hungry and is going to eat. Then she's going to take a shower…then she might be up for that."

"Mmmight be?" it took a second for Remy to comprehend what Allison was saying. "But I want the sex."

"OH GROSS! Remy are you feeling better?" Abbey asked disgustedly but with hope as she walked in to see if her mom needed help with dinner and to see how Remy was feeling that day. She had done this everyday since the trial started…which was also the day she was handed the part of Elphaba and since had started rehearsals for the show that was going to happen in the next week… So, to say she was busy would be putting it lightly.

"Yeah kid I'm feeling fine. Now could you excuse your mother and I? I was working my magic." She pounced for Allison—who had dodged and stood from the bed.

"NO!" Allison squealed and ran to Abbey who was standing statue still as she closed her eyes and asked what she had done to have to listen to what she assumed was her parents foreplay. "I'm going to go fix some dinner. If you can behave yourself, you can join me." Allison gave Remy a special look as she left the room.

There was a pause as Abbey was still trying to keep herself from gagging, "Well…" She walked over to the bed and took her mother's spot. She looked at her closely, "I'm really happy you're feeling better." She hugged her like she did when she was little.

Remy smiled, "I am too. Throwing up is not fun…I could never be bulimic." She sighed as she 'boinged' some of Abbey's curls as she hugged her back.

"So…if you're feeling better then the trial's working, right?" Abbey asked hopefully.

"We'll find out soon Abbey Baby."


And soon they found that the trial was in fact working for the better for Remy.

She watched as the love of her life, the woman with the brightest, most expressive eyes she'd ever seen, picked a bouquet to give their daughter after she finished her first performance as a real live actress.

"Do you think this one would do?" Allison asked as she turned to Remy.

"Yeah." She laughed slightly, "That one will be fine Babe. She's not gonna care about the flowers though…you know our daughter. She's gonna want to shower and go out to eat."

Allison pursed her lip and was about to reply, but the student worker had over heard their conversation, "Are you Abbey Cameron's moms?" She had a grin on her face.

They both nodded, "Yes." Allison said as she turned around.

"She has an amazing voice. And she's like perfect when she plays Elphaba."

Allison scrunched her brows, "Thank you, have you seen it? I thought this was opening night."

"It is, but technically I'm a crew member so I got to watch some of the rehearsals." She explained. She then looked at the bouquet Allison was holding, "So are you wanting to give her these? She'll love them, but I think she's right when she said that Abbey would just want a shower and food…"

"Ha! I'm right. Even the crew knows she eats like a teenaged boy." Remy pointed a finger in Cameron's face.

"Alright, alright!" She moved to bite Remy's finger before turning and smiling sweetly at the student worker, "I think I would like these for her yes."

"Okay, well if you want to write on the card, I'll go back stage and put them at her station." She smiled.

"Thank you." Allison smiled as she and Remy finished up their card.

"Oh good, I didn't miss you!" Dustin came up behind Remy and Allison, making his presence known. He had been running late and was hoping her got there in time to sit with his girlfriend's moms.

"Quick!" Remy grabbed the card again. "Sign it before it's too late!" She said frenzied, playing on the poor guy's rushed feeling. He quickly signed the card that went with the flowers and Remy took it from is grasp, still freaking out, and gave it to the student worker again.

"Stop that." Allison scolded.

Remy made a face at her then turned to Dustin, "So, are you okay, why were you running late?" She patted his arm.

"Well I was getting something that I wanted to give to Abbey…but I probably need your lovely, beautiful, sweet, amazing ladies' permission to give it to her." She reached in his pocket.

"Did you buy condoms? You know that as long as we're ignorant with our daughter's sex life…or we at least know she's using protection, we're blissful." Remy tried to joke because Dustin's explanation was a bit scary for a parent.

He pulled out a ring box.

"Did you get her a ring? Are you going to ask her to marry you? My Baby's only 19 Dee!" Alison said.

"What? No!" He said, "Well I mean, yes..eventually, but no. I didn't get her an engagement ring." He said as he opened the box. "You know I love her and…If she wants to, will you let her move in with me?" He asked as he showed them the custom key he had made for her. It was silver and had part of a song on it.

"Is that *N Sync?" Remy took the key from it's place and looked at it closer. Her eyes lit up and she laughed for a split second, "Haha! Yeah! That's *N Sync!" She began singing the verse on the key, "I've loved you forever. In lifetimes before, and I promise you never will you hurt anymore. I give you my word, I give you my heart, this is we've won. And with this vow, forever had now begun."

By this point Cameron had recognized the song and started snapping and swaying with Remy, and decided to continue the song, "Just close your eyes each loving day, and know this feeling won't go away. Til the day my life is through, this I promise you." She had subconsciously walked into her lover's arms.

"Mmm I promise you." They looked in each other's eyes. "Yeah, that's a good song." Remy said as she squeezed Allison's hips and looked at him, "How do you even know 'I Promise You'? Were you even born when they were popular."

"Yes I was…I was born when they were popular. I was listening to JT one day and my sister was like 'I wish *N Sync was back.' So, you know me, I wanted to know what she was talking about…found one of her CDs…And now it's, well it's our song, but if you tell her I told you she'll Lorena Bobbitt me!"

"She threaten you a lot with that one?" Remy asked as they made their way to their seats.

"Most definitely." He nodded looking straight ahead.

"And do you listen to her like the good boy you are?" She was looking at him.

"Most definitely." He answered in the same manner.

"Do you care about how whipped you are? Does it bother you when your guy friends for lack of a better word make fun of you?"

"No." He turned and thought about his answer before giving it.

"Do you really want to marry her?"

"Most definitely." He grinned.

"Are you serious when you tell her that she won't hurt anymore…are you really not gonna hurt her?"

"Yes…well I mean, never with intent, but I'm a guy and my gender tends to fuck up."

"Good answer, but women fuck up too…I like you Dee you know that, right? You are the only one I ever did like too. But, I mean, just because I'm a Mommy doesn't mean I have any say…" She turned to Allison.

"Oh, of course she can if she wants." Allison took face and squeezed like she would a four year old, "You are everybody's favorite man in the Hadley/Cameron household…Will you still come over and fix things?" She had concern in her eyes.

Dustin laughed, "Of course! I can't have you two living in shambles."

"PLEASE TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES. THE SHOW WILL BEGIN SOON." Came across the auditorium as the lights started to dim.

As the show progressed and they saw their leading lady excite and awe the crowd, Remy thought about life. There wasn't a cure yet, but the trial as, in fact, serving as a postponement to her fate. She was hardly trembling if at all, and she was content and happy again—finally for a long period of time this time. She wrapped her arm around Cameron and glanced at Dustin…Abbey would finally be happy…really happy too. They were two peas in a pod her and her daughter, and they were both extremely lucky.

AN: Okay there it is. I hope you guys liked it. I enjoyed writing it…I did not enjoy depressing myself, but I loves me a happy ending. I have two fics on my back burner. Do you guys want complete and total AU (like go back to high school) or do you want just kind of AU (like kind of sort of taking place in the sixth season…I guess that's where it'd be…) Anyways let me know what you think and what you want!