Mismagius's Sexy Suspender Striptease

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is either the best thing I have written, or the worst thing I've written. Depending on your point of view, of course. Don't ask why I did this, I just got bored out of my mind and figured, "Ah Fuck It". So yeah, this is how this pathetic, or rather masterful, fanfic was born. Anyway, I gotta get high off on my french fries. See ya in hell!

Disclaimer: All the Pokemon belong to Nintendo.

"Traps," A shiny-colored Mismagius stated as she was attacked by Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, who all feasted on her ghastly body. Nearby, in an oddly shaped tower that was carved to be like a Mismagius, our super sexy, buttalicious heroine, a normal-colored Mismagius, sighed as she looked at herself in her mirror, all alone in her secluded, dark lair. She looked at her stomach, poking it with her floaty arms as she shook her head with displeasure, simply sighing.

"Dear oh dear... it looks like little old me is getting fat again..." Mismagius commented as she sighed, looking at her beautiful butt, "And if I don't do something to prevent this, my butt is going to get bigger than the cheese, the salami, and the baloney combined." She shook her head as she decided to move away from the mirror, opening up one of the nearby treasure chests. "Hopefully there's something in here that'll bring out my good looks... and keep my butt in perfect harmony..."

She tossed several dresses out of the golden-crested treasure chest, searching deeply into the chest as she picked up a purple jewel. Observing it closely, Mismagius hung the jewel around her chest, heading back to the mirror and taking a good look at it. She stared for several minutes, before clamoring with joy, clapping her faint hands together as she giggled with glee.

"Yes! Oh yes!" Mismagius proclaimed as she was satisfied, turning around and heading out the door of her lair as she stated to herself boldly, "Wait until the guys here about this! Teeheehee!" She paused breifly, looking at her butt as she smiled. "And hopefully, my awe inspiring ass won't distract anyone. Butt of course, I can't help it. Ehehehe!"

As soon as Mismagius left her lair, a bus ran over her, sending her tumbling in the clear blue sky as white lightning cracked in the sky, sugar cubes falling as dark clouds filled the sky.

Nearby, a young Ralts was going for a little walk, when suddenly, an ice cream truck landed on her. She moaned in pain as Mismagius then landed on her, flattening the Ralts like a pancake. Mismagius rubbed her sore butt as a snooping Wynaut noticed this, fapping off with glee as he ran off into the bushes. Mismagius shook her head as several Staravia surrounded her, wanting to make love to the ghost-type Pokemon.

"This is... rather embarrassing..." Mismagius stated as she slightly blushed, looking down at her jewel, "Is it because of the jewel I'm wearing Or is it something else? OOH!" She yelped in a high-pitch scream as a shiny-colored Staravia stroked her butt, making her slightly blush as the shiny Staravia drooled. Mismagius growled as she slapped the shiny Staravia, floating up towards a pile of rocks nearby.

"GET HER SEXY BUTT BACK 'ERE!" One of the seven Staravias shouted as they all chased after Mismagius.

Mismagius turned around and screamed as she saw the Staravia flying towards her. She turned around, looking down the cliff, to see several Pokemon below, doing stuff no Pokemon would do. Mismagius sighed as she closed her eyes, jumping off the cliff as the Staravia decided to follow her down.

"Aww yeah, Waluigi, wa ha ha!" A Vigoroth randomly shouted as he shoved in several pies down the throat of an innocent Buneary, who was trying to pee in the bushes.

Nearby the two Pokemon was a Croagunk, who was jerking off after looking at a nearby statue of himself, looked up Mismagius falling right on him. He groaned in pain as his scaly penis hung out, shaking violently as Mismagius popped up, rubbing her stomach as she turned to her right, seeing the Buneary crying in pain as the Vigoroth laughed at her pain. Suddenly, Mismagius was ambushed by the seven Staravia, who tried getting their feathery penises into Mismagius' ghastly butt. Mismagius lit her red eyes as she screamed loudly, pushing away the Staravia as she hid behind the Croagunk statue.

"I gotta find a way to-" Mismagius muttered as she was suddenly interrupted by Waluigi, who was there for no reason at all. "What The Fuck?"

Waluigi turned around, folding his arms as he stared at Mismagius as if she was a giant, juicy, warm cheeseburger. "Don't give me that look, pinhead," He stated as he started walking up in thin air, his footprints left hanging as they evolved into several bones, smacking each other for no reason.

Mismagius growled as she glared at Waluigi. "Who's that egg head callin' a pinhead?" She grumbled as she folded her arms, telling herself, "Why, I don't even fart! How can I be a pinhead if-" She yelped in pain again as she felt her butt stung by a needle. Rubbing it, she turned around, to see a horny Mijumaru staring at her, blushing as she giggled naughtily. Mismagius rolled her eyes as she mumbled to herself, "Oh great. Let me guess, you're a lesbian-"

Mismagius was grabbed by a whip, wrapped around the neck as she started smacking in between the Croagunk statue and the butt of a Wailord, who was eating several cartridges of Pokemon Gold and Silver. Mismagius screamed as her voice became higher pitched, her entire body twisting as she popped, her body being reduced to shreds as she reformed, floating away as everyone was distracted. However, she was blasted with several ice creams hitting her in the face, the culprits being several pesky Chimecho, who were having some fun as they pooped out ice cream and tossed it at Mismagius. Mismagius was going to attack the Chimecho with a Shadow Ball, but her butt was pierced by a Cross Poison from the horny Croagunk, who laughed as he made an awesome face. Mismagius then popped herself into a balloon as she drifted away, getting scorched by a Flamethrower attack from a Garchomp, who was chasing Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina as he demanded a PRRRROMOTION.

Mismagius groaned in pain as the flames forced her to turn back into normal, her body falling down towards the STaravia, who all took the advantage to get close to Mismagius. Mismagius screamed.