When the wind was calm and quiet and it was the dead of night, a girl with a dark purple cloak appeared from behind a tree. She was holding a small package and a silver dagger in one hand and nothing in the other hand. A weeping lady was sitting there with her head bowed down. She was holding a small shape in her hands.

When she realised the cloaked figure was there she gasped before whimpering. "Please!" the woman on the ground said in a frail voice. "Please!"

The cloaked figure looked down at her and laughed. "So pathetic! Look what you have become," the girl on the grass whimpered louder and hugged the shape closer to her so it wouldn't fall.

"Sister, I'm begging you!" She said numbly.

"You're not my sister anymore. You never will be." The cloaked figure said. "Narcissa, look at what you are, you're nothing! Ever since the dark lord fell… you- you started acting strange! Then after Draco and his wife fled, leaving you their son Scorpio-"

"He's called Scorpius! Come on Bella!"

"It's Bellatrix, get it right! Anyway, you ran to these woods. I brought what you wanted." Bellatrix threw the small package against the shape on Narcissa's chest, a small baby. Who started to cry as Bellatrix's loaf of bread hit him.

"Now feed him, it is the best he's getting. I hope I won't have to see you again!" Bellatrix said before leaving. The harsh words made a fresh round of tears break over Narcissa's face.

"Don't worry Scorpius, I will keep you safe," the frail woman said firmly as her voice broke.

It was a large 3 days later that the bread was finished, and it was the dawn of the day. Narcissa was busy calming Scorpius intently, making sure his health was improving. He seemed always hungry, and he coughed a lot. It was Narcissa's job to save his life with her own.

She knew that whether she died in the attempt or not, she would get him to Draco and his wife, no matter what.

17 days later, everyone was sad. Draco and his wife were in their best clothes, holding their sick child Scorpius. He wasn't as sick anymore, but he was torn to pieces in his mind. He had lost the one to care for him. Draco was even worse, he had lost his mother all to making her take care of his child that they could've taken care of anyway.

But what messed with Draco's head the most, was that his Aunt Bellatrix was nowhere to be seen. Vanished just like that. She had sent an owl saying she would never be so shameful as to attend Narcissa's funeral. Those were the last things Bellatrix ever said. Sisters so close… they couldn't exist without each other, even if they were fighting.

But they were not going to mourn for Bellatrix's death, only Narcissa's.

My second fanfiction ever ^^ I hope you enjoyed! (: