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Life? Life is cheap. It's the bits that keep you going that cost an arm and a leg, if you will give a humble surgeon his little joke. Yes, surgeon. Not surGen, thank you very much, surgeon. I do have some professional pride, you know. Why the gape of disbelief?

Alright, so your face is stuck that way, I'll give you that. But still, if you could change it, I bet your expression would still be the same. I gotta ask you, buddy, why the hell did you need to get a new tongue? I mean, corneas I get, spleen I get, hell, even nose I get. But for fucks sake, why does a guy need a new tongue? Or are you one of those pain in the ass scalpel sluts? Ugh.I know, I know, I should be grateful to 'em, ad I guess I am, a bit. After all, how would I be able to feed myself, or the Missus? Yes, I have a Missus, thank you very much. Oh sure, you're probably thinking (if you could be thinking, at any rate), "What's a Repo man doing with a Missus, but she don't have to know all of it, now does she? Of course not! I mean, every married man has his secrets, don't he?

You know what guy I envy? GraveRobber. No, not one of the GraveRobbers. I mean the GraveRobber. Lucky fucker, gets more then a fuckin' genital reconstruction therapist, I swear. Him and me, we got a nice little deal going. I give him my... patient after I'm done with them (that'll be you, bub) and I don't report him. Oh, and I get to fuck him. But I'm not queer, because, see, it's all business, no actual romance, and besides, I fuck him, not vice-versa, and the Missus is always recovering from some new surgery. I'm married to a scalpel slut, I swear, I just didn't know when I met her. Yeah, that's right. High 'n mighty GraveRobber bends over for me, a lowly Repo man.I gotta tell ya, Repo men, we get shit. Oh sure, the general populace is scared shitless of us, sure, but we're below the god damned Genterns. Then again, we ain't fucking the Largos.

Ugh, I wouldn't touch any of them with a ten foot pole. Bein' around Luigi is just bad for your health, especially if you don't wanna go around with holes in your chest. Pavi, he gives me the creeps. I mean, people say that Repo men are sick fucks, but at least we do it for an honest day's work. And he uses the shit he takes. We're not allowed to, although between you and me, buddy, I have had a taste or two. Rotti would bust a fuse if he found out, but that fat ugly fuck don't have to know, now does he?

Amber, she's a scalpel slut, just like any of the other ones I collect from, only too trumped up to deal with the likes of me. And why does she have to be guarded by eunuchs? Not like she don't spread her legs for anyone with Z. Serious jealousy problems, too, the way she always bitches about Mag. Oh, Mag, Mag is just as gorgeous in person, I can promise you. Although I heard she wants to leave GeneCo. I feel sorry for whoever gets sent for her, because I can't imagine cutting into that face. I heard she got some connections with The Repo, The Repo man. He's to us what GraveRobber is to graverobbers. He keeps apart from us, but I've caught pieces of this and that. He has a sick kid at home, his wrist keeps getting these "medicine alerts" or some type of shit like that. Geez, look at the time. I've been sitting here jawing with you for a while. I got there accounts to pick up on, and I gotta get you to GraveRobber's spot.

The man in black shoulders the corpse and walks off, just another salary man doing his job.