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"I…I don't get what you're saying. John?" Mike grabbed John's wrist as he passed, running back and forth through what used to be their home, grabbing several of his things and stuffing them in various suitcases.

"No Mike!" John said, snatching his hand out of Mike's grip. "I already told you I'm done with this shit ok? No more-I'm done with your sorry ass." John continued his task of finding all of his things, ignoring the devastated look coming from Mike.

"I…w-where did all of this come from? What did I do? Johnny, whatever it is, I'll fix it…just-…" Mike trailed off looking at all of the boxes filled with John's belongings: his clothes, the Macbook Mike bought him for his birthday last year, even a few of Mike's belongings John had apparently decided to claim.

Mike couldn't believe this was happening. John had been his boyfriend-his lover- for almost three years. They'd overcome everything together: vindictive, backstabbing ex's, being drafted to separate shows, having to be on completely different travel schedules for a full year of their relationship; nothing had been able to separate them. But now that was all over-his whole world, his whole life was being ripped apart all at the hands of John Morrison.

Where had this come from? Everything had been fine, but now… Out of nowhere John just said that he had had enough of Mike, that they were over.

Mike blinked back tears, coming back to reality. John was nearly done packing; he had gathered all of his belongings and was standing by the front door, taking a last look around the house to see if he'd missed anything.

"John?" Mike asked from his spot in the doorway of their-his bedroom, tears falling from his beautiful cerulean eyes. "Why…why are you leaving me?"

John sighed, long over feeling sorry for anything he said that hurt Mike. He leaned against the door, posture screaming of arrogance and cold disinterest.

"I've already explained this to you Mike. I'm done with you, so this whole 'make John feel bad' act of yours needs to quit."

"But…but-…" Mike tried to find the words to convince John he was making a mistake. "Johnny I…I love you."

"ENOUGH!" John finally snapped, making his way to Mike, roughly grabbing his face in his hand. "I've had enough of your shit! This is over Mike! We. Are. Done. It's been over for a while and-STOP CRYING!"

Mike stopped sobbing, quieting down to just sniffles. Morrison let go of his jaw, taking a deep breath so he wouldn't slap Mike like he desperately wanted to-it wasn't working.

"Please…I can fix it…please don't end this, end us…" Mike tried desperately, reaching up to push the dark locks from out of John's face like he had done so many times before. "…I love you Jojo."

"No!" John slapped Mike's hand away, eyes cold as he ignored the nickname that used to bring a smile to John's face-that would cause him to peck a light kiss on Mike's lips.

But now he felt nothing-he was completely emotionless as he stalked back to the front door gathering his bags, coldly shouting to Mike that he'd be back later to get the boxes full of his things.

Mike slumped to the floor in a heap, the sudden deafening silence causing him to break down again. He buried his head in his hands, a new wave of tears being unleashed as he thought of the beautiful man no longer in his life-the only person in his life that mattered.

Mike tried to move on-he really did, but when every breath you take makes your chest feel like it's going to collapse, when every single second that passed was like a blow to the heart, it makes finding a date a little hard. His friends were crazy if they thought he'd be able to get over J-no he couldn't even think his name it hurt so badly-get over him.

No, he'd never be able to move on. John was his entire life, how was he supposed to move on from losing that?

Mike looked up from his spot on the bed, breaking his melancholy mood to look around at what used to be their home. Little pieces of him were still everywhere: the photos on the wall Mike refused to take down, text messages they had sent that were cute and funny at the time but now made him break down again, not to mention the boxes full of things he had yet to come back for.

It may have been sad or pathetic to anyone else, but to Mike he couldn't help but wait for that day to come. Sure, it would forever mark the date when John had left him for good, taking every piece of him out of Mike's life, but it would still be a chance to see him, to try a convince him he was making a mistake.

It had been over a week, maybe there was a chance John had thought about what he'd done. Maybe he'd come bursting through that door, making as big an entrance as ever like he used to, drop on his knees and beg Mike to take him back.

Mike smiled. And of course he'd welcome him with open arms immediately, scolding him for making him hurt like that, but still forgiving him completely.

Mike continued thinking, planning everything he would say to John when he returned for his belongings. Should he just try to talk to him first? Make conversation while John loaded the boxes into his car? Or should he run to him as soon as the door opens, throwing him into his arms and begging him to return to him?

Mike's train of thought was cut off by a knock at the front door. It was soft and timid, barely noticeable, maybe like the knock of someone who wanted forgiveness for something they'd done.

Mike all but ran to the door, maneuvering through the stacks of boxes and furniture, pausing at the front door to adjust his appearance.

He opened the door, trying not to look to eager or uncaring but a mix of both, and saw not his former lover, but one of his best friends, Evan Bourne.

"…Oh, it's you…Hey Ev." Mike walked slowly back to his room, a confused Evan following behind him.

"Well, yeah…who else would it be Mikey?" Evan said, plopping down on the bed next to Mike-clueless Evan, same as always.

"No one apparently…" Mike said, staring ahead, a completely crushed look on his face.

"So…" Evan said attempting to break the lack of conversation and awkwardness between them. "Hey! Guess what Mikey?"

"What?" Mike asked, still staring at nothing, trying to will the emptiness he felt to go the fuck away.

Evan paused, letting the room get quiet. "…A gay baby was just born."

Mike laughed in spite of himself-you could always trust Evan to lift your spirits in one way or another.

"Ooh Mike, you think we were the result of an awkward moment?" Evan asked, leaning on to Mike's shoulder.

Mike smiled down at his friend- at least he still had Evan. "I don't know man, probably."

"Yup. Ok!" Evan jumped to his feet, hopping from one foot to the other nervously. "Mikey I have a favor that I have to do, so just stay here and I'll be right back, k?"

Mike looked up at Evan, frowning, "You're leaving? Already?"

Evan looked down at the carpet, kicking at it with his foot, "Well…not really. Um…ok I have to get all of the uh…the boxes from the living room, and take them to, well…you know."

Mike searched Evan's face, not understanding what he was saying. "You mean Joh-his boxes?"

"Yeah…he asked me to bring them to his new house." Evan looked around the room, frowning at the photos on the wall, of all of the memories around the room Mike still clinged to.

"You?" Mike asked trying to piece together Evan's words. "But, why? He's supposed to come get them later."

"I know, but…" Evan said, sitting back down next to Mike. "He asked me to come do it for him…so I guess I better…" Evan walked to the front room, surveying the room for where to begin.

"So, he's not coming?" Mike asked grabbing Evan's wrist to stop his progress.

Evan sighed, running his hands through his dark hair. "No Mike, he isn't coming."

Mike sat on the edge of the couch, trying to make sense of what Evan had said.

Not coming? But he had to! This was when Mike was going convince John of his mistake, when he was going to come back to him!

"No!" Mike said standing quickly, stopping Evan from stacking boxes. "No. Evan, he has to come do this. Not you. Just go and tell him that he has to do it."

"What? No, Mikey I'm doing it-not him." Evan resumed his task of stacking boxes.

"No!" Mike yelled, causing Evan to jump. "No Ev, he has to do it. He's supposed to come back…and…no you can't do it…" Mike looked at Evan, tears filling his eyes. "Ev…he's…he's...s'posed to come back…"

Mike sank to the ground in front of Evan, tears quietly streaming down his face. He buried his head in his hands, missing the look Evan gave him, the roll of his eyes.

"I know Mikey. I know." Evan gathered the boxes in his arms, opening the front door with one of them. He walked outside into the sun, but the boxes in the back of his car, and drove off. He looked through the window to the living room as he passed, seeing Mike still crumpled on the ground by the couch. Evan shook his head, disgusted at what his friend had become.

Life went on. Despite Mike's desperate need for everything to stop around him-life kept going. He still had work- still had his wrestling to do every week, and unfortunately the trainers couldn't recommend time off for a broken heart.

So Mike did what was expected of him. He wrestled for Raw, performing to the best of his abilities. He cut promos like he was supposed to, portraying The Miz to perfection. He did everything that he used to, talked backstage with friends, even though all he ever offered to the conversation anymore was a small sad smile. His friends thought nothing of it, they thought Mike finally had moved on from his break up with John-after all he acted just like he used to. He was just a little quieter, that was all…

Mike came through the curtain, echoes of boos still being heard. He was currently at a house show in-Kentucky? He tried to remember what state they were in, lately everywhere they went just blurred together. Mike walked to the locker room he shared with the other superstars, trying in vain to remember where they were. It was definitely somewhere in the south- his promo had just called for calling the crowd rednecks...Mike opened the door to the locker room, still pondering their current location, and walked to his bag to dress into his normal clothes.

He missed the fact that he wasn't alone. Too caught up in his thoughts, Mike missed the man across the room eyeing him from next to a row of lockers. Missed the evil smirk that crossed the man's beautiful face- the eye roll from underneath his bedazzled sunglasses.

Mike continued dressing obliviously, pulling his hoodie over his head. He gathered his bag and was almost out the door before a smug, cocky voice called out: "Hey Mizzy."

Mike froze at the doorway, recognizing the voice and nickname immediately.

He turned slowly, silently hoping that all of the fantasies in his head lately had simply manifested into a vey lifelike hallucination. Being insane was much better than the alternative.

Mike looked at the source of the voice, the source of his heartache for the past month, the source of every bit of hurt he'd felt: John.

Mike couldn't speak, frozen where he stood in the doorway. He knew this would happen-at some point you always have to see your ex again, especially when you work with them. But that sounded a lot easier to deal with in his head…

John pushed off from the lockers, walking over to stand in front of his former love. "How ya' been lately Mizzy?"

Mike winced at the use of John's pet name for him; he used to say it with love, adoration. But now, it sounded wrong in his mouth, the purpose not being to soothe or tease him, but to hurt.

"I…I'm…" Mike tried, attempting to answer him.

"You're…pathetic? Oh yeah I already knew that, baby." John smirked smugly, walking in a circle around Mike, eyeing him like a predator would.

"I…" Mike sniffled, tears already forming in his eyes at John's cold words.

John sighed, stopping in front of Mike, scoffing at the tears falling down his face. "Christ, not again. You are pathetic Mike."

Mike recoiled, John's words as painful as a slap to the face.

"God, this is why we're done. You're such a little bitch, Mike!" John spat the word with venom, getting in Mike's face.

"I want someone who can fight back occasionally, who doesn't act like some quiet little sub. I want someone who can act like a man, Mike. And god, you definitely don't." John went to grab his bag, satisfied with the reaction he got from Mike.

"John…please…" Mike said, reaching to stop John before he left the room.

"No Mike! I've said it too many times already. I. DON'T. WANT. YOU. I haven't in a really long time. And you know what?" John said, smirking at the thought of giving Mike the final blow to his heart. "All that time you thought we were in love? Thought that you were my 'one and only'," John smirked, leaning right in Mike's face. "…You weren't."

"Wha-what are you…" Mike tried, confused.

"I was cheating on you…" John whispered slowly, allowing the hurt to slowly consume Mike. "…With someone a lot better than you!"

Mike stared at John, tears dry on his face, mouth open in hurtful shock. "What?"

John laughed in his face, giving no further explanation, and stormed out of the locker room, leaving Mike to stand by himself, crying and broken, all alone.

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