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"John? JOHN? Can you hear me?"

John's eyes slowly fluttered open, adjusting to the bright light shining in his face.

"There we go- John do you know where you are? Do you remember what happened to you?"

John looked around and saw he was in the locker room he shared with a few other superstars. There was a bit of a crowd now, wrestlers and divas milling around and talking to each other, all staring at John intently.

John looked up into the face of the trainer and shook his head. "You were beat up-pretty badly. You have bruises, cuts, welts, and there's signs of-well-rape…"

John's eyes widened, looking down at himself. There were marks and bruises all over his body, and his back felt like it had been shredded to pieces.

John's eyes scanned the rest of the locker room, seeing Evan hunched over with another doctor, a large ice pack resting on his head.

"Evan?" John called, rising to get up from his place on the floor.

"No don't get up John," The trainer said, grabbing John's wrist. "you'll aggravate your injuries."

"What happened to Evan?" John whispered, looking over at his boyfriend, concerned.

"He got hit in the head pretty hard and has a mild concussion. He said all he remembers is going into the showers and getting hit; from there he said it goes black."

John narrowed his eyes, trying to remember back to what had happened earlier. He had come back to the locker room with Evan, and they had been fighting about…something…

John closed his eyes, trying to focus on the blank spots in his memory…

Right: he had come back to the locker room with Evan after they had lunch…and they were fighting about…about whether or not Evan still cared about…

John's eyes widened, the blank pieces of his memory coming back to him.

He looked up at the crowd of superstars, searching for who he knew would be there.

John's eyes locked with Mike, narrowing them as Mike smiled back.

"Now John, this is really important," The trainer said, bringing John out of his daze. "Do you know who could've done this to you?"

John returned his gaze to Mike, smirking as he began to talk to the trainer, "Well actually…"

Mike raised an eyebrow at John silently reminding him of every thing he could do to him.


John turned back to the trainer, eyes wide in faux innocence. "I have no idea."

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