Michael frowned as he stepped out of the Charger after having parked in his mom's driveway. Sam was out in the front, mowing the lawn and from the shape of Sam's lips, it seemed like he was whistling. Michael walked up to him, waving an arm to announce his presence. When Sam caught sight of him, he turned the mower off, looking back up to smile at Michael.

"Hey, Mikey! How's it going?"

"Fine," Michael said slowly, giving the old mower that he could remember using as a kid a glance. "You're mowing Ma's lawn?"

Sam shrugged. "Yeah. The kid who usually does it for her couldn't come this week so I volunteered."

Michael raised an eyebrow. "To mow her lawn?"

Sam shrugged again. "Yeah."

"Sam, honey, I didn't have any regular lemonade, so I made some pink lemonade for you. I hope that's okay... Oh! Hi, Michael!" Maddy grinned at her son, handing Sam the glass of lemonade who took it gratefully.

"Thanks, Maddy."

"Sam 'honey'?" Michael repeated, staring between the two of them. Maddy and Sam shared a look as Michael watched them, horrified.

"Uhm," Sam said shortly. Maddy seemed to be biting back a laugh. Michael fished around for words for a moment.

"You..." he started awkwardly. "You two... didn't... aren't... What is going on?"

"I thought you'd at least react better than you did with Virgil!" Maddy finally said, now seeming annoyed at Michael. Michael gaped at her for a second, before turning his attention to Sam. Sam decided that it would be a good time to hide behind his glass of lemonade.


Maddy placed a hand on her hip, taking a heavy puff on her cigarette, glaring at Michael the entire time. "It's my life, Michael."

Michael fished for words again. He wasn't quite sure if he'd ever been so baffled in his life. Finally, after Sam had downed the entire glass of lemonade, Michael caught his friend's eye sternly.

"I don't want to know any details," he said forcefully. Sam grinned, realizing he wasn't going to lose his life. Hell, he might've just gotten Michael's approval.


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