Along The Lines Of A Mistake.

Esme's Point Of View.


3 Years before.

Nana, Granny or this day on I would be known as one of these names. At age 43 I was not the youngest Granny in the world but hardly the oldest.

If you were to ask me at the begining of the year if I thought one of my children would reproduce and make a new genearation of the Cullen family I would reply by saying there was a slight chance of that becoming a reality. My eldest, Emmett, who is approaching 22 was now most likely to have a child at this age or at least trying in the modern world.

However, if I was to rule Emmett out of it I would say not a chance in hell. My other two children were 27 hours apart. Teenage twins. Both were weeks away from turning 15, Alice being being born first and Edward being the youngest in our family.

Well the shocking thing was that it was not Emmett sitting beside the incubator, that held a vurnable, hours old baby boy holding on to his life by the skin of his teeth. No. It was not Emmett never taking his eyes of the baby since he had first glanced at it. Nope. That was because it was Edward. Edward was the one who had impregnated a college girl, it was Edward who would suddenly forget to breath everytime the tiny heart inside an equally tiny heart would stop for a few seconds. It was Edward who Rosalie came to a month ago, 6 months early and after the premature birth of her son walked out the hospital and never looked back, signing over the rights to Edward. It was Edward who this life was placed in his hands to do with what he pleases. Edward Cullen, single dad before he was 15.

Of course Rosalie told Edward last night that she wanted nothing to do with the baby and got blind drunk which caused her to go in to 2 months premature labour. Rose was 20, yet acted like a three year old. This pregnancy had caused a big elephant in our household. My husband Carlisle went against Edward's permission and set up an adoption claiming that Edward's and the Cullen reputation of the family would be damaged for centuries to come if he was to keep the infant. Carlisle furthermore failed to inform Edward or even ask what he wanted, while having Rosalies full consent.

That was the reason now that Edward looked up to me from his chair with unshed tears in his eyes. Almost like it took all his strength just to look away from the incubator for the first time in 7 hours. " Please don't make me give him up mom, I can do this. I know I can but I just need a little help, " he said with the swelling tears finally falling. "I love him!"

My heart lurched for my youngest son, who I did not even think would know what sex was nevermind doing it. He was suddenly maturing though, right before my eyes, and was admiting his love for another being and that he needed help doing it. Choices had to be made soon though. My baby had a baby and there was no denying that fact, but I knew that keeping this child would also cause more than one conflict in our family. Carlise was already furious with Edward. An occasional nod or a grunt in response was all Carlisle would ever awknowledge him with while in Edward's presence but I knew in my heart what needed to be done. It was the only right thing I could think of. It had to be done no matter what anyone said about this family, I would make sure to do the right thing for this child and my child. My choice had been made and I would be damned if I didn't follow through.


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