Teen fOrtress Too

The teem fortress 2 characterss as teens at school with acne..

"Gee golley wihz!" the scout said and his voice cacked. 'beening a tenager is hard work. Alls this acne, it hurts man! Said the scout again to his bestest budd , Heavy. "I HAT ANGST!" yelled heavy. "I know man i kno! The engineer enter teh open room. HEY Y'ALL he blurted. the snipper was the cl ass bulley. Eh maded fun of the poor engineer by callin him 'enginerd" Tenes can be so cruel and mean. heavy scout, nad engineer talk how tough it was being a teens. it was rough!

The other charaters from the game also went to sclool. Lik straight A's demomam, the class clown spi, flaming pyroo, and goofey it nor not, the medic gots all the ladies and babes. He was quit popular. the school was named Fortress High. ANDD THEN


evil spy created chaos! Zappin mah sentry and locker said egineer! Hahahehe! evil spiy laughed. Then gewd guy spyi saved day by detroying evil one spy. everoyne in the schooll got alongs alittle better after dat faithful day.

The announcer – hurry to class! The algebra calss is being contesteded!

The day resumed THE END