It was just like any other night for the fentons. Danny comes home late and hurt saying he ether fell or it was some type of bully. But for Maddie this was the last straw, even if she did not see blood dripping out from under his shirt. Unlucky for Danny she was not the only one to see it. His sister Jazz had just came in the door behind him after looking all over town to make sure he was safe.

"Oh my god! Danny are you ok? You look like as pale as a ghost and your are bleeding."(AN Jazz does not know about Danny's "Problem".)

Danny faceplamed after hearing Jazz's comment and sent her the meanest glare he could send without changing eye colours.

"Does it look like i am ok? Please don't answer that, and don't ask. Ether of you. I just want to go rest, and i am so tired i could sleep like the dead..." One faceplam later. "Good night mom, dad, jazz i will see you in the morning."

(Maddies point of view)

I watched as my lovely baby boy hobbeled up the stairs to his room.

"Danny when will you tell me the truth about these injurys." (Italics are thoughts.)

"Mom is there any thing we can do to help Danny?"

I could only stare as i thought of different ways to help him, but before i can even think about it Jack surpized me.

"Mads why don't you teach him self defense or better yet get some one els to do it. I am sure Vladdy would be happy to help teach him if i ask."

"Why Jack you never end to amaze me but i think i know some one better for the job. so why don't you go have some fudge."

Before Jack can even get a thank you out all can be seen is a dust cloud in the shape of jack just standing there.

"So mom Who you gona call?" (Yes this is the ghostbusters thing.)

"Just my old teacher."

As I walked to the phone i can here jazz heading upstairs. I hope she doesn't tell Danny.

"Hello. This is Maddie Fenton. That is correct. The ghost hunter. Yes. I am married to Jack. Can I please talk to Mr. ...

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