I am so so so sorry. I had completely forgot about this story but I do plan to finish this story. Also i need to tell you that when i first started writting it was not going to be a cross over but now thinking about it I am making it one. Now that i am back i will try to add more to each chapter.

Last time on what if?

Danny flew home as fast as he can since he was late yet again. Only to be stop again by Vlad.

"Hello little Badger how are you tonight?"

" What do you want now Fruitloop? Cant you let me rest in peace?"

"Now why would I want to do that Daniel?"

Danny starts to wounder why Vlad does not move or try to convice him about joining him. Then there in the back round a bell tower rings in his ear.

"Thanks Fruitloop you made me late!"

"I did? Maybe you would like a ride home from the mayor then?"

Danny out of anger lunges forward at him trying to knock him out of the sky. Vlad returns the attack by grabing him by the neck and throwing him to the ground.

"Now, now Daniel you should respect your elders."

Picking himself up and dives into the ground and rushes home. Just as Danny transforms back the front door swings open reveailing a worried looking Maddie.

"Danny your home! Listen sweetie after seeing all the injurys you have had I have gotten you some one to train you in defense."


"What are you talking about mom?"

"Well your father and I have seen all the injurys you think you have been hiding from us and I asked a old friend of mine to teach to self defense but he gave it up for working selling antiques. Luckly for you his sons son will be the one to teach you."

"Who is it?"

"His Name is Jackie Chan."

"Ok I have never heard of chan, is this a good thing or am I dead... well deader. Is he a friend from colleage?"

"No hun. I have never met him but Uncle, He is the one who trained me."

"Oh wow."

"Now Danny they will be here tomorrow in the after noon so you will need to be here. So go to bed now ok."

"Yes mom."

Danny could not belive it he was finaly going to get a upper hand. As he entered his room it felt off to him. It was when he floped onto his bed did he find out what was wrong.



"Yeah Cous?"

"Um what you doing here in my bed?"

"I missed you and heard you were going to be givin some trainning so i thought i would sit in and learn somethings too."

"Well there goes my upper hand for if Dani knows Vlad and the ghost zone know as well. I think it will be ok. Good night."

I know that this only the last chapter plus some but i needed a way to put the story back into my head so read and review.