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Pairing: Tyki x Girl Allen (sort of dark, sort of rape... but Allen does really want it…! She's just conflicted right now…)

The Noah of Pleasure couldn't keep the smirk from his lips as he ran his ash grey colored hand down the trembling body pinned under him. The black and silver lined coat had been ripped open, exposing the white shirt and more pale skin underneath.

The Noah's gold eyes flashed in amusement as he dragged that same hand up and under the white shirt, his hand feeling the soft material under it, causing the body under his to flinch at the touch. He smoothly sat up then and using both hands to undo the shirt so he could see what was underneath it, though he already knew what it was.

A cream colored cloth was rapt tight around the chest of the 'boy' that was under him. The Third child could only smirk wider at the pale trembling body that lay unmoving on the ground before him. "Why so scared, boy?" the Noah of Pleasure spoke the last word with complete amusement. "Or should I be calling you princess?"

Silver eyes snapped open to look into his halve lipped gold. Tyki chuckled low in his throat at the emotions that he could see within those beautiful eyes. "What, you thought I didn't know? Who do you think you're fooling?" The Noah leaned down so he could whisper into a pale ear. "I'm not one of your ignorant friends, my dear. I knew the first time I saw you…I knew your secret even when I took your left arm from you." he purred as he took hold of the cream colored cloth and pulled.

The ripping sound filled the cool night air of the forest that the Noah had conveniently run into the young exorcist in. Sitting back again the Noah of Pleasure's gold eyes racked over the newly exposed skin before the younger's forgotten and now free arms rose and crossed to cover the exposed chest. Silver eyes glared up at him filled with hate as his dark grey lips pulled insanely wide at the attempt to still hide the others secret.

Tyki tsked before he shifted so he could use his hands to take hold of the black clothed legs. When he tried to part them the young exorcist growled and held them tighter together. The Third Childs smirk waned at this before it renewed. Tightening his hold to the point he was sure that there would be bruises later, Tyki forced the thighs open and snugly fit his hips between them.

The young and pale body under him started to jerk and twist, trying to get way from his touch now, the earlier struggle renewing. The Noah fought down a moan as this caused the young lady that was masquerading as a boy to rub against some very good places. She must have noticed how hard he was becoming though, because the movement stopped and her pale face turned away from him all too soon. Silver eyes now held tightly closed as the child under him panted softly.

The Noah of Pleasure used this time to reach up and brush away some of the beautiful white hair that had fallen to obstruct his view of the growing pink tint of the pale checks. He chuckled more as he moved that same hand down that soft body once again. He loved to touch that soft pale white skin. Loved to watch that beautiful petite body tremble as his dark fingers ghosted down, barely touching now. But most of all he loved the fact that she didn't seem to be fighting him anymore, that she was giving into him now.

The thought that this might not be her first time being touched crossed his mind, now that she was being too pliant. His gold eyes narrowed at the thought as it brought forth a deep anger within his chest.

Pink lips parted as he sifted away slightly, his hand drifted lower. His hand glided between them and, using his powers, his skilled fingers entered her through her black pants without removing them.

The hands that had been covering her chest flew up to grasp at his white shirt. She pulled and he complied with the silent request by leaning forward, his fingers sinking deeper into that wet and warm body below him.

His smirk was gone now as he watched that lovely pale face dusted pink twist in pleasure.

Why did he dislike the idea that he might not be her first? Why did he loath the idea of anyone else other then himself being with her at all?

He removed his hand from her so that he could remove his hardness from his black pants. He didn't bother with undoing them; he just simply used his power. Using his hand to guide himself to her still covered entrance he paused. His gold eyes rising to her face to meet silver.

His smirk returned then as he saw the fear in them. So this would be her first time then…

He pushed forward as the giddiness twisted in the back of his throat at this revelation. His greedy golden eyes watched as her head tipped back as a pained whimper escaped her pink lips. Tyki found though that now he was within that delightfully wet heat that he couldn't just be still. He moved his hips slowly at first, but he couldn't hold that pace for long. No, he needed her. Needed to have more of her…

It wasn't long before they were moving together. Her arms desperately holding onto his broad shoulders as he thrust into her hard, her hips snapping back to meet him. Her sinful moans ghosting across his ears as he growled deep in his throat as the pleasure twisted higher, before it finally broke.

She finished first, tears falling from her shinning silver eyes as she cried out his name. Tyki knew that he was done as soon as he heard his name leave her pink lips in such a breathless voice.

He thrust into her warm heat a few more time before he was beyond the point of no return. His head tilted back as the pure untainted pleasure broke open within his body. He could dimly hear her begging him not to come inside her, but he didn't care to listen.

His dark body shook as he released his seed deep within her, thanks to a particular hard thrust of his hips. His breath hissed out between his white teeth as the pleasure from his climax faded, leaving him breathless. He turned his golden eyes back to look upon the young exorcists face. Her beautiful pink blush was even darker now and her pink lips were parted as she gasped for breath.

He chuckled low in his throat as he pulled away from the unmoving body underneath him. Fixing himself as he rose to his unsteady feet he kept his golden gaze locked on those shifting silver eyes as they watched him.

He offered the young lady that he had just claimed as his a cruel smile. "I'll be seeing you around darling. So don't get any ideas of entertaining any other suitors while I'm gone." He called over his shoulder as he turned and walked way.

Yes, he would come back for her. He wouldn't let such a gorgeous prize slip away from him. Allen Walker would be his indefinitely very soon; he just needed to make some arrangements first…