Ok, sorry that it took me so long to post the link…. I decided to sit down and fight with Mediafire… because this way the link should be permanent until I take it down...

!Important note!

The Dounjin are in Zip format and if you do not have anything that can open that type of file, go and download "Winzip" trail version, its free!… Its safe and you will not get viruses from it… Or I should say you shouldn't…

If you need any help just let me know! I can also try e-mailing them, but that would take a lot of e-mails because each Doujinshi is like thirty pages… Anyway, please enjoy the extra bonus Tyki x Allen smut!

…Please let me know if you have any trouble with the link!

OK, moving on again!

Warning: All Doujinshi on my Mediafire account will have explicit scenes between Tyki Mikk and Allen Walker! So the M rating still applies!

Disclaimer: I do actually own the Doujishi that can be found on my Mediafire account.

I do not mind if you share, but please, if you like the sexy Tyki/Allen smuttiness, then please buy your own copy! Support the lovely people who draw us such gorgeous and drool worthy Doujinshi!

Thank you all for reviewing, alerting, and adding this story to your favorites! It made me really happy! So here is the link to 4 of the Doujinshi that I own!

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http: / / www . mediafire . com / ?2otis1bz6nahb

the link can also be found on my profile!

Ok, I'm done. Please enjoy!

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