Note: This is strictly my story on a Code Geass Crossover. But changes will be made so it doesn't look like I'm ripping off Radomir Ravnyiskov. Rest assured however I will stay true to the storylines.

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P.O.V. of Imperial Japanese Commander Hoji Omura

"I was watching the briefing that showed Dr. Zelinsky a Soviet scientist talking to the Allied General and their President. The stupid fools were unaware that their beloved President was actually a Yougen Spy sent to gather information on them. His words however shook me took to the core "I have created a time machine" I knew very well what a time machine was as I did numerous studies on them during prepartory classes before the war began. He continued by saying "We went back in time to save ourselves and everything changed. You see The Empire of the Rising Sun would not exist if it was for our meddling with time and space". I then quickly put the pieces together and knew the truth that we never would have existed if they had entered that blasted machine. I was filled with rage, anger, Like our Emperor I too am a beliver in destiny but I am also a beliver in nature itself. The people violated that nature when they altered time. They very thought of them playing God digusted me and gave me further justification for riding the Earth of their kind. Yoshiro was shocked beyond belief and in response cut off the wires to the spy shutting him down in front of the two wittness. Suki then reported that a joint task force was preparing to invade our mainland Yoshiro gave power to Tatsu and told him not to let the Empire fall however the next seven hours would prove something remarkable".

Hanger 34


"What is it you wanted to talk to me about Fenji" I replied after I completed my mission to protect the mainland.

"Well Commander after an extensive number of tests we've discovered something very facinstating." He said.

"Whatever you have make it quick I need to return to visit Prince Tatsu". I said

"We discovered a portal, a portal that possibly can lead to other world" He replied finally getting to his point.

"Have you been drinking again that is impossible, surely it is" I replied surprised.

Fenji said "I completly assure you this is completly real. This distortions were faint at first but then after Zenlisky's time machine was revealed they started getting more and more powerful."

Deeply troubled by this information I said "The Emperor will hear of this keep scanning the portal for new developments" and I left to talk to the Emperor about this matter.

Emperor's Palace

Mount Fuji

"I decided to approach him personally and talk to him about this matter. Normally anyone cannot just barge in and demand to see the Emperor lest the deal with the consequences. However I believe this evidence will serve as justification for the reason why. Taking a sword in case the guards tried to stop me I immediately went to the entrance. However the lead guard told me "The Emperor's expecting you Commander" and he stepped aside to let me pass. Nodding my head I rushed to the throne room and when I reached there Emperor Yoshiro and Prince Tatsu were there busy conversing I bowed to both of them and told them what Fenji told me.

Both were disturbed by this information as they were unsure if they were friend or foe. I decided to take matters into my own hands "We need any and all type of support to fight the Allies and the Soviets I will go and discover this new world."

The Next Day

"As I prepared to leave I took one passenger with me and that was Yuriko Omega. She was most useful as she had the power to destroy enemies with the power of her mind. Fenji activatied the time portal and we were sent straight thru to that world. We were going through space and time and time and space as finally landed at our destination. I quickly got my senses together and was wondering if we made it. It appeared we were in Japan obivously but where in Japan. So we both looked around as I was careful to keep my sword and stars close by and Yuriko's powers were ready. And then I saw something that horffied me to no end. Tokyo Tower was destoyed I was fueled with anger at the gajin who would dare do this. "Hey eleven what the fuck do you think you're doing" I turned around to see made that comment and it was a male, a white male to be more specific. "Well aren't you going to speak up eleven huh say something" and he threw a beer bottle however I sliced it in half with my sword. The male was shocked and said "Where did you get that huh answer me you flithy beast". That was the last straw for me as I said "Yuriko who this fool happens to those who get in our way" Yuriko using her powers threw him up in the air and crushed him. Knowing very well there would be witnesses I said "It's time we make our departure my dear" using a smoke bomb we escaped without anyone noticing.

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