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Viceroy's Palace

Area 11

Corneila was looking over reports over the terriost known as Zero. He was most infamously known for killing Prince Clovis Corneila's brother. She was focusing so deeply on the reports that it startled her when Gilbert her knight said "Your highness sorry to bother you but something has come up". "What is it Gilbert" she sighed she hated this place because not only did it take one family member away from her but two as all Lelouch and Nunnaly or so she belived. "One of the Britannians was attacked today by an eleven" "If it's only an eleven why didn't you just arrest or kill the damn person" she screamed as she was not in the mood for this. "It was no ordinary eleven ma'am these people were dressed differently according wittness and had supernatural powers." "Gilbert are you trying to make me upset" said Corneila losing her patience. He just sighed I knew you wouldn't believe it from me luckily someone managed to make a recording and that should be more than enough proof." Corneila decided to give her knight the benefit of the doubt but she wouldn't believe until she has seen it " Show to me" she said. Guliford respond immediatley "Yes your highness"

Later that night Corneila still reviewed the footage and was shocked at what she saw. A young male eleven taking a sword and slicing a bottle in half and a young female eleven having some sort of powers. Many questions aroused in her mind Who were they? Where did they come from? Euphemia her younger sister came in and said "sister what's wrong" and then noticed the young male in the video as he said "Yuriko who this fool happens to those who get in our way". She was shocked to see her use her powers to kill a man. "Why would they do they a thing sister" Corneila simpily replied "I don't know" as she rewinded the video and saw him look at the remains of Toyko Tower in anger.

Abandonded Apartment

Area 11

After the incident at Tokyo Tower the duo the decided it was best to hide for now. Taking out a portable handheld Hoji connected it to an electric socket and said "Yuriko this socket seems to be working I'm going to try and find information on this world" Yuriko nodded and stood guard. Information starting coming in revealing the history of Brittiana and how Japan was conqued.

55 BC Or a.t.b

"What does a.t.b. mean thought Hoji as he scrolled down and discovered what it meant. It meant Ascension Throne Britannia "does that mean they do not pratice any relgion" he thought. He continued to read as it said Casear tries to invade Britain but was stopped by the local tribes. The story goes on and on about how this "Britannia" has developed a monarchy system over the centuries and was slowly taking over the world piece by piece. He also learned about Sakuradite a powerful energy source which was found in this world's Japan. He also learned that is why they invaded Japan and forced them into becoming slaves. Hoji was furious and he knew the reason why he was so furious. The reason his Japan sought their freedom was because over matters such as these and now that they got their's back they had a obligation to help their brethern in need. He transferred all this information to a long-range transmission and sent in back to their world because if fate can be changed then perhaps a divine destiny might still exist after all.

Ashford Acadmey

The Next Day

At Ashford Acadmey people were whispering about two new students coming in and the fact that they were elevens. To them it was bad enough having one but three. They all quieted down when the headmaster spoke "Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce to you Yuriko Omega and Hoji Omura please give them your deepest respects". Hoji stood there thinking "It has begun"

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