Chapter 4 part 1

5 Years Later

Sitting in the waiting room for Charlie to finish with his last patient, Elle was reading one of the complementary magazines. "I don't get it," she said to Jane.

"Get what?" Jane asked.

"This," Elle said holding up the brooding face of William Darcy, the hottest face of romantic comedies and now action movies.

"What is so confusing about him?" Jane asked.

"I don't get what makes him so popular. He's just a pretty face," Elle said.

"Well, people are attracted to pretty faces and if a woman can by ten bucks to see more of him for an hour and half or two, they will. When people buy tickets that means money and money means you will see more of him," Jane logically replied.

"Yeah, yeah," Elle said. She couldn't argue much because she still remembers what he looks like and feels like up close and personal, but that was five years ago. She has moved on. Although, no one has been able to compare or make her feel like he did, doesn't mean anything.

"Come on Will. I told Jane I would have a friend come with us tonight since her sister was in town visiting," Charlie pleaded while he was still in the back office. Will remembered all too well about

Jane's sister, he couldn't forget her. In the last five years no woman he has been with even compares, but she left him. She didn't even give his frail heart a chance and now he wasn't sure if anyone could penetrate his walls.

"If I do this for you, you will owe me big time and your wife will owe me dinner for a week," Will said.

"Fine, it's a deal. But I still don't see why it's a big deal that we want you to come out with us and a beautiful woman," Charlie said.

All Will could think was, If you only knew.