"For the love of..." Naruto pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance at the display. The first match involved was Sasuke against one of his fangirls, who quickly forfitted, followed by the girl getting into a shouting match with a few others who accused her of trying to get points with the boy, "And they actually expect to be considered shinobi?"

"They're troublesome fangirls, Naruto. What do you expect?" Shikamaru said, sighing in annoyance when he was called to face Shino. The blonde considered it a small measure of relief when their match became more of a battle of wits. Shikamaru finally surrendered when a few bugs got into his clothes, draining enough chakra to break his concentration.

Next up was Chouji and Kiba, who ended up eating a good supply of tree after the Akamichi hurled him into one for using the f-word in his presence.

Naruto, much to his annoyance, found himself facing off against Sakura.

"You better go ahead and give up like a good little baka!" The pintette growled, "I can take you out with one hit!"

"Well, you're half right, Haruno. One move is all it'll take." Naruto muttered, unhooking the chains from his blades and letting them fall into piles at his sides. It was then that they all saw the other ends were literally embedded in the skin near his wrists. What followed was a sudden and slightly stomach-churning noise as the chains were drawn into his arm. The tightening of his jaw was all that indicated the process was somewhat painful.

"What the hell!" Iruka blurted out, basically stating everyone's reaction, "Naruto! What in Kami's name did you just do?"

"Technically, my weapons, the Chaos Blades, are cursed in a way." He responded nonchalantly, "Once I agreed to weld them, they pretty much became permanently attached to me. It's sort of a security measure too. I can still unhook the swords like you just saw, but they're impossible to use to their fullest without the chains." With his forearms now bare, they all noticed he had what looked like storage seals on them, all but one were filled, which he promptly sealed them into.

When Iruka called for the match to start, she charged straight at him, fist raised while he stared her down.

"RAH!" Once she had gotten in range, she aimed the punch straight for his head.


What she failed to expect was him responding with a vicious side kick that sent her spinning into the air slightly before landing in a heap.

"Whoa.." Chouji half-whispered, "Never saw Naruto clock anybody like that, especially a girl."

"Considering that he could have broken Inuzuka's wrist earlier if he wanted to, I think it's safe to assume he was being somewhat merciful in ending the match quickly." Shino threw in his two cents

Naruto..don't you think you were a tad too brutal?" Iruka called out, watching the medic on hand carry the girl off, her jaw already swelling from the blow.

"Haruno made it clear that blow was intended to do as much damage as possible. I simply responded properly." Came the response, "Rather disappointing really, I had expected her to at least stay somewhat conscious."

The chunin rubbed his temple and called the next two up: Ino and Hinata.

"Hey, Hinata." Naruto said as the girl in question made her way to the sparring ring, "Good luck."

"A-arigato, Naruto-kun." She responded shyly, almost forgetting where she was going as she registered the show of faith.

Granted, Ino proved to be somewhat superior to Sakura in the ring, but she still suffered from the traditional fangirl's reluctance to properly train. For that, she paid the price as Hinata struck several weak points, leaving her unable to move.

The remainder of the matches were what could be considered modest attempts to put up a fight, or abhorrent displays between fangirls that were little more than screaming, slapping, and hair-pulling.

"By the gods..." Naruto growled, "Do we really have to be teamed up with..with THEM?" He gestured to the ring, where Ami and her opponent were schreaming at each other to shut up while saying they'd be with Sasuke.

"I'm afraid so, Naruto." Shino replied, "They are the only girls in our year. Though, not all of them will be passing, fortunately."

"Troublesome. That's all they all." Shikamaru muttered, twitching a bit when a few girls heard and yelled at him to shut up.

Once the matches were done, Iruka led them to the practice range, "All right, you all know the drill, five kunai and five shuriken, as close to the targets as you can get them. First up..


Meanwhile, once Kratos had calmed down somewhat, Sarutobi decided to break out his viewing orb to see how things were doing at the exam.

Watching the matches they were able to catch, the Spartan gave the man what could only be described as a VERY disapproving look, "You actually allow such sorry excuses of females to try and become ninja? With the exception of Hinata, they barely look as if they'd make decent harem girls, much less warriors!"

"I don't like it any more than you do, Kratos. But anyone who chooses is allowed to attend the academy, wether or not they come from a clan. Sadly, most of our so-called 'hopefulls' are there solely to try and get Sasuke Uchiha's attention. Thankfully most look like they'll fail the exam, and more if they can't pass the real test their jounin sensei will give them afterwards. I know it's not right to wish that kind of misfortune on someone, but becoming a shinobi simply to try and be near a crush is nothing more than a waste. Attitudes like that will get them and their team killed in no time flat."

"They still leave a bad taste in my mouth." Kratos grumbled as he watched. He was disgusted at how some would throw the weapons almost haphazardly, missing the target completely or falling short. His only source or relief was watching the few Naruto got along with make scores that were at least respectable.

He almost rolled his eyes at the smug expression on the aforementioned Uchiha as he gained a nine out of ten on the target.

When Naruto was finally called, Sarutobi took on a slightly confused expression when the blonde refused the weaponry.


"Never really did care for kunai." Naruto waved the weapons away, "Too easy to run out of them in a fight."

"Scared to mess up and prove he's nothing more than a loser's more like it!" Kiba barked in laughter.

"If the worthless mutt is through talking out of his ass..." Naruto responded, ignoring the boy's snarl before placing a hand on a storage seal with the kanji for 'Bane' on it. When the resulting smoke cleared, several eyes widened and Jaws dropped at what was in it. In his hand was what looked like the head of an angry statue, except that a bow was emerging from it..

A bow made entirely out of air. Without another word, Naruto drew back the 'string' . When he did, an arrow, also of air, appeared in it, nocked and ready.


"This is no jutsu, little girl." The blonde said, letting it fly. They all watched as the arrow flew towards it's target, sounding like a gentle breeze before striking the dummy's head hard enough to put a gash straight across it, "This is Typhon's Bane."


"Typhon's Bane? I've never heard of an elemental weapon like that..." Sarutobi mused, obviously impressed with it.

"One I came across in my travels, taken from the same Titan it was named after." Kratos allowed himself a brief smile, "Also one of Naruto's favorites, next to his Chaos Blades and Nemean Cesti."

"Nemean..? Titan..?" Sarutobi looked befuddled.

"Perhaps an explanation would be in order. But for now, I suggest we watch and see how things turn out for the remainder of the test."


Feels good to finally get a new chapter of this. I wanted to try and bring out a little more between Naruto and Hinata, but just couldn't get it all to mesh. I'll try and rectify that next time.

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