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Hello there :) The plot of this story was inspired by the movie Terminator (as unlikely as it sounds) so anyway please read , review , give me suggestions. Enjoy chapter one =)


Severus Snape sat hunched over pitifully , facing the headmaster.

Albus Dumbledore watched as the man in front of him trembled pathetically , making noises like a wounded animal.

"Are you feeling remorse , Severus?" asked Albus , the soft question sounding cruel in the man's ears.

Severus inhaled and choked out a sob , tears rolling down his distressed face.

"She is dead." said Albus flatly , is if his words made it final, "Lily is dead."

Severus looked up , his red rimmed eyes full of unbearable pain.

"D-don't t-talk about her l-like that!" he choked out thickly , overwhelming guilt over taking his features.

"Don't be angry at me Severus , be angry at yourself." said Albus coldly.

Severus looked utterly defeated , like each moment he lived was causing him unendurable and excruciating pain.

In way it was.

The only woman he had ever loved was dead.

And it was his fault.

Surely he deserved to die.

"Y-you said you would protect her!" He whispered , his composure faltering.

"I said would protect them , them all." said Albus ,"James and Lily may be dead,"

Severus reflexively stiffened at the word "James",

Albus continued , ignoring Severus's discomfort "But their son , Harry lives."

Snape looked like he couldn't care less about Harry being alive. It didn't matter , she was dead , and he might as well be too.

"I-I d-don't want-t-to-"

"Enough!" interrupted Albus , his ability to intolerant increasing , looking at Severus in disgust. He was not going to the watch man wallow in self-pity. The time for that was over and there was more pressing issues to discuss. " If she was the only reason that you are alive , then your life belongs to her and now that she is dead , your life belongs to her son , Harry."

"N-no No! , not Potter!" spat Severus , distaste and disbelief evident in his voice.

"Do you forget that he is her son too?" demanded Albus, " Infact, he has her eyes. Do you remember the colour of Lily's eyes? Do you?"

Severus moaned with agony. Of course he remembered , the vibrant emerald eyes of Lily Potter , always so full of life. The same eyes that used to light up when she saw his face.

The same eyes that told him she hated him , when words failed.

Harry Potter had her eyes . Potter took her eyes, Lily's eyes.

Severus was insulted by Albus's question. "Of cource I remember!"

"Then if you love her Severus." continued Albus , impatience and exasperation rising with every word , " If you truly love her, you will devote your life to protect her son , to protect Harry."

"H-he doesn't n-need-"

"He does!"cried Albus " One day Lord Voldemort will return and Harry will need your protection."

Albus waited for Severus to argue back , he waited for his contempt filled eyes to reach his and deny the request with all his will.

Severus looked up. And then whispered "He must never know."

"So you agree?"

Severus nodded.

"Severus Snape , from this day forward , do you vow to devote your life to protect the one of Harry Potter?"

Severus considered , a magnitude of emotions rushing through him. Somewhere in his memories he heard her say his name , like the sound of a small bird's call resounding through the darkness of his mind.

"Yes" breathed Severus.

"Then give me your hand."

Severus lifted his hand to Albus , who grasped it firmly with his own, wand at the ready.

"Severus Snape," began Albus solemnly as both eyes met. "Do you vow to protect Harry Potter , to the best of your ability or die trying? Do you vow to do everything in your power to ensure his existence , until the time comes?"

Severus looked at Albus, unasked questions forming in his head. Albus's expression indicated that now was not the time to ask.

"I do." whispered Severus.

A crimson flame enclosed their hands , wrapping itself around like a deadly snake , offering no escape, no chance to turn back.

The snake flashed and scarlet light blinded them and Severus felt his hand burning as if coated in white hot embers.

Then the snake disappeared leaving a mutilating spiraled scar along Severus's hand.


Severus Snape felt Lord Voldemort pull out of his mind , the memories of what had just been seen imprinting images into his vision. He was back in the Shrieking Shack , kneeling before his master. In the distance , faint screams could be heard , the battle was raging.

For a second Severus felt nothing , no pain , no fear. He felt Voldemort's eyes on him , his rage heavy in the atmosphere, so much that it was almost tangible.

Snape knew he should fear for his life , be more terrified then he had ever been.

And as his eyes met Voldemort's , fear started to override the chilling calmness he had felt before.

He was going to die.

He waited for Voldemort to speak , for his impending death to be cast upon him.

"I have nothing to say to you." said Voldemort , his malevolent voice sending shivers through Severus's body.

He prepared his last breath and pictured Lily waiting for him.

Instead those vivid , green eyes told him to fight.

Fight for his life.

Fight for her son.

Voldemort considered him and then with a split second movement of his wand , so quick Severus barely had time to register, Voldemort cried ," Avada Kedavra!"

The radiating green light shot at Severus , straight for his heart, his fate determined from one spell. Severus felt his body jerk suddenly, his feet left the floor, he was in the air as the spell missed him by inches. In mid air, without pausing to think , Severus shot a stupefy before hitting the ground, arms breaking the fall.

He watched Voldemort stumble backward and fall to the ground.

Severus lived.

For the moment.


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