I just realized that on Tuesday is my fanfic anniversary! So because I'm SO exited (I really am!) I am gonna make a simple happy anniversary story. First, this is just a party I guess. So this is my anniversary story! Yay!

Isabella was walking down the street. She was probably heading to phineas and ferb's house after the long day of fireside girl stuff. Just then she decided to take a short cut through the school's yard.

Suddenly, she had an erge to look up. When she did, Isabella saw a girl. Not just any girl though, a girl that looked exactly like her. The girl was looking at a piece of paper and was looking confused. The only diffrence between them would be that the girl had a slightly brighter shade of pink for her dress. When the girl saw Isabella her jaw dropped open.

"You look exactly like me!" They both said.

"This is so wired," Again they said at he same time. The two girls even sounded alike. The girl smiled.

"My name is Sally, what's yours?" The girl asked.

"My name's Isabella." Isabella answered. Then she looked at the piece of paper that sally dropped. "What's that?" She asked. Sally looked down and saw the paper.

"I moved here yesterday." Sally said sadly. "But when I out for a walk today, I couldn't find my way back home." Sally smiled at Isabella. "Do you think you could help me?"

"Sure," Isabella said, "Lets see it." Sally smiled bigger and handed the paper to Isabella. When Isabella read it, her jaw dropped open. "That's Phineas's next door address." She gasped.

"So," Sally said hopefully, "Do you think you could help me?" Isabella nodded, but her jaw was still wide open.