"Hey sally can I talk to you?" Phineas asked Isabella when she and sally walked back into the backyard.

"Sure," Isabella replied walking towards him. Phineas sat down on the grass, Isabella did the same.

"Listen sally," Phineas said, "I'm starting to realise that I don't love you. I think I only pretended to love you because you looked like Isabella. I think I was just fighting me feelings. Please forgive me though, I just think that Isabella is better for me."

Phineas took a deep breath. "Now I have to try and steal Isabella from my brother." He sighed glumly.

"You are so clueless aren't you?" Isabella laughed.

"What do you mean?" Phineas asked hurtfully.

"I'm Isabella!" She said. Phineas's jaw slammed open.

"W-what?" Phineas asked.

I knew you liked sally okay." Isabella explained, "So I got jealous and sally liked ferb. So we traded places and... and..." Her voice trailed off.

Phineas smiled. "So you did all that just because you like me?" He asked.

Isabella blushed and nodded.

"Well that's perfect!" Phineas said ecitedly. "I can date you and ferb can date sally. It works out perfectly!" Phineas stood up and reached his hand out to Isabella. She giggled and took his hand.

"Lets go tell ferb about how this worked out!" Phineas suggested and went to tell ferb about what happened.