"Hey Ayla, do you want to go out on a date this weekend?" Jimmy asked his small, extremely hyper girl friend, Ayla. She twirled around so fast her short, wavy brown hair whipped her own face, "Ow"

Her hazel-green eyes lit up with suspense. "Yes, yes! Where will we go?" She questioned quickly.

"You'll see. But remember to wear your cat stuff." Jimmy grinned.

"…O~kay!" Ayla sing-songed.

*Time skip to the date*

"Oh. My. Gosh! Are you serious!" Squealed Ayla. She had on a total *Neko out-fit. Complete with vintage purple neko cat ears, a purple neko cat tail, and fake cat whiskers. You can't forget that she also had fake purple neko cat claw gloves on.

"Yup, I took you to the one and only Cat Café, Petton!" Exclaimed Jimmy equally happy. He, too, was all Neko-ed up for the date, wearing matching brown neko wear; cat ears, cat tail, cat claws, and fake cat whiskers.

Ayla grabbed Jimmy's hand and dragged him into the café. They started off at the real café part. Jimmy bought Ayla the most sugar filled frapachino they had on the menu and a plain coffee for him. A waitress sat them down at a cat shaped table were they talked about what they would do next. After they finished they continued to the cat part of the café. It was full of cute, frisky little kittens and calm fluffy adult cats. A tiny little Russian Blue named Mieko-Chan rubbed up against Ayla, purring and meowing. Ayla picked up Mieko-Chan and hugged her very tight. Jimmy chuckled at the look on the kittens face. Ayla let go of her poor victim, then picked up a full grown tabby cat. His name was Tallinn; he was sweet and loved Ayla obsessive hugging. Tallinn purred and lightly clawed at Ayla's arm to keep petting him. Tallinn hopped out of her arms and into Jimmy's, Ayla frowned.

"I was petting him first." She growled bitter-sweetly; bitter because Tallinn choose Jimmy and sweet because she thought it was cute.

"He likes me better~~" Jimmy sang childishly.

Ayla giggled. She stood up and put her hand to her forehead like a sailor. What could she be searching for? A cat, of course. The most perfect snow white Japanese Shino kitten popped up out of absolute nowhere and jumped on Ayla's shoulders.

"Aiieeee! So cute! Soooo Moe!" She squealed. The little shino kitty hopped into her arms and Ayla cuddled her excessively.

Jimmy grinned a Cheshire cat grin, "Do you want to keep her?" Ayla was looked super surprised and even happier.


"Dead serious." Jimmy pulled out his wallet and walked towards the casher.

*Time skip – at the park*

Ayla and Jimmy were walking hand in hand while Ayla's new kitten, Mimi-Chan, was hanging on her shoulder.

"I think your mom might get mad at me if your home to late." Jimmy sighed. Ayla looked up at him and pouted, "But I don't want to go yet."

Jimmy smiled and they continued to walk around the park. Purples and oranges started to fill the sky as Jimmy and Ayla (And Mimi-Chan) watched the sun set. They sat on a bench and talked quietly to each other. After about an hour Ayla decided it was time to go home. Jimmy and she got onto Jimmy's R6 motorcycle and speed off down the road to Ayla's house. Once they reached the front door, Ayla was about to walk in and go to sleep, Jimmy stopped her.

"I had a lot of fun today." Jimmy smiled kindly to his cat loving girlfriend.

Ayla smiled softly back at him, "Me too, let's do it again sometime, 'kay?" She giggled.

Jimmy leaned down and softly kissed Ayla's forehead. Ayla blushed a deep red that stretched from her neck to her cheeks. She nodded her head shyly and walked slowly into her home, wishing that this day would never end. This was the perfect ending for the perfect date for the perfect couple.

XD Ayla + Jimmy = super amazingly cute couple!