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Pairing: Quinn/Finn, Quinn/Rachel, Kurt/OC
Summary: You lie, you don't want to hurt me - So you lie, buy a little time, and I go along

A/N: Fair warning, this is more Quinn centric as far as Faberry goes but more than that, everything you read will be unfolding in someone else's eyes.

Part One

I wasn't sure what possessed her to say yes when I asked her to marry me. We were fresh out of college when I proposed because I knew she was the one for me. I could feel it every time I looked into her gorgeous hazel eyes or held her hand. She just seemed so perfect. We felt so perfect.

We had been through a lot in high school. Drama followed us wherever we went and after Quinn gave birth to Raina Elizabeth (Drizzle as I call her because she really was born on a rainy day), she was never the same again. A part of her was kind of lost and the other part just wanted to focus on our daughter and school. Since she became a teenage mother, graduating wasn't the top priority on her list but I'd like to think that I helped her realize that it was possible.

I took full responsibility for Drizzle since the day she was born. I stepped up to be someone I knew she'd need when Puck had dumped Quinn after finding out she was pregnant. I had been in love with her since we were in grade school so my dream had come true when she accepted my offer to take her out on a date. Things went pretty fast from there and we were strong through all of it.

We had only been married for six months before I suggested that we leave Lima, Ohio and head to the bright city of New York. She refused at first, telling me that we couldn't afford it but I convinced her otherwise. I had managed to find us a two bedroom apartment that was perfect for us. Drizzle was excited about the move and had her stuff packed two weeks before we were to move.

"Are you sure about this?" Quinn asked one night, her hand on my stomach, her head tucked beneath my chin as we lay in bed.

"Of course," I smiled in reply, rubbing her back gently, "I wouldn't have suggested it if I weren't sure."

She seemed rather sold on that and dropped the subject. Without another word, she helped pack the place up we had been living in for the past five and half years and never looked back without so much as a glance.

New York City was definitely different and more than we were used to. Drizzle's school was a lot bigger and offered more for extracurricular activities, which made me happy. She seemed to be adjusting well and that set our minds at ease as far she her well being was concerned when we first moved.

Quinn was struggling to find her place. She didn't like to go out much and was afraid of going out to show her fashion sketches to agencies around the city. The former HBIC cheerleader was long gone and I still had trouble helping her find confidence again. Despite that downfall, she was free in a lot of ways and even though she was having a hard time adjusting, she smiled a lot more. A lot of that had to do with Drizzle but still, it was an improvement to where we were in Lima.

For a while, the city life was treating us pretty good. I was working full time and Quinn was slowly starting to apply to places, even if it weren't for what she wanted to do. In any case, she was out the door one day with a smile on her face and résumés tucked under her arm. I kissed her for good luck and she was gone.

Quinn was more than cheery when she came back with an empty hand, saying that she applied everywhere she wanted to but ended up with a change of plans once she bumped into someone from our high school past.

"So I decided to swing by the bakery to grab some fresh bread for tonight's dinner and guess who I ran into?" Her hazel eyes were sparkling and she twirled along the room, Drizzle right on her heels, giggling.

"Who?" I asked, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Kurt Hummel." She gasped and grinned, cutting up some vegetables and throwing them in a bowl. "Can you believe it? Of all the people to run into and of all the places, I ran into Kurt."

I smiled and pushed myself off the surface and wrapped my arms around her from behind. "And how's he doing?"

"Good." She relaxed a little into me and quietly instructed our daughter to wash her hands if she wanted to help with making dinner. "We started talking and he ended up leaving with one of my résumés in his hands. Apparently he knows this woman who's looking for a costume designer for one of the upcoming new Broadway shows. I'm not sure I'm that good but who knows, right?" Quinn smiled.

I pressed a kiss to her cheek and squeezed her close. "Babe, you are the best sketch artist I've seen and the clothes you design are amazing. It's about time you get your foot into the door and knowing Kurt, even if this woman isn't interest, he'll get you into something."

"Thank you," she offered softly, "you know he hasn't changed one bit." Quinn laughed. "His outfits are still as stylish as ever but I did get to meet his boyfriend, Geoff. What a sweet couple and they have a little girl about Rain's age."

"Kurt has a kid?" I asked, nearly spitting the words out.

"Yeah, you'll get to meet them because I invited them over for dinner." She winked and patted my cheek before going back to work on the salad she was making.

A little over an hour later, I found myself opening up our apartment door to company and in a strong embrace by a former classmate. Kurt and I were never close but he developed a friendship with Quinn after they bonded over cheerleading and fashion. So naturally, I was stuck hanging out with him as well.

His boyfriend, Geoff, was the opposite of him. His dark ebony skin complimented Kurt's pale skin and they were different in height, Geoff being slightly shorter. Finally a little girl squeezed through the two guys and held out her hand for me to shake "Hi, I'm Annie Hummel-Banks, you have a lovely small apartment."

"Thank you Annie." I shook my head with a smile. I pointed towards Drizzle, "that's my daughter Raina, she has a bunch of toys in her room if you two want to play."

Drizzle's bright hazel eyes grew wide with excitement at making a brand new friend and her blonde curls whirled around her head as she grabbed Annie's hand and pulled her towards her bedroom.

Quinn just finished grabbing our guests a drink and continued making dinner. I decided to help her out a bit while we carried on conversation with the other two men sitting at our dining table.

"So Q, I hope you don't mind but I did something better than give that woman your résumé," his boyish grin caused Geoff to squeeze his thigh. "I invited her over to meet you personally."

"What?" Quinn shook her head before repeating the question. "Are you insane Kurt? I have nothing prepared, I have to get my sketches together and-"

"Chill Quinn!" Kurt grabbed her and then glanced at me before guiding her to sit. "I didn't ask her to meet you to look at your portfolio, I wanted her to meet you and since she was free, I figured why not? I know I stepped out of line a little bit but trust me, she seems more than impressed with what she's read on paper."

"This sounds really great babe," I smiled encouragingly and grabbed her hand, "besides Kurt wouldn't have invited her up here if he didn't think you were worth the time."

"Exactly." He smiled to himself and sat back down. "So, what's for dinner?"

Dinner went smoother than I thought it would. The girls ate quietly and politely before excusing themselves to go play in Drizzle's room and I helped my wife clear the table when everyone was done eating. "How long have you two been together?" I asked, watching as him and Geoff share a light intimate kiss.

"About four years," Geoff answered me, "he was so patient while I went through my divorce."

Quinn smiled and piled all the dishes into the dishwasher.

"His ex-wife couldn't wait to kick him out." Kurt patted his knee.

I nodded and didn't want to push the subject any further. They both seemed really happy and I wasn't about to judge that; even though I was dying to know the scoop on Geoff's previous marriage.

After everything was clean and another glass of wine was served, the buzzer to our apartment went off and I glanced at the clock. It was 8:00pm sharp.

"She hates tardiness." Kurt explained when he caught me staring at the time with a raised eyebrow. He allowed himself to press the button and buzzed the woman in.

Quinn looked back at me with a slightly nervous gaze and I wrapped my arms around her, pressing a kiss to her forehead. As soon as a gentle knock was at our door, she was out of my embrace and rushing forward to greet our new guest.

Everything changed from the second the door opened and brown expressive eyes dragged over Quinn from the top of her head to the very tips of her toes. It was like I was watching their first meet in slow motion. The young woman was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a black leather jacket that fit every single curve.

Quinn seemed to be taking in the woman very closely as well, a hand ran through her hair as she nervously took the shorter brunette's hand, shaking it gently. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Quinn Fabray."

I frowned and swallowed a little, confusion washing over my face at her choice of the last name she used to introduce herself with.

"I've heard a lot about you," the other woman smiled and I had to admit it was quite contagious. "I'm Rachel Berry."

"Aw, look," Kurt was right beside me as he witnessed the two women, "looks like I made a perfect match."

I turned my head to look at him and he shrugged. "Perfect match?"

"Yes, for the job. If you can make a first great impression with your potential boss then you're golden in this industry. Rachel's very dedicated to what she does and she wants someone who will click with her and get the job done. Your wife is perfect for her, Finn." He patted my back and nodded.

I watched silently as Quinn and Rachel moved to the living room for a little more privacy and realized for the first time since I've known the blonde, I heard her laugh with her whole body that night.