Summery: Edward the perpetual bachelor, was loving his single life until one day a child he didn't know he had, was left on his door step. Not knowing what to do with a baby, Edward recruit's his neighbor, Bella's, help. Once he realizes that the baby brings Bella, who didn't want to be with him, closer to him he uses it to his advantage. Sexward is now being forced to be a stay at home dadward.

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Chapter 1: Meeting the neighbors


"C'mon man. I want to get to the club." Emmett yelled from the living room as I fished a shirt out of my closet.

"I'm coming. Don't get your panties in a bunch." I sighed as I walked into the living room pulling the shirt over my head. "I'm ready, let's go."

Emmet I walked out of my apartment and went across the hall to retrieve Jasper from his and Emmett's apartment. Jasper was ready and we all walked down the hall to find the stairs were blocked by a couch.

"What the fuck is this?" I sighed.

"That's a weird place to sit." Emmett laughed.

Suddenly three girls came walking down the hallway. They were all attractive. One was a tall blonde with legs to kill; one was a short pixie like girl with short black hair that looked like it could take someone's eye out with its sporadic points jetting out from the sides. And the last was a girl had long brown hair pulled into a messy ponytail and glasses, she looked like the classic bookworm.

"Sorry about this." The bookworm waved her hand towards the couch stuck in the stairwell. "We were taking a minute to try and figure out how we could get it out of here."

"I'm sure we can help you." Jasper drawled. "Which way? Coming or going?"

"Coming. We just moved into the apartment at the end of the hall." The spiky one answered.

Emmett got on one end of the couch while Jasper and I took the other end. We tilted the couch on the side and jimmied it over the banister and out of stairwell. We followed the girls down the hall with it and took it into there apartment for them.

The apartment was the biggest in the building. It was nice; it recently had a lot of work done to it. Almost everything in the apartment was new. After Jessica had moved out they had to replace a lot that was destroyed in our sexcapades. Like the walls, counters… table, that one actually hurt a bit. But I wasn't going to tell these girls why it was all redone.

"Thanks a lot." The blonde said. "We probably would have never gotten it in here ourselves."

"It was no problem. I'm Emmett by the way." He said extending his hand to her. "And this is Jasper and Edward."

"I'm Rosalie." She purred. "And this is Alice and Bella."

"Hey, were going down to the bar down the street, Breaking Dawn. You ladies interested in joining us?" It didn't go unnoticed by me that Emmett was talking primarily to Rosalie.

Rosalie looked toward Alice and Bella and they both nodded. "Sure. We just have to change and we will meet you down there."

"Sounds good. See you there." Emmett said as we all went out the door.

"Those girls are smoking hot!" Emmett exclaimed as we walked down the street. Jasper nodded his head in agreement. "Especially Rosalie."

"I like Alice." Jasper added.

"I get left with the bookworm? What the fuck?" I asked. They just laughed.

"She's got that hot librarian thing going on." Emmett said.

We walked into 'Breaking Dawn' and the club was in full swing. Lights flashing, music thumping, alcohol swirling, girls in need of attention in there full sluttish glory. My kind of night.

Jasper and I grabbed a table near the dance floor while Emmett went to the bar to get our beers. We had a perfect table to watch all the girls on the dance floor. Watching girls get drunk and grind on each other was my top three things of favorites. Top two being, having sex, and playing my music. If I could do all three at once I would be in fucking heaven.

We were starting our second round of beers as the girls walked into the bar. It was like a moment from a movie when the three most beautiful girls in the world walked in and the whole room paused to watch them walk in in slow motion. I was waiting for there hair to start blowing behind them.

As the girls walked over to our table I had to do a double take towards Bella. I didn't think it was her at first. The frumpy clothes were gone and replaced with a short denim skirt and a barely there bandana shirt. Her hair was down in long waves, and she had shed the glasses. Bookworm Bella was gone and replaced with my new sex addiction.

I adjusted myself under the table before she sat down next to me. "Hi." I said lamely.

"Hey, Edward right?" She asked. I nodded and she smiled.

I saw the waitress walking by so I grabbed her and I looked toward Bella and asked, "What are you having?"

"What you're drinking is fine." She answered. Hmm, a girl who drinks beer with the big boys, sexy. I don't know why but it is. Don't question my logic, it won't get us anywhere.

The waitress came back with the new drinks. Another round of beers and cosmopolitans for Rosalie and Alice. Bella drank half her beer in one swig as I watched in amazement. Rosalie and Alice dragged Emmett and Jasper onto the dance floor, leaving me and Bella at the table alone.

"Why do they call this place 'Breaking Dawn'?" She asked.

"Because most bars close at two and this one closes at five. Right at dawn." I explained.

"Cleaver." Bella said as she swirled her tongue around the top of her beer bottle. That was not helping my situation under the table.

"So what do you do for a living?" I asked as I shifted a little in my seat.

"I'm a writer. What about you?"

"I'm a writer too. I write music for bands." I answered. "What do you write?"

"Books." She answered matter-of-factly. I was going to ask more about what kinds of things she wrote about when suddenly a tall tan guy wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck.

"Mmm…I see the sexy librarian has come out to play." He said while licking up her neck.

"You know it." She answered as her head fell back to allow him better access.

I shifted uncomfortably; this dude was killing the strain in my pants. What he was doing to her was hot, but him doing it was not. My movement was caught by Bella and she was reminded that I was there.

"Oh, Jake this Edward. Edward this is Jake." She introduced.

Jake looked up from her neck and pulled his mouth away with an audible pop. "Nice to meet you." He said holding his hand out to me.

"You too." I said taking his hand and squeezing it harder then I needed to. He did the same. He sat down on the other side of Bella, picked up her beer and finished it off.

"This," Jake said waving his hand in front of Bella, "is a very Jake approved outfit."

"It should be, you bought it." She laughed.

"Your right. I did." He grabbed her hand as he stood and pulled her up with him. "Let's go show off that hot body of your on the dance floor." I suppressed a growl as he led her away from the table.

"Don't worry, buddy. I will bring her back." He yelled over his shoulder.

I ordered shots from the waitress as she walked by. I had them lined up in front of me as I watched Jake and Bella on the dance floor. I was pounding back the shots as Jake pulled Bella roughly against him and was running his fingers up and down her bare back.

I couldn't believe my reaction to seeing them together. I just met her, and already I was jealous. Not my normal reaction. I watched as Bella turned around and started grinding her ass into Jake's crotch and he held her by the hips, his head falling onto her shoulder, her hands wrapped around his neck and wound into his hair.

I don't know you, Jake but I hate you.

Shit was starting to get blurry as I finished off my second round of shots. Suddenly there was a hot breath on my neck.

"Want to dance?" I turned my head to come face and face with a short blonde. Not the most attractive, but do-able.

I downed the rest of my beer and stood up from the table, "How about we just get out of here?" She smiled her approval. I threw some money down on the table and saw Emmett and Jasper heading back to the table. "I'm out of here. I will see you guys tomorrow."

I grabbed the blondes hand and pulled her with me out of the bar. I have no idea why Bella, who I just met, was causing me to react this way, but I knew I was about to get rid of my sexual frustration. And hopefully get over my sudden obsession of Bella.


I was laughing as Jake had me pulled to his chest as was growling while he was playfully biting my neck. My skin was sparkling under the flashing lights from the sweat I had worked up on dance floor. I bumped Jake with my ass to get him off of me, then grabbed his hand and walked back to the table.

I was looking around the room after I noticed Edward was no longer sitting there.

"Jacob, you look as sexy as ever." Rose said.

He did of course, as always. He was wearing hip hugging black jeans showing off his perfect ass, and a button up white dress shirt with a black skinny tie. Jake was always dressed to impressed. He thought I needed to also, hence his buying me clothes all the time. He has always been Alice's favorite shopping buddy.

"Guys this is Jake. Jake this is Emmett and Jasper." I introduced.

"Nice to meet you." They all said and shook hands.

"Well, I'm meeting somebody in about thirty minutes, so I have to head out. It was nice meeting you guys. Ladies, until next time." Jake said kissing us each on the cheek.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." Rose yelled.

"Then that means everything is fair game." He laughed over his shoulder.

We all laughed at his statement and Emmett was looking at Rose like he wanted to throw her down on the table and test it to see if she really would do anything.

"Is he your boyfriend?" Jasper asked. All us girls laughed.

"Um…no. Jake is not a one person man." I said.

"You mean one women?" Emmett asked.

"No, I mean one person. Jake's not racist toward anyone if you get what I mean." I winked at him.

"He pitches for both teams?"

"He says he doesn't believe in teams. He loves everybody the same." I laughed. "But, he has his standers and there high. Don't think he's like a whore or anything."

The waitress brought another round of drinks. I continued to look around the bar but couldn't spot Edward anywhere. "Where did Edward go?" I asked.

"He took off. I think he thought you and your friend were together and he didn't want to be the seventh wheel." Jasper explained.

"Oh, now I feel bad." I said.

"Don't be." Emmett laughed. "He didn't leave alone."

My mouth formed an o as realization hit of what he was saying. Well, I no longer felt bad.

We stayed at the club for a couple more hours then headed home. Some walked, some wobbled, and Alice rode on Jasper's back. I was just hoping to be able to make it up the stairs. After crawling up the stairs I made it into the apartment while Alice and Rose went into Emmett and Jasper's apartment.

Easy bitches.

I walked into my bedroom and stripped off my clothes and threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail and flopped down on my bed.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I heard music start playing from next door. I groaned and put a pillow over my head. I sat straight up in bed as soon as something banged into the wall.

Bang, bang, bang.

"What the fuck is that?" I said to no one as I stared at the wall behind me.

"Oh, god!" A female voice yelled. "Give it to me!"

Bang, bang, bang

Then I heard the grunt of a male. "You have got to be kidding me." I sighed. I sat in the middle of the bed while my whole bed shook.

"Harder…faster…oh, yes…Edward." The female screamed. "Give it to me!"

Bang, bang, bang

I stood up from the bed and faced the wall and shouted, "Can't you give it to her against a different wall?"

Everything went silent then came, Bang, bang, bangbangbang.

Jesus, he is going to thrust her right through the fucking wall.

I grabbed my pillow and blanket, punched the wall, and then headed for the living room. I lay down on the couch and tried to tune out the noise of my bedroom wall being destroyed.

This better not be an every night thing with him. I threw the pillow over my head and tried to fall to sleep.

I couldn't believe just a few hours ago, I wanted to be on the other side of that wall.

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