L's room: Februari 2nd, 2011:

From his room, L and his gang was in direct contact with both Keiko, who was in the secret room, and Caine, who was still in the hospital. Keiko had only just sent the list of associates that she recovered from Fort Boyard. L, in turn, sent it to his companion's computers, and to Caine.

"They were organized." Mello remarked, "But too stupid to hire these people."

"It almost looks like Sardonis was desperate." Near remarked.

"At least they didn't employ the world's most wanted." L said.

"Who do you mean?" Near asked.

"This list useful to you?" Keiko asked, interrupting their conversation.

L answered: "It should'nt be too difficult to find and apprehend these people."

"Even more so, now that we've got that comedic duo on our side now." Caine added.

"Great." Keiko didn't sound too excited, "So now I'm working for one-letter-name, along with a man I can't see, one guy with horns and... no woman has ever put this as accurate as I'm about to, but one pig."

"But unfortunately without our inside man." Mello remarked, "Who'd have thought it that it was Rorschach, of all people?"

"Of all the Watchmen, he was the most psychotic one." Near said, "But I didn't think he'd ever consider working for the bad guys, even if it were for the greater good."

"Keiko-san." L started, "You see what you can find out about these people."

"Can't you give me the money you owe me first?" Keiko asked him.

"Take a look at your bank account and then ask me that again." L responded, after disconnecting communications with her.

St. Mungo's Hospital:

Still petrified, Katie got transported into a room, where all sort of jinxes were cast before the spell was cast out of her so she could move again. Still being the wild demon, she tried running out of the room, but as she tried running through the door, it was like she hit an electric fence, causing her a great deal of pain, so she was forced to remain where she was. Some expected she would be angry, perhaps sad, so the surprise was great when she was snickering instead.

"I knew L wouldn't keep his end of the bargain." she hissed.

Ministry of Magic:

Potter was writing his report. In it, he described the events that had happened to him in the past few days. How a mere muggle was able to persuade two wizards to find their way inside the Ministry, steal the formula for Cattafix/Panoramix his magic potion, and especially mentioned how he witnessed the Green Lantern do everything that needed to be done in order to retreive the formula, and save the world. Under these circumstances, the Ministry would allow the Green Lantern to keep using the magic ring, making it unfortunate that he can't enjoy the freedom he has just been granted.

Mediterranean Sea:

Following the explosion, boats and helicopters were sent out to search the remains of Fort Boyard. One body, that judging from its size must have been that of a kid, was found burnt to a crisp. It was next to impossible to fish it out, as the slightest touch made it fall apart. Other bodies belonged to two men, who were torn apart. Whatever killed them, it was quickly deduced that they were dead before the explosion. Finding these three bodies in itself was already a miracle, seeing as it was already night, making it more difficult to find any body, dead or alive.

At some point, one of the sailors on one of the boats called for attention: "Captain!"

His captain responded: "What is it?"

"Look at that!" the sailor pointed somewhere.

The captain sighed: "How am I supposed to know what to look at if..."

"Just look!" the sailor interrupted.

The captain couldn't understand it, so he was more than a little frustrated to turn and look anyway. Doing so, he saw a flickering green light.

"All hands, go check!" the captain ordered.

They sailed to the source of the green light, where they found two extra bodies. One of them had something on his hand that caused the light they saw. They fished both of the men out. Upon closer inspection, they saw that all the man had on his hand was a ring, that bore some kind of mark that resembled a lantern. The other man had a strange grey face, that rather than having eyes, a nose and a mouth, it had one huge inkblot for a face. The ship's doctor examined the two and found that they both still had beating hearts and were hyperthermic.

The man with the inkblot face, Rorschach, had a guess about how he survived this. As the mixture of his powers and that of the potion was too unstable that it became an explosion, it gave him a chance to fight the powers out of his body. In leaving his body, it became a shield that protected him. But much like any power, it too was being drained just for protecting him. Not that it mattered to him. He has returned to being the Rorschach he was before. More so, since his own reasembling of his own body had given him the opportunity to create his own face, so he wouldn't need to wear that mask anymore.

The Green Lantern, in turn, held up the explosion as much as he could. When he couldn't hold up any longer, he let go, and used whatever little power he still had left to generate a shield around himself, protecting him from the explosion. Unfortunately it was only enough to keep him from feeling the full blast, so it still knocked him out cold. It wasn't until much later that he heard boats and helicopters look for him, which gave his technological ring enough time to recharge, so he could send out a signal for these people to find him.