Looking at the sleeping form of his son his heart ached. He loved his son more then he could ever put into words. But he knew he couldn't keep him. He knew he had enemies as did his son's sire. He needed some where safe for his son to grow up. He knew his lover would try and protect their son if he knew about him. But it was too dangerous. He prayed when the war was over they could be together properly and raise their little boy. But he had a horrible feeling it would never be. He knew how close his enemies were. He had managed to hide the existence of his son so far but not much longer.

He looked at the house and took a deep breath. He barely knew the couple but he knew they would look after the baby for him. He knew his little boy would be safe here. He was walking up to the gate when he felt his arm burn. He knew his time was up. He cast a warming spell on the baby and put a pendant around his neck.

He kissed his son on the head "I love you my precious baby. Never doubt for a moment daddy loves you. I know you are safe here."

He had meant to talk to the couple but he had no time. He had to cover his tracks so no one knew where he came from. He lay his three month old down at the door. He looked at his son and he knew it was likely the last time he would ever see him in this life. The pendant had a spell. On his son's sixteenth birthday it would reveal the full truth to him. He hoped it wouldn't be needed. He left a letter with a man he trusted to give his son's father when the war was over and it was safe. With one last heart wrenching look at his son he left Godric's Hollow.

James and Lily were in their sitting room. Lily could have sworn she heard the sound of a baby. Their own son was asleep up in his nursery. He had been sleeping through the night for a week now. James thought it was coming from outside and was sure it was a cat.

Lily shooed her husband towards the door "Go look please."

James opened the door but any comment about a cat was cut off "Lils come here."

Lily's worry turned to shock when she saw the baby in her husband's arms "James?"

The baby looked to be about the same gave as their own son. He wasn't crying just fussing like their son did when he was waking up. There was no note with the baby. He had a bizarre pendant around his neck but nothing else. The pendant as well as the clothes and blanket were of the most expensive material. Who ever it was who left the baby with them was by no means poor. There was a warming and cushioning charm on him too.

Lily took the baby from her husband "He and our son could nearly be twins but for those eyes."

Author's note: Voldie will be dead. And there is no prophecy in this story.