By: CrystallicSky

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown or any of its characters, nor do I make any profit or attempt to with the writing of this or any of my other pieces.

Warnings: Other than implications of homosexuality, nothing, really.


I'm his biggest fan
I love him like no other
I wish he'd see that.

He's so beautiful
A Helen of Troy, but male
Good thing I'm not straight.

Great and powerful
I will never equal him
I wouldn't want to.

His gaze does something
Golden eyes pull me closer
Just like a magnet.

He is a monster
A mean thing with scales and fangs
I really don't care.

I can't break away
He has me in his grasp, now
I don't want to leave.

It sure seems hopeless
Waiting for him to love me
But still, I'll chase him.

For his attention
For him to look at me once
I'd give anything.


He is quite foolish
Fickle, hyper, I hate him
Or so I insist.

Red, white, orange, and black
Colors of my admirer
So unique, they are.

Those red eyes of his
With such passion, they burn me
How can I resist?

Skin white as the snow
Like from a quaint fairy tale
I will be his prince.

That strange hair of his
Such a shame he uses gel
I'd love to touch it.

'Evil boy genius'
Such a frivolous title
'Consort' suits him best.

His mind is frightening
Never have I met his match
I must make him mine.

Now is not the time
He is perfect, but too green
I will have him soon…



Chack is fun to write
Especially as haikus
Hope you liked the fic! :D