Helen Magnus and John Druitt had been doing this the 'normal' way.

They were at court, battling over child visitation, and custody rights. Magnus thought it was all silly, but she went anyway. She took Ashley with her, because she couldn't leave the two year old at home with just the abnormals. Helen didn't think Ashley knew what all of it was about, nor did she expect her to.

Ashley was currently at the Day Care Nursery, which, surprisingly, was under the judges desk. (But it wasn't that big of a surprise. Whatever court would take in Jack the Ripper and a woman who worked with creatures who weren't all that afraid of him, would have something stupid like that. – Not that they knew those people were in their courtrooms, but they did know Helen and John were very different from them.) She was playing with her toys, and practicing her Abnormal Alphabet.

But Ashley did understand what was going on, no matter how innocent she looked. Which was why most everyone was surprised when Ashley popped her head above the desk and nearly shouted, "MUDERER!", whilst point at her 'father.'

A/N: I wrote this a long time ago, and I figured I should post it, so it wouldn't rot in my computer…(Can stuff rot in a computer? – I must find out!)

Dedicated to my AWESOME nephew and nieces, Caleb, Callie, Caytee, and Cassidy. Auntie Sierra loves you! (Yes. I realize how creepy that sounded….but I'm totally wrapped around their fingers!)