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I will not check my phone. I will not check my phone. I will not check my phone. I will not…Ah, screw it.

Castle broke the mantra he had been saying for the past few hours and reached out to pick up his phone, confirming once again that Kate had yet to give him an answer.

With a sigh, he put his phone back on his desk, and his fingers back on the keys of his laptop. In order to keep from checking his phone constantly, he had kept himself busy by writing. A lot. Gina was going to be extremely happy with the progress he was making.

If he kept this pace up, he wouldn't have to worry about writing during the weekend. That is, if Beckett actually accepted his invitation. If not, well he would spend the weekend fully immersed in the fantasy world of Nikki and Rook to keep from being depressed.

After Alexis' enthusiastic reaction to Kate's question, they finished eating dinner and Alexis planted herself on the couch, with her laptop, while Kate headed into her bedroom.

Now that she had made a decision, or rather Alexis had made it for her, what was she going to say to him?

With a sigh, Kate fell back on the bed and laid there for a while before she finally came up with a reply.

Red faced and pissed off, Nikki chased her prime suspect around the corner and into a nearby alley. There was a good fifteen feet between them but, despite wearing heels, she was gaining on him. The suspect got lucky and went straight through a gate at the end of the alley, stopping just long enough to lock it behind him, but that didn't stop the angered detective.

Without missing a beat, Nikki spotted a box near the fence and stepped up on it, using it to get on top of the dumpster where she was able to throw herself over the fen-

His fingers stopped flying over the keys as he literally jumped a foot in the air when his phone blared his message tone, making him regret turning the volume all the way up so he wouldn't miss it when finally she replied.

Eagerly he reached out to grab his phone, seeing that it was telling him he had a new message from Beckett. His first reaction was to read it immediately, but he quickly realized that he needed to prepare himself, just in case she said no. So he took a few seconds to calm down before opening the message and quickly reading it, a face splitting grin forming on his face.

"Captain is fine with me taking a few days off, but I will only come up if you promise plenty of coffee."

It took him just a few seconds to type out his reply.

"I have my very own espresso machine here in the house. And if that's not enough, I'll bring you your favorite coffee from Starbucks every morning you are here."

It didn't take her long to reply either.

"And a bear claw?"

"And a bear claw."

It took her a little bit longer to reply to that, but he was practically on cloud nine because she said yes, so he didn't really care.

"It's Thursday now, when should I head up there?"

Castle sat back in his chair and started typing out a reply, but stopped about halfway through when something occurred to him. They hadn't actually spoken since he left a month ago, so what were they going to do when she actually got there? Stand three feet away from each other and only communicate by text?

He erased the message he had written and instead hit number three on his speed dial, waiting nervously as it rang.

Just when he was about to decide that he had crossed some invisible line, and that she wasn't going to answer, a voice came through the phone.


Being the master of the literary arts that he was, there were very few times when Richard Castle was lost for words. This was one of them.

"Hello? Castle?"

It was his decision to call her, so why was it so hard to open his mouth and coax his vocal cords into making sounds that hopefully resembled the English language?

"Um, hey..."

He could practically see her roll her eyes over the phone but he still had no idea what to say, he'd even forgotten what he called about in the first place, so he stayed silent for a few minutes.

She stayed silent too, waiting for him to finally speak but gave up after a few minutes of silence.

"Did you call just to listen to me breathe? Because that's a little too creepy, even for you Castle."

"No! Er, sorry... I just thought it would be easier to discuss plans over the phone than through text."

Finally, it seemed his brain had restarted, and he could remember why he had called in the first place.

"Okay, so when should I come down?"

After much discussing and planning, they finally agreed on her leaving tomorrow night, which was Friday, after work, then coming back on Monday. She already had Monday scheduled off anyway, so that would only put her asking for the weekend off.

Because neither wanted to accidentally say something that would tip the very unstable balance they had found, they only discussed the plan and hung up soon after everything was finalized.

Kate Beckett pulled herself out of the comfortable position she was lying in on her bed, and headed into the living room after ending her call with Castle.

Alexis was sprawled out on the couch, intently watching some video on youtube with her headphones in so Kate had to walk around to the front of her couch to get the young girls attention.

"Well you're sure happy about something, care to share?" Alexis asked when she noticed the smile on Kate's face that turned into a slight blush when she questioned it.

"Uh well, I just got off the phone with your dad. We'll be leaving tomorrow night after work so you might want to pack up some stuff tonight, if you don't want to end up doing it in a rush tomorrow."

"Really? Does he know about me?"

"Nope, not yet. It will be nice to surprise him, don't you think?"

As soon as Kate went back into her room to pack what she wanted to take, since she wouldn't really have time tomorrow, Alexis picked up her phone and sent a quick message to Lanie.

"Mission Complete: Leaving tomorrow night. They should be good on their own now, but I'll help them along if need be."

Yes, it was short, I know. If I had made it any longer though, who knows how long it would have taken me to finish this chapter?

I have some good news though!

1)There will be Casketty goodness very very soon.

2) There will be a side story about Lanie and Esposito, based on the bet he lost in this story. However, I'm not sure when I will work on this though, probably whenever I get inspired enough to attempt an Esplanie story. (Which I have never done before) As of right now, I have no idea if this will actually turn into a story or just a oneshot or whatever.

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